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It's all about customer satisfaction

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Meet your customers half-way with in-app support

The increasing consumer preference for mobile apps and mobile-based customer service adds interesting dilemmas for organizations to consider going forward.

The appeal of mobile-based shopping is ultimately the convenience factor - so consumers expect an equally convenient customer service experience.

So, how do you meet these modern omnichannel consumer demands? Read this white paper to find out.

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  • 6 major pitfalls in designing a mobile UX

    Amazon reported that nearly 70% of its customers bought their items from a mobile device.

    Omni channel is the industry norm with 85% of online shoppers starting a purchase on one device and finishing on another.

    The mobile platform should not be ignored - and a crucial area to focus is the search function.

    Read this white paper for 6 major design pitfalls in mobile UX and how to prepare a revenue driving search function.

  • Engaging Customers: New Lessons around Customer Behavior

    Getting customers to engage and interact with your organization can be a significant challenge – so how do you distinguish your brand and provide an excellent experience to your customers?

    This expert e-guide from counts down five customer experience management (CEM) lessons you can learn from the hit TV show Breaking Bad.

    Also included in this e-guide, find a CEM case study that reveals how doughnut company Krispy Kreme executed a successful mobile engagement strategy.

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  • Marketing strategies to improve customer understanding

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  • Customer support: A key differentiator for businesses in a competitive landscape

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  • Customer Experience Exchange E-Zine: Issue 3

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  • Tips on choosing the best customer engagement systems

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  • Social media listening pulls direct opinion, focus groups get personal

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  • Advanced Technologies Key to Next-gen Contact Centers

    Access this helpful e-guide to disscover what a Forrester Research analyst recommends when acquiring new contact center technologies- find out how to address software integration needs, social media challenges, and the growing need for accurate analytics.


  • How 10 CCaaS vendors compare

    Download this Gartner Magic Quadrant, explore the strengths and cautions of 10 CCaaS vendors, and find out how the dynamics of the CCaaS market have changed based on the evolution of the contact center to the customer experience center.


  • CRM Evolves Towards Digital Customer Engagement

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  • Call Center Tips to Optimize Agent Performance

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  • How AI technology helps make the most of your customer interactions

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  • How to tell if your contact center needs an upgrade

    To attract and retain empowered customers of today, businesses must transform their legacy contact center into a modern experience center by embracing new processes and technologies. Find out how doing so can improve customer satisfaction rates, generate loyalty, decrease unnecessary costs and drive efficiencies for your organization.


  • Build an intelligent contact center with AI-powered search

    Whether it's through a contact center or self-service web portal, the support function is where customers engage with your company most. In this white paper, discover how AI-powered search can help businesses deliver exceptional customer support and improve the quality of daily customer interactions.


  • 4 companies provide feedback about their cloud contact center investment

    Customers want to feel valued and 73% say that valuing their time is one of the most important indicators of good customer service. In this Total Economic Impact report, uncover feedback from 4 companies that migrated from on-premises contact centers to a cloud contact center.


  • How to reduce customer service case volume & improve CX

    96% of customers feel disloyal to a brand after a high-effort interaction. But what does it take to enable great self-service? Access this e-book to explore 5 capabilities that are going to strengthen your self-service, raise case deflection, improve customer experience, and bolster your bottom line.


  • Deliver better CX and make operations more efficient with a unified cloud platform

    Download this case study to discover how Teleflora managed their worldwide presence and multiple call centers with the help of a cloud-based customer experience platform.


  • How to solve agent efficiency issues & increase contact center productivity

    The burden of providing the near-instantaneous response time your customers demand falls largely on the shoulders of contact center agents. How can your agents thrive under this pressure? Find out how you can turn your contact center into a true customer engagement hub, by improving efficiency, productivity, and overall success.


  • How this tool could improve customer experience and boost profits

    Improved customer experience can significantly improve customer retention and boost profits. View this resource to learn more about how Nice inContact has improved customer experience and saved companies money.


  • 7 points to consider before moving to a cloud-based contact center

    In today's hyper-connected world, contact centers have to adapt to a multitude of channels and changing customer expectations. Download this white paper to discover the pros and cons of an on-site and cloud-based contact center, and learn how both models can help you deliver optimal CX to today's mobile consumer.


  • 3 major factors changing how your contact center works

    Learn how to turn your contact center into a strategic asset by adapting to the changing world around you. Delve into the 3 major factors influencing contact center evolution, and discover what you can do to keep up with the changing customer service landscape.


  • 5 social media platforms to consider

    This guide outlines some practical steps you can take to develop a social media strategy and policy to help gain the maximum value from your online efforts.


  • Strategies to maximize your CRM's support of CX initiatives

    CX, at its core, is more effective when tailored to a customer's unique needs and preferences. In this white paper, learn how CRM impacts the success of CX programs in many ways. Continue reading to explore more strategies to maximize your CRM's support of CX initiatives.


  • Building the IT economy: the importance of information

    Decision-makers in an IT-enabled economy will have real-time access to information that allows them to make the right decision at the right time. But that goal comes in a business environment where data will be ubiquitous and growing exponentially in volume.


  • Boost customer experiences with a VOC program

    Sentiment around voice of the customer (VOC) software has changed from enthusiasm to disappointment due to their continued failure to deliver on promised ROIs. Download this guide to uncover 4 steps to help deliver on missing ROIs and improve the overall customer experience.


  • Survey results: The state of consumer engagement

    In this State of Engagement report, uncover findings from a survey of 1,100+ marketers and 1,000+ consumers that reveal how consumer engagement happens, and how success is measured.


  • 7 key strategies to grow your profits

    When the economic landscape is positive, it's the ideal time to examine all areas of potential business profit - and that time is now. Read this white paper for 7 key strategies to grow your profits.


  • AI-powered search – What is it and what can it do?

    Download this 5-Minute Guide on The Path to AI-Powered Search for a quick, conversational review of how search has evolved to be more cognitive.