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It's all about customer satisfaction

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Engaging Customers: New Lessons around Customer Behavior

Getting customers to engage and interact with your organization can be a significant challenge – so how do you distinguish your brand and provide an excellent experience to your customers?

This expert e-guide from counts down five customer experience management (CEM) lessons you can learn from the hit TV show Breaking Bad.

Also included in this e-guide, find a CEM case study that reveals how doughnut company Krispy Kreme executed a successful mobile engagement strategy.

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  • Best Practices in Customer Experience Management

    Customer Experience is based largely in the world of social media where customers engage and interact with brands building customer loyalty and satisfaction. Organizations that understand the importance of social media in customer experience, gain the most insights and efficacy for their campaigns.  

     How can you harness the power of social media to more effectively engage customers foster customer loyalty and drive revenue?

     This expert e-guide offers tips, tricks and best practices for driving social media and CEM success. Read on now to learn more about:

    • Traditional methods of information-gathering
    • The role of social media in providing customer insights
    • The value of automated contact services
    • And more

  • Why 1 company adopted a cloud-based customer platform to streamline CX

    TechStyle Fashion Group, an El Segundo-based e-commerce company is reinventing the fashion industry by offering some of the hottest trends in high-value fashion, including celebrity-backed brands like Fabletics, JustFab and Savage.

    In this video, learn why TechStyle chose NICE inContact’s cloud-based customer platform to provide customers with the channel options they want, and the streamlined experience they expect.

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  • To stay on-site or move to the cloud?

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  • 7 key strategies to grow your profits

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