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Hyperconverged analytics: Filling the BI gap you didn’t know you had

Many businesses feel the need to hang on to their old business intelligence systems, and for good reason—these systems have gotten them good results for years.

Yet the emergence of disruptive technologies means that businesses aren’t seeing the same returns on BI, and historical data, flat dashboards, and costly manual interventions often cannot keep pace with today’s data science infused analytics.

Read on to learn more about hyperconverged analytics—an approach to analytics and BI that provides your organization with flexible, real-time, advanced analytics and goes far beyond the scope of traditional BI.

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  • Guide: The evolution of modern analytics platforms

    A modern analytics platform considers the tradeoffs between different forms of BI and provides a bridge between them.

    Rising expectations for BI and analytics platforms, from both consumer and business angles, include:

    • One touch, real-time data access
    • Personalized, proactive service
    • Try before you buy
    • And more

    Do you have any or all of these capabilities?

    In this Eckerson Group report, see how modern analytics platforms are changing the business intelligence and analytics markets.

    Download this analyst report to understand the many core functions that will drive data insights into the future for competitive business and how you can take advantage of them.

  • Access your BI buyer’s guide today

    Analytics and business intelligence tools are keystones to the successful business strategy of today, but too often companies rush into analytics purchases without considering the realities of the market.

    Access this business intelligence buyer’s toolkit to claim a variety of resources designed to help you choose the best business intelligence fit for your company, including guides like “Realizing the True ROI of Analytics & BI”, “Uncover the Hidden Costs of Business Intelligence Tools”, and much more.

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    "Big data" has become one of the most talked about trends within the business intelligence (BI), analytics and data management markets. With vendors marketing a wide variety of technology offerings aimed at addressing the challenges of big data analytics projects, it can be hard to discover the best solution.


  • Examining the business analytics and BI impact of COVID-19

    As COVID-19 continues to impact businesses, many are turning to BI and analytics to help them understand these challenging times. In fact, 49% of respondents to a Dresner survey report launching new BI and analytics projects. Read the report to understand how BI and analytics are helping businesses rise to meet these strange new challenges.


  • Augmented analytics tools: a complete guide

    Augmented analytics tools are designed to simplify the BI and analytics process for business users and citizen data scientists. They've become featured elements in new software releases from BI vendors. This e-guide offers insights into the technology's potential uses and critical issues.


  • What you need to know about 8 key BI and data trends

    As businesses seek to extract more value from their data than ever before, the established methodologies behind analytics and data intelligence are rapidly shifting. Read this comprehensive article to learn 8 influential BI and data trends that are promising to shape 2021 into a big year.


  • Advanced analytics meld with machine learning to press more value from big data

    In this e-guide we shine the light on a number of case studies taken from around the world of data analytics. We delve into a number of Silicon Valley-based startups that are looking to shake up the data analytics industry as well as glimpsing into the future of AI-based analytics, data visualisation tools and the Australian data analytics market.


  • Breaking down worldwide trends in data, BI, and analytics

    In this BARC research study, Data, BI & Analytics Trend Monitor 2021, you’ll see the results of one of the world’s largest surveys of data, BI, and analytics trends, examining the effects of COVID disruption in fields like AI and ML and the overall stability of preexisting trends. Access it today to learn more.


  • How Domo can help modernize your data analytics from start to finish

    Read this guide to learn how Domo’s cloud-native platform combines data integration and visualization, real-time and predictive analytics capabilities, and collaboration all while simplify back-end data integration.


  • AWS BI and analytics unlock the real-time power of big data

    To ensure their data was driving insight, even at huge scale, one organization turned to AWS, looking to automate menial processes and unlock previously inaccessible levels of business intelligence. Read on to learn how TEKsystems’ analytics platform allowed them to identify crucial vulnerabilities in real-time and accelerate BI processes.


  • How do leading BI and analytics platforms compare?

    This BARC Score report will evaluate BI & analytics platforms on a range of features, from data visualization capabilities to semantic modeling abilities, performance and speed to automation capabilities. Download the report here to see the vendor stack-up.


  • How cloud BI and analytics are empowering businesses

    A fresh wave of cloud-based innovation is empowering business analytics and data management tools. Easy access to AI analytics, embedded BI tools, and integrated data architecture are finally becoming widespread. Read on to learn how Snowflake and Sigma computing paired to create a true cloud data ecosystem that can finally live up to the hype.


  • Advanced analytics: No longer just nice to have

    Embedded analytics can be the most democratizing force for increasing analytics usage and adoption by the broader organization. Read this white paper to learn what makes the Qlik platform unique in its embedded analytics potential.


  • 94-page guide: Self-service BI

    Business intelligence platforms are now more complex than ever, often providing integration, collaboration, and data management tools alongside more traditional analytics and BI offerings. Yet not all these tools have proven to be successful. Check out this report examining the self-service BI market to see which ones are right for you.


  • Get smarter about BI/analytics

    In this e-guide, read more about what it takes for organisations to be successful in BI/analytics, how some ASEAN countries are addressing the analytics skills gap and examples of organisations that have successfully tapped analytics to better understand user behaviour and predict the future.


  • Cloud analytics integration: An integration challenge unique from the rest

    Businesses are increasingly moving to the cloud, and subsequently deploying cloud analytics and BI. But they’re finding that the data integration strategies used for system tools are inadequate when it comes to analytics solutions, and vice versa. Check out this white paper to learn how to best approach cloud data integration for analytics and BI.


  • The reason why old BI platforms just don't cut it anymore

    As businesses are inundated with different sorts of business intelligence offerings, some are left wondering if making a switch is even worth it. The simple fact of the matter is, it’s not just worth it, it’s necessary. Check out this white paper to learn why legacy BI models are broken and how to solve this issue.


  • Embedded analytics are evolving: find out how and why

    As data management platforms become more all-inclusive, embedded analytics has become the latest “necessary” feature. But with so many vendors now offering these services, how will they evolve in the future? Read this analyst report to get the answer to that question, see how embedded analytics are being used, and learn what to look for as a buyer.


  • Embrace the new era of streaming analytics in Kafka

    Kafka can be extremely useful when streaming data, but it can also be challenging to manage and navigate for non-developers. And despite streaming all that data, you’re often left with unstructured info sitting in a database. Read on to learn how deploying data streaming BI and smarter Kafka analytics can improve your BI and data science efforts.


  • Modern Data Analytics Guide: 7 Ways to Accelerate Business Insights

    Qlik data analytics solutions can help empower data specialists of any kind take smarter action. In 7 Ways to Accelerate Business Insights eBook, you'll learn why it's critical to serve up the right data at the right time, arm people with the best BI tools to make sense of their data, and build a data-driven culture with data literacy initiatives.


  • How streaming analytics offers business value

    This resource explains streaming analytics and describes how it can enable real-time decision-making based on current evidence. Learn how you can resolve business problems more quickly and make data-driven decisions.


  • Building Better Data Experiences

    As companies look to infuse data across their businesses and make informed decisions the default, many are realizing a positive user experience surrounding data is necessary. Read on to learn how Looker can tackle this challenge and help integrate BI and analytics across your company, improve workflows, build customized applications, and more.


  • Which of these leading 13 analytics vendors is right for you?

    While you might be prioritizing data-driven decision making, finding the right analytics vendor can be a challenge. Read on to learn more about 13 of the most significant analytics vendors and discover if they fit your use case.


  • Domo vs. Tableau vs. Qlik: 20 key BI & analytics vendors compared

    Download this Gartner Magic Quadrant to find a breakdown of the current state of the BI and analytics market, spotlights on emerging features and innovations, and a head-to-head comparison of 20 vendors therein.


  • Comparing Chartio with Sigma analytics solutions

    Watch this webinar to stack up Sigma Computing against Chartio for BI and analytics and discover the similarities, differences, and key features of these two programs.


  • Separate from the pack: How to enable data-driven decision making

    Successful companies are more likely to report that their analytics and data initiatives as having a major impact. But ensuring these initiatives are effective requires a deeper understanding of data and making that data widely accessible. Read on to discover the importance of data democratization when building an agile, informed business.


  • CW ANZ: Keeping pace

    More Australian organisations are turning to business intelligence and analytics to simplify reporting requirements, even as adoption of such tools varies across the Asia-Pacific region. In this month's edition of CW ANZ, we take a look at areas where BI and analytics tools can have the most impact on business growth in Australia.


  • Embedded analytics: Build vs. buy, types, & use cases

    Embedded features are a huge part of the modern user experience, and embedded analytics are being used to incorporate valuable insights and easy-to-use dashboards into many web sites and applications. Read this comprehensive white paper to learn how you can build or choose the ideal embedded analytics solution for your use case.


  • Launching a cloud-based analytics campaign: The peaks and pitfalls

    In this expert e-guide, learn about some of the major issues facing modern analytics. Read about the initial struggle of launching an operational analytics program, and how integration with cloud solutions can help alleviate these pains. In addition, read about a travel-booking company's success story of BI cloud integration.


  • New wave BI and analytics: turning modern data stores to account

    This e-guide looks at how companies and other organisations are doing BI and analytics on the newer data stores.


  • In action: Google Looker accelerates and improves data insight

    GoSpotCheck turned to Looker when they sought to accelerate their data pipeline, implement real-time analytics access, and enable custom BI or analytics metrics. Access this case study to see the results of this partnership for yourself—a speedy, scalable, and customizable platform with workflow integration and custom applications.


  • Understanding the true ROI of Sigma’s analytics and BI software

    Read this Sigma report to learn how their team was able to quantify the benefits of their analytics software, with one client seeing 47% increased recovery campaign response rates, 11% improved marketing campaign ROI, and faster processing by hundreds of hours.


  • Active Intelligence: The Next Era in Business Intelligence

    Traditional BI's passive approach can't handle today's data-driven demands. Download this e-book to discover how the new approach of Active Intelligence overcomes the shortcomings of traditional BI by delivering continuous intelligence from real-time, up-to-date information designed to prompt immediate actions.


  • The Business Application Platform For Data Experiences

    When you build your own applications for BI and analytics use cases, you can ensure they’re designed to fit your needs and fully integrate within your wider IT architectures. Read on to learn how Looker can help business develop their own best-in-class, scalable data products to improve your business agility and reduce overall costs.


  • Offer better data access with a full governance and analytics platform

    While business intelligence and analytics software has become more advanced than ever, their usefulness often plateaus due to data siloing in disparate systems across an enterprise. Read on to learn how choosing Domo as your data visualization and analytics platform can lead to higher analytics adoption rates and greater data democratization.


  • 101-page guide: Cloud BI

    As business intelligence vendors continue to expand their offerings, cloud BI has emerged as a leading adoption method. But what are the benefits and concerns attached to cloud BI? Check out this Dresner Advisory 2020 Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence Market Survey to learn more.


  • Analyst's take: IBM’s acquisition of SPSS is good news for SAS and SAP customers

    IBM’s SPSS acquisition gives SPSS users a broader support network, IBM Cognos users a predictive analytics platform, and more enterprise users one-stop shopping.  Looking to the future, that could mean analytics ― and better predictive decision making ― on every desktop.


  • Self-service analytics: How to empower everyone

    Having a successful citizen data scientist culture in your business means data-driven decisions can be made by any team. It's a great way to approach BI tool adoption, but implementation is a struggle area for many businesses. We have a guide to self-service BI deployment for you – ready for download now – but first we ask you complete a survey.


  • Experience analytics success hands-on with Sigma

    Access this hands-on lab and solution overview to learn how Sigma empowers users ranging BI and analytics professionals to line of business employees to create valuable insight with easy-to-use dashboards and worksheets, an intuitive visual interface, and cutting-edge BI and analytics functions.


  • Ready, Set, ROI: Accelerating Analytics in the Cloud with Snowflake and Sigma

    Watch this webinar to hear from experts at Snowflake, E.W. Scripps, and Sigma as they demonstrate actionable strategies for accelerating data investment time to value and analytics in the cloud, speeding up data query times by up to 100x, reducing time to data insight by 90%, and analyzing twice as much data at no additional cost.


  • BI & Data Trends: The Great Digital Switch

    How can your business respond to a more disruptive world? By gaining flexibility, agility and awareness. That requires using data and analytics to uncover more of the unseen – and acting early enough to make an impact. Download the e-book BI & Data Trends 2021: The Great Digital Switch and get on top of what’s coming next.


  • Your expert guide to getting the most from BI

    Read this e-guide to discover how you can best create a successful BI strategy and learn where it’s best suited to create real-life value for your organization.


  • Beyond the Hype: How to Get Real Value from AI in Analytics

    What’s the key to successful AI in analytics? Augmented Intelligence – an approach that brings together the best of machine intelligence and human intuition to accelerate time-to-insight. Download Beyond the Hype: How to Get Real Value from AI in Analytics to get started.


  • A low-code, modern approach to dynamic BI

    It’s important to have an agile BI platform that lets you make sense of complex data in a variety of ways. Watch this short demo to learn how Domo offers the capabilities you need, including low code interactive data visualization creation, customizable dashboards, and collaborative, real-time data analyticsAnd more


  • Getting sales reps to embrace analytics tools

    This e-guide, written by Scott Robinson (Director of BI at Lucina Health), explains why sales teams can be resistant to analytics tools, and how they can enhance the results of sales reps and managers.


  • Real-time insights from a cloud-based BI platform

    Forrester conducted a study investigating the possible ROI enterprises stand to see by investing in Domo, a cloud-based BI platform for real-time analytics. Read the report here to learn why companies are choosing Domo in the highly competitive BI market.


  • BI and analytics capabilities to back up digital transformation efforts

    Examine this case study to learn how Sigma Computing helped Agero, an enterprise specializing in driving assistance and safety, reduce BI tooling costs by 50%, increase data involvement by their employees, accelerate the process of assembling and analyzing data sets from weeks to minutes, and much more.


  • Purchasing BI in 2021: What you need to know

    Read this BI buyer’s guide to learn how you can better evaluate BI programs and how they fit with your use case, discover vendor red flags you need to be aware of, and see how you can fit all these requirements within a price point.


  • The future of enterprise IT: Social, mobile, analytics and cloud

    Mobile and data technologies are allowing organisations to provide service levels not even dreamt of a few years ago. This guide looks at some examples of these technologies transforming organisations in Australia.