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Modern Infrastructure: November 2012

November's edition of Modern Infrastructure offers expert insights on migrating legacy applications to the cloud and details on advanced public cloud offerings for improved business continuity. Access the current technologies and trends for the modern data center and advice from Brian Madden on adopting a BYOD strategy for your organization. 
Also included in the e-zine:

  • Steve Gunderson: A $5 million mistake
  • Is software-defined networking (SDN) in your future?
  • Bob Plankers: The machines are my friends

These are also closely related to: "Cisco Cloud Portfolio At A Glance"

  • Cisco UCS: with vs without Zenoss Cloud

    If you’re operating under Cisco UCS alone, you’re not getting the most out of your service.

    By extending your Cisco UCS with Zenoss cloud you’re able to improve performance of data centers and clouds through AI and machine learning.

    Download this solution briefing to see how Zenoss Cloud paired with Cisco UCS gives you 8 added benefits versus just two without it.

  • Delmar International relieves app performance issues with cloud migration

    When global logistics service provider Delmar International started experiencing degraded app performance and couldn’t locate the problem, their CTO took a chance and decided to move one of their apps to a public cloud VM for a proof-of-concept. The results?

    Reports that had been timing out in 1,200 seconds were now running in 12 seconds and their overprovisioning issues were solved.

    So, where did this leave Delmar?

    Read their case study here to learn how, with Rackspace, Delmar is successfully shifting more of their infrastructure into the cloud.

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  • Should you migrate Oracle workloads to the cloud?

    Luckily, with the Google Cloud Platform, migrating Oracle databases is as easy and straightforward as it should be. Learn more about why you should migrate Oracle workloads to the cloud here.


  • Build cloud-native apps in a multicloud world

    Applications need to be built faster than they ever have before, and the best way to accomplish that is by building cloud-native applications in a hybrid, multicloud world. Open this report to learn how you can start building cloud-native apps, all while reducing cost.


  • E-Guide: How to Identify Which Applications are Right for Public Cloud Computing

    In this e-guide from, gain expert insight into how public cloud computing benefits businesses of all sizes. Discover how to identify which applications are good candidates for cloud computing and which are not. And find out about alternatives to adopting a full public or private cloud computing strategy.


  • Lotus Notes app: 4 reasons to migrate onto the cloud

    Use this guide to understand 4 reasons the Boston Globe migrated its Lotus apps onto the cloud, and see the benefits their It department experienced.


  • The 5 stages of workload migration

    Take a look at this white paper from IDC to learn the 5 stages of workload migration and discover how Hitachi Vantara is well positioned to help customers succeed in the transition to the cloud.


  • Legacy IT vs. cloud: A real world example

    While operating a growing business sounds great, it often comes with major IT infrastructure challenges. Download this case study to see how accounting and advisory firm Mazars went from bogged down by IT maintenance to a company optimized by cloud.


  • Traditional vs. cloud management tactics

    In this e-guide, you'll discover the differences between traditional management tactics and cloud management strategies. Access now and also learn how to integrate another layer of performance data into the central system to deal with the complexity of cloud.


  • Cure growing pains with cloud solution in Salesforce

    Club Champion, the world’s leading premium golf club fitter, needed a way to eliminate manual processes, quickly and cost-effectively stand up their technology stack and enhance its marketing efforts with better customer tracking tools.


  • Reuters moves to the cloud and makes cloud gurus along the way

    Every day, more than 1 billion people read or see Reuters news. In the search for scalability, Reuters realized they needed to make the move to the cloud. In this guide, see how Reuters worked to skill up their teams and created “cloud gurus” across the organization.


  • Cloud app management -- from migration to monitoring

    In this e-guide, discover which apps are right for the cloud and the keys to cloud application migration. Also, get an insider's look into the latest cloud application trends that you can capitalize on.


  • Unlock the value of modern cloud infrastructure with Hitatchi

    Access this video to learn how managed cloud services and automated cloud services from Hitatchi can help you meet compliance needs, optimize management, and fully realize the value of modern cloud infrastructure.


  • Oracle announces 3 new cloud products

    This year, Oracle has announced 3 new product offerings: Oracle Autonomous Data Guard, Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, and Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer In this IDC report, learn what new features are included in these products, and what they can bring to your organization.


  • Virtualization for Dummies eBook

    Integrating cloud apps with in-house legacy apps can be a challenge but with the emergence of SaaS integration tools, it's now easier than ever for organizations to do it themselves. Access this eBook to learn how to assess how cloud apps will integrate into your current environment, must know key terms related to cloud app integration and more.


  • Cloud Computing Review

    The first edition of Cloud Computing Review tackles the big questions about cloud computing, such as does the cloud really save you money? Find out about the hidden costs of cloud, as well as what you should pay attention to in cloud contracts. Plus, explore the link between enterprise applications and the cloud through a detailed case study.


  • Exchange Insider E-Zine - Volume 10: Who’s Reading Your Email?

    With more business being conducted via email and an increasing reliance on messages, concerns about mail server security, accessibility and admin privileges (or excessive privileges) are completely valid. Volume 10 of the Exchange Insider e-zine dissects two types of Exchange 2010 auditing and explains why you should use them.


  • 3 considerations before choosing a cloud automation service provider

    Access this resource to learn the significance of a cloud advisor in maximizing your application modernization journey and learn 3 considerations to take before choosing a cloud automation services provider.


  • 3 major benefits of Advizex for metal production market leader

    Access this case study to learn about the Advizex solution that a major metal production producer decided to implement and the 3 major benefits that resulted.


  • How SaaS delivery can help with peak activity periods

    In order to meet the demands of peak activity, TPG Software needed a new level of flexibility and efficiency in their SaaS delivery model. In this report, learn how TPG gained the power to add and remove resources to handle peak activity with the help of the Silk Cloud Data Platform.


  • 7 reasons to host enterprise solutions in the cloud

    IDG recently surveyed IT leaders—including CIOs, CTOs, VPs, directors, IT architect and managers, and more—about their purchase process for enterprise software solutions. Now, IDG is sharing their key findings. Learn about the top 7 reasons IT leaders chose to host enterprise solutions in the cloud here.


  • Why automated migration is critical to cloud ROI

    Cloud migration is a difficult but necessary step for many workloads. Now, organizations looking to migrate their complex workloads to the cloud must decide if the cost and disruption are worth the risk. In this 451 Research Report, learn how organizations have tackled this complexity challenge with automated migration.


  • Investigate the top cloud learning platforms and strategies

    The demand for skilled cloud professionals is at an all-time high. To help you make sense of filling the cloud skills gap, this guide covers the challenges of cloud learning, the power of a cloud certification, and the leading cloud learning platforms. Download and save this educational guide here for safekeeping.


  • What’s a Cloud Center of Excellence?

    A new cloud strategy is here: According to AllCloud, the Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) is a team of experts, either in-house or external, who have the knowledge, experience, and skills to help you plan and move to the cloud. Learn how a CCoE can change how your organization approaches the cloud in this introductory guide.


  • How cloud infrastructure from Capgemini keeps things simple

    Access this resource to listen to Tom Gallagher, VP, Cloud Infrastructure Services at Capgemini share his perspectives on what it takes to maximize current IT assets, how to make them more agile, and why working with CIOs and CFOs to explore consumption-based models is important.


  • The 3 pillars of cloud managed service providers

    For AllCloud, a cloud managed service provider (MSP) is like a subscription-based IT department for developers. Learn about the 3 pillars of cloud MSPs—and how they help developers—in AllCloud’s article, available here.


  • Software-as-a-service is coming, are you prepared?

    Access this blog post to explore the software-as-a-service implications for vendors and customers including the 4 types of vendors dominating the IT industry, how to deliver “as-a-service” at scale, and the advantage of being a cloud-automation partner.


  • Can cloud solutions solve new financial services customer demands?

    With a growing customer demand for a seamless financial experience, financial services have no choice but to rely on innovative cloud solutions for better agility. Watch this webinar to see how a CloudCheckr solution can provide a cost effective option for financial services in need of a more streamlined customer experience.


  • How Forex companies use the cloud

    Forex companies are increasingly turning to the cloud for all their networking, security, and traffic needs. This webinar explores the Forex-cloud trend and considers how the Cloud Enterprise Network and Alibaba Cloud provide an environment ideal to many FX businesses.


  • Container adoption considerations for your organization

    Read Multi-cloud management: Necessity or vendor hype? to see how your competitors are getting the easiest monitoring and management out of their multi-cloud strategies, and see if a multi-cloud management tool makes sense for you.


  • Cloud users need to know these basics to optimize their framework

    While cloud migration gives your business great flexibility and efficiency at scale, understanding how to manage elements within the cloud can be challenging. Watch this webcast to learn the basic of cloud frameworks, and how your business can optimize its tools as it grows.


  • Market guide: Cloud workload protection platforms

    To help your team better understand the unique security needs of hybrid cloud environments, this Gartner Market Guide for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms offers recommendations for a risk-based approach to developing a server workload protection strategy.


  • Finding love in the digital age

    Today, Cupid Media boasts that it has helped more than 30 million people look for love around the world. The key was engagement—marketing engagement, that is. In this white paper, learn how Cupid Media worked with Adobe Advertising Cloud, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, to deliver end-to-end advertising management across channels.


  • NVIDIA announces GPU Support for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub and Azure Stack Edge

    Last month, NVIDIA announced GPU Support for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub and Azure Stack Edge. According to NVIDIA, this collaboration can help bring the agility and innovation of cloud computing to customers’ on-premises environments. Learn more about the power of GPU capabilities in Azure here.


  • 6 gaming challenges in the digital age

    Two trends dominate the gaming industry right now: Globalization and Cloud AI. These two strategies are helping businesses overcome the most common gaming challenges in the digital age. Learn about the top 6 challenges in the gaming industry—and how to overcome them—in this 20-minute video.


  • Microsoft’s newest addition: Azure Stack Hub

    In this exclusive Microsoft Ignite 2020 video, discover Microsoft’s newest addition: Azure Stack Hub. Learn how Azure Stack Hub can help your hybrid environment in the video’s walkthrough of various use cases and topics, including containers, GPUs, failover between cloud and on-prem, and much more.


  • What's new with the Azure Stack Portfolio

    In this 30-minute video, learn about the latest innovations in the Azure Stack portfolio. Explore various use cases, demos, and more to see what hybrid cloud can unlock in your business—whether it’s on-premises with Azure Stack Hub and Azure Stack HCI or at the edge with Azure Stack Edge.


  • Intelligent automation cheat sheet

    Is IT ready to support a permanent shift to remote work? One way IT can guarantee a more connected and supported workforce is with the right IT service management application. In this report, learn how the ServiceNow platform stacks up.


  • IDC Finds Substantial ROI for Enterprises Using PagerDuty for Digital Operations Management

    In order to keep digital services running around the clock, teams need to be able to solve problems faster—or, ideally, in real time.