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How GitHub allows developers to interact with the public

Braintree, a scalable payment solution recently acquired by PayPal, uses GitHub as a means for collaboration between distributed development offices. It’s an effective way for developers to stay connected, and makes getting feedback directly from beta testers far easier.

Now Braintree is also using GitHub as a way to interact with the public, allowing them to become a model of open development and transparency. Take a look at this case study to learn more about how Braintree got started using GitHub and the value they’ve seen since adopting. 

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  • Why developers ask for GitHub by name

    Plenty of development teams use a variety of custom tools and proprietary software to help organize and manage code during their development process. But as your team grows and development becomes more complex, developers need a more transparent way to collaborate and store code.

    As MailChimp, an email marketing solution provider, grew, they eventually had developers asking for GitHub by name. Access this case study to learn how they’ve used GitHub to decrease onboarding time for new hires and communicate more effectively across teams.

  • Why GitHub is this dev team's preferred version control system

    Because of acquisitions and reorganizations, Hootsuite, the most widely used social media relationship platform in the world, had multiple version control systems in place for various development teams. This made providing real visibility into what the development team was doing very difficult to achieve.

    Read this case study to learn why the development team decided to go with GitHub as their main version control system going forward.

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