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BlackBerry® Push Service SDK documentation

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Overcome developer shortages with this DevOps suite

With the serious shortage of skilled, security-cleared developers, achieving the high-level DevOps and other CI/CD practices your company desires remains out of reach. Even if you had an infinite budget, there aren’t enough qualified engineers to get the work done.

Additionally, traditional embedded development methods won’t allow the sort of gains that you’d see by adopting more efficient methodologies. To respond to these challenges, organizations are developing strong portfolios of tools that enable the implementation of new DevOps processes.

Download this whitepaper to learn how to get started with your own portfolio and overcome engineer shortages and modernize your organization’s DevOps.

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    A key ingredient of eBusiness is the ability to offer customers the very best user experience, irrespective of whether they use a web browser, a mobile browser or a mobile app. In this guide, we explore the challenges organisations face in managing the numerous ways customers can transact with businesses.

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  • Focus: Agile DevOps

    Businesses in every industry are finding themselves under pressure to out-innovate their competitors, and push out new products and services to customers at an ever-increasing rate.

    Where the IT department is concerned, being able to deliver on both these trends may require a fundamental overhaul of how it operates, through the breaking down of organisational silos into multiple, collaborative, cross-functional DevOps teams.

    With each of these teams often responsible for overseeing the continued development of a particular part of an application, service or website, adopting a DevOps approach to software delivery can rapidly speed up the time it takes to rollout new features and functions.

    In this guide, we take a closer look at how some household names have benefited from DevOps, while sharing some best practice around tackling both the technical and cultural aspects of adopting it successfully. 

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  • Dutch organisations demand more from government

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    In this TechGuide from, industry expert Lisa Phifer shares her vast knowledge on BYOD, MDM, data security, and more to help you get a handle on top mobile trends rocking the enterprise.


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