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Enhance Security with Intel® vPro™ Technology

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Leverage Automation And Analytics For Your Recruitment

Recruiting Enablement: The processes, content, and technology empowering talent acquisition teams to recruit both effciently and effectively at high volumes and high velocity. Recruiting Enablement platforms put your data to work, leveraging automation and analytics.

Answer these 2 quick questions on Talent Acquisition Software and download your free guide, full of easy-to-read charts and data that explain the issues. Learn all about Recruiting Enablement: What is it? Why now? Who benefits? What's involved in recruiting enablement?

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  • Is your HR software enabling better recruitment?

    An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can offer exceptional efficiency and effectiveness gains for recruiting functions – even more so today, with the advent of Recruiting Enablement. Just as Sales Enablement allowed enterprises to become better at reaching customers and hitting sales goals, Recruiting Enablement allows employers to achieve improvements in recruiting efficiency, candidate experience, diversity and inclusion, and quality of hire.

    Take our short survey on your talent acquisition environment to download your free checklist for choosing a next-generation ATS – your Recruiting Enablement platform.

  • How SD-WAN and WWAN can transform the WAN

    3 forces are coming together to fundamentally transform the WAN, including:

    • The ability to easily leverage broadband Internet via SD-WAN technologies
    • The emergence of high-bandwidth wireless services
    • The changing pricing model for wireless

    Together, these forces enable the WAN to shift from being a 30- to 90-day hurdle in branch turn-up to an instant-on enabler of agile branching strategies. Moreover, they enable new use cases, such as branch-in-a-box, wireless backup, wireless bursting, and pop-up branches.

    Download this Nemertes research report to learn more.

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  • Compliance Program Case Study: Qorus | Hyperproof

    In this case study, follow Qorus, a sales enablement and proposal management provider, as they partner with Hyperproof to address security and compliance issues and achieve flexibility that scales as the organization grows.


  • 7 strategies to securely enable remote workers

    The pandemic highlights the necessity for organizations to build-out a remote infrastructure based on Zero Trust strategies to securely support a large mobile workforce and maintain business continuity in a crisis. Download Seven Strategies to Securely Enable Remote Workers to learn more.


  • Benefits of modern UCaaS: What you may not know

    Disconnected, disjointed communications tools actually impede productivity. This resource details cloud-based unified communications and its myriad benefits, like quality collaboration, efficient remote workers and boost in customer satisfaction.


  • Top 8 Considerations to Enable - and Simplify - Mobility

    Embracing mobility doesn't need to be complicated or costly. Gain expert advice on the top 8 considerations for simply, but effectively enabling mobility in both the enterprise and the IT department.


  • Learn about Microsoft Teams desk and conference phones

    The Microsoft Teams Phone System powered by CallTower is designed to enable customers to bring their current voice servers into the Microsoft Cloud through Direct Routing. In this resource, learn about Microsoft Teams desk and conference phones and Microsoft team video conference and headset devices.


  • Analysts: The state of remote work in 2020

    In this report, Forrester outlines how enabling remote work is now a critical business function. Giving clear guidance to users, focusing on security, and leveraging the right technologies allow for a successful distributed workforce.


  • Best practices to ensure business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic

    During this COVID-19 crisis, every CIO’s key goal is to maintain business continuity — enable all employees, customers, partners, and vendors to continue working and collaborating seamlessly. In this webcast, explore the key essentials to ensure business and IT continuity during this crisis.


  • How the UCC market is shifting to platforms that will enable innovation

    In this Aragon Research paper, learn how the UCC market is shifting to platforms that will enable innovation via API-enabled application marketplaces.


  • CW+: The Open Group: Building return on investment from cloud computing

    This White Paper presents the initial conclusions from The Open Group on how to build and measure Return on Investment (ROI) from Cloud Computing. It was produced by the Cloud Business Artifacts (CBA) project of The Open Group Cloud Computing Work Group.


  • Analyst's take: Scheduling applications cut healthcare costs

    By deploying advanced scheduling tools, healthcare institutions can reduce labor costs and improve the productivity of schedulers, staffers, and caregivers.


  • Focus ASEAN: Enterprise Mobility

    With 4G networks and mobile apps that do almost everything from filing corporate expenses to locating an item in a warehouse, enterprise mobility now enables not only managers but also rank and file workers to be more competitive and efficient.


  • 5 pillars of ITOM discovery and visibility, explained

    ITOM decisions must be based on complete data; otherwise, errors are inescapable. Inside, learn about the five key ITOM enablers necessary to earn complete visibility into all areas of the infrastructure and optimized management of IT environments.


  • Advanced data security across SAP HANA environments

    While SAP HANA users realize unmatched operational efficiency, enhanced capabilities are often accompanied by increased risk. In this white paper, take a closer look at Thales’ Vormetric Transparent Encryption (VTE), designed to help organizations control the risks of sensitive data-at-rest within SAP HANA environments.


  • How to keep your IT agile through cloud computing services

    Is your IT able to keep up with the constant pace and demands in enabling organisational agility?


  • How to enable communications for remote working

    Remote working has been seen as a critical enabler of business and economic continuity during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, in order to enable a successful remote work program, organizations need to ensure good communication. In this white paper, explore key considerations you should look for in a communications solution.


  • Achieve agile integration with SAP & Red Hat

    This webinar explores how Red Hat’s Integration portfolio can help SAP customers on their path to becoming an Intelligent Enterprise. Watch now to learn more.


  • Special report on Dell

    It was the company that came from nowhere to revolutionise an entire industry. Dell, originally a provider of desktop PCs, was instrumental in changing the way that the IT business worked.


  • 7 facts that will help you better enable your remote workforce

    There has been a massive shift to work from home. And, it is unlikely to reverse itself anytime soon. In fact, 74% of companies plan to permanently shift to more remote work post COVID-19. In this infographic, explore 7 facts that will help you better enable your remote workforce.


  • How digital collaboration platforms can transform key elements of your business

    In this webcast, Bill Haskins and Paul McMilllian discuss Digital Collaboration as an enabling platform, using data and insight gained from enterprises using their Digital Collaboration platform to transform key elements of their business.


  • Why data science and IoT foster innovation in manufacturing

    Businesses will not be able to yield the full benefits of IoT integration without a better structure for their data and analytics—and this means mastering AI and ML too. Read this white paper to learn how to enable true innovation through data and IoT.


  • How the hybrid cloud ecosystem enables digital transformation

    Check out this e-guide to discover just how a hybrid cloud ecosystem enables digital transformation, learn what hybrid cloud enablers are, and more.


  • Cloud enabling the banking industry

    This report explores how the banking industry architecture network (Bian) service landscape may be used to define a comprehensive commercial blueprint that could be used to cloud-enable the banking industry.


  • Enabling the WAN and the network team for IoT

    IoT is poised to have a tremendous impact on the WAN. This EMA research report offers advice to network infrastructure professionals on how to enable IoT across the wide-area network. Download this report to learn more.


  • CW+: Analyst's take: Alfabet PlanningIT reaps rewards for decision makers

    When organizations adopt Alfabet’s planningIT, decision makers have more knowledge about their operating environments and use this information to leverage existing assets and avoid unnecessary investments in software or development.


  • Top 3 data value enablers of Dell EMC storage and data protection

    Check out this white paper to read why 4 organizations are choosing Dell EMC storage and data protection solutions and discover its top 3 data value enablers.


  • Deliver a mobile-friendly, wireless network: Maxeda DIY case study

    Find out how Maxeda DIY Group approached their Wi-Fi as a key enabler for omnichannel customer experiences and updated their access points to deliver more mobile-friendly interactions.


  • Does your software enable diverse recruitment?

    New data-driven, automated software helps to identify and recruit qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds.


  • Breaking down the 2019 software defined networking and services report

    The 2019 ISG vendor report for Software Defined Networking and Services unpacks the shifting landscape of the managed WAN and MPLS markets. Watch this webinar, which features ISG analyst Kenn Walter, to learn about some of the core drivers that are pushing enterprises to update their legacy networks and rapidly adopt a software-defined approach.


  • Modern digital enablement checklist

    Are you prepared for digital transformation? Learn how using cloud software along with data analytics and machine learning technologies can strengthen any organization. Download the Modern Digital Enablement Checklist report and learn to close the last mile gap with a cloud-based approach.


  • The security pro's guide to remote access

    The recent pandemic has brought about a dramatic movement towards enabling users to work remotely. Included are the results from a recent study conducted by Gartner to help security and risk management leaders solve the challenges of quickly scaling large scale modern remote access. Read on to discover their key findings.


  • Case Study: How CARS upgraded their call center with Evolve IP

    Charitable Adult Rides and Services (CARS) is a non-profit that enables vehicle donations for charities. As they grew, their call center software became outdated and unintegrated. After searching around, they decided to upgrade with Evolve IP. Learn about CARS’ experience in this case study.


  • Navigating the new era of cloud computing

    Hear from Steve Sibley, VP of Offering Management for IBM Power Systems about how IBM Power Systems can enable hybrid cloud environments that support "build once, deploy anywhere" options.


  • 10 AI and machine learning use cases in ITSM

    AI-enabled ITSM, while still maturing, promises to greatly improve the speed and quality of IT service management. Here are 10 AI and machine learning use cases for ITSM


  • Innovation ? How ?

    McLaren’s CIO Stuart Birrell discusses his journey transforming the IT department into an innovation enabler in this PowerPoint presentation.


  • 6 capabilities you need for a modern cloud analytics platform

    Learn how a modern cloud analytics platform can help you optimize resources and workloads aligned to business priorities in this infographic.


  • Boosting network security with AI and automation

    As a school district sought to enable greater BYOD capabilities, expand remote learning, and better handle online lessons, they realized that they needed improved security capabilities. Examine this case study to see how Pearland was able to boost the security and speed of their services with the help of automation and more.


  • How network transformation is key to enabling today's work transformation

    As organizations expand digital transformation initiatives, traditional work models are no longer viable. A new work model is required. We call this transition "work transformation”. In this IDC report, learn more about how network transformation is key to enabling today’s work transformation.


  • Flatten the curve of tech debt in 4 minutes

    In this 4-minute video, learn how to flatten the curve of technical debt. In the video, MetrixData360 explores 4 steps to cost optimization and 4 steps to enabling agility.


  • Bluetooth Low Energy: The IoT battle

    This article in our Royal Holloway information security series provides a set of security guidelines, tools and considerations for anyone in an organisation who is considering acquiring or implementing Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled devices.


  • For Dummies: Using advanced, self-service Oracle analytics

    Augmented analytics incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), enabling businesses to make better, faster and more informed decisions. Learn how to use Oracle’s advanced data analytics to enable self-service data access and get business insights faster from this e-book.


  • Developing the Intelligent Core with Windows Server 2019

    65% of European CEOs are under significant pressure to deliver on their digital transformation (DX) strategies. Creating a digital platform with an intelligent core is key to success. Learn more about digital platforms inside this resource.


  • Reduce network risks with 5 mobile and IoT security tips

    In this white paper, learn the five steps you need to take to mitigate the risk of mobile and IoT-enabled data breaches.


  • Create a seamless wireless experience across your meeting spaces

    Watch this webcast to learn about wireless and Bluetooth Low Energy technology designed to help you create seamless mobile engagement in digital workspaces for all of your users and guests.


  • The complete buyer's guide to data science platforms

    This guide will walk you through organizational readiness, differences between platform types, and key considerations to evaluate vendors in this space. We also include a detailed interactive checklist to help your team through the evaluation process.


  • Comparison chart: Voice-enabled Teams solution providers

    In this chart, discover how 5 voice-enabled Teams solution providers measure up on a number of key features.


  • Virtualization SHOWDOWN: How Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops beats the competition

    Inside this webinar, gain an understanding on some of the latest Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops unique features and how they can help your organization become more agile and secure while delivering an optimized user experience.


  • How to transform your network to support your UCaaS

    In this Nemertes Research white paper, CIO and Principal Research Analyst, John Burke, explains how to transform your network to support your UCaaS.