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Proactive PC Support Improves Service and Lowers Total Cost of Ownership

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A guide to gaining real-time insights into industrial operations with Splunk

Managing complex industrial operations isn’t easy. Working across different control systems like SCADA, process historians, and alarm and event sensors makes it challenging to gain a unified view into the availability and performance of your environment.

But with the right combination of data and monitoring and diagnostics tools, you can improve visibility into your environments and maximize operations performance.

In this guide, learn how you can monitor your industrial assets, applications and infrastructure, and quickly diagnose issues by combining existing industrial data sources with Splunk’s monitoring and diagnostics platform.

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  • 4 pragmatic methods to kick-start your IT modernization initiatives

    For many, “IT modernization” comes down to deciding whether to overhaul their organization's data center, top-to-bottom, or to strategically evolve with those components that add efficiency, agility, and cost savings to operations. Whether it means moving to more distributed systems, migrating to high-volume servers running Linux, or building an SOA, enterprises approach IT modernization in different ways.

    However, there are several core approaches you can take to advance your modernization efforts, which this white paper closely examines. Read on to view these four pragmatic methods for structuring your initiatives, as well as discover a viable first step for your infrastructure modernization path: UNIX-to-Linux migration. 

  • 12 ways to prevent human error in your data center

    Over 70% of data center outages are attributable to human error. An operations and maintenance (O&M) program is designed to keep human errors at a minimum, but a poorly organized program can quickly cause more harm than good.

    Inside this 43-page guide, read through the 12 elements that comprise a balanced and airtight facility management program. From emergency response to personnel management – and everything in between – get tactical advice on the key components that every O&M agenda should contain.

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  • ROI Case Study: Quest Foglight at Imperial College London

    Imperial College London deployed Quest Foglight to manage the performance of its applications, databases, and services and reduce system downtime. Nucleus Reseach evaluates the ROI of the project.


  • Windows Server 2008's final days are ahead: Here's how to plan

    As Windows Server 2008 R2's January end of support date looms in the near-distance, not all organizations have their upgrade strategies mapped out. Inside this white paper, learn how to better prepare for operating system upgrades, including how to plan a Windows Server 2019 migration to Microsoft Azure.


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  • Leading power factor: How to avert a potential disaster

    Some IT devices can develop a "leading power factor," a distinct electrical input current that indicates a capacitive load. Open up this guide to learn more about leading power factors and what they mean for your data center's health – and how to stop it from leading to disaster down the road.


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    Save a copy of this 50-page eBook to get a crash course on all things infrastructure as code. Plus, learn how to manage dynamic infrastructures by specifying virtual machines, containers, and other IT resources as code.


  • Application development without the sprawl

    Enterprise architects (EAs) are combatting sprawl through IT transformation projects that seek to rationalize applications and data sources, control and standardize development across functional siloes, and make technology choices that support future growth. This e-book covers five ways to help EAs achieve all this while minimizing sprawl.


  • A seamless IBM i V5R4 move to the cloud

    Check out this case study to find out how Dometic overcame the challenges of a discontinued IBM I V5R4 OS, the integration of a recent acquisition, and aging IBM infrastructure in one fell swoop with a move to the cloud.