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HSBC Calculates Improved IT Support Productivity and Patch Management

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Edge AI infrastructure delivers game-changing value

While AI drives value in many ways, transmitting the associated data back and forth from a centralized data center can lead to bandwidth, latency, and connectivity issues that undermine success.

Organizations need to run AI workloads right on the edge to maximize the impact and efficiency of AI deployments, according to HPE.

Access this HPE white paper to learn how a range of powerful AI solutions at the edge are empowering your decision-making process, boosting your ROI, and decreasing data center load.

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  • Using HPE for exascale technology: An overview

    During the past 15 years, government-sponsored global studies carried out by Hyperion Research confirmed that high performance computing (HPC) not only accelerates scientific and engineering progress but can help boost the industrial and economic competitiveness of a nation or region.

    This IDC paper discusses the ROI that can result from the dissemination of novel exascale technologies, using Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), to illustrate the role major HPC vendors can play in developing and scaling down these technologies for wider use.

    Access it here to learn more.

  • Powering HPC solutions with HPE GreenLake

    Digital transformation is driving new data-intensive workloads and real-time analytics to operate at an unprecedented scale, and high-performance computing (HPC) offers enterprises powerfully improved data analytics. However, deploying HPC infrastructure can be challenging.

    That is about to change with HPE GreenLake for HPC, an on-premises end-to-end solution for HPC that makes it easier for customers to deploy HPC and AI workloads. This solution allows end users, developers, and data scientists to run pure HPC, pure AI, and converged HPC/AI workflows on high-performance clusters.

    Check out this brochure to see how the capabilities of HPE GreenLake can provide an HPC solution for your enterprise.

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    To date, HPC has not been widely used in places where it could help the most. That is about to change with HPC as a service through HPE GreenLake. To find out more about the HPE GreenLake experience and see how HPE is powering the exascale era, read this white paper.


  • HPE’s look into the transformative impact of genomics

    Next-generation sequencing technologies have revolutionised the field of genomics, but rapid growth in production simultaneously requires significant compute capabilities. Check out this white paper to learn how HPE solutions help simplify system management while delivering excellent performance.


  • How HPE GreenLake delivers a unified HPC experience

    With the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform, the cloud comes to you—delivering one operating model across your edges, data centers, and clouds. Take a look at HPE's white paper on how HPE GreenLake for HPC allows your enterprise to leverage advanced AI, ML, and HPC techniques with simplicity, speed, and scalability.


  • Driving IT Success from Edge-to-Cloud to the Bottom Line

    As edge computing continues to enable business benefits for IT teams, various industries are reaping those benefits. Dig into this white paper to learn how Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s edge solutions delivered results in 4 industries, ranging from retail to athletics.


  • Thriving in the exascale era with HPE Apollo

    Access this resource to learn about HPE Apollo which brings the power of supercomputing to datacenters of any size while delivering performance, efficiency, reduced implementation time, and the flexibility to scale up or down for any HPC workload.


  • Achieve the flexibility needed for true industry 4.0 operations with HPE

    Access this IDC Technology Spotlight to learn why existing factory automation is holding back Industry 4.0, how edge computing can free automation from silos, see what software-defined automation at the edge looks like, and discover how HPE can help.


  • 12 ways to prevent human error in your data center

    Inside this 43-page guide, read through the 12 elements that comprise a balanced and airtight facility management program. From emergency response to personnel management – and everything in between – get tactical advice on the key components that every O&M agenda should contain.


  • Expert best practices for data center management

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  • Overview of Office 365

    This exclusive webcast details the key features of Microsoft Office 365 and will help you work through the implementation process.


  • The surge in demand for mainframe skills, explained

    During the pandemic, mainframe systems are experiencing such a surge in usage, demand for Cobol skills has skyrocketed. Dive inside this E-Guide to learn more about the recent explosion in demand for mainframe skillsets.


  • z/OS Logstreams at a glance

    Maintaining critical z/OS mainframe environments is a hefty responsibility – especially as downtimes grow more and more costly. Inside, learn about a z/OS log stream tool that simplifies viewing, troubleshooting, and archiving processes.


  • Git and Mainframe Development: Considerations for Enterprises

    Git is the de facto standard for version control for contemporary software development, with the mainframe’s secure large-scale transactional processing capabilities earning its reputation for reliability. Educate yourself on Git’s benefits and requirements to ensure a safe and reliable integration for your enterprise’s mainframe strategy.


  • How to keep your mainframes secure and up to date

    The death of mainframes has been predicted for decades – yet here they still stand, fifty years later. Download this white paper to find out how to adapt RACF administration challenges to today’s security standards – and keep your mainframes running smoothly.