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Insurance 2020: Innovating beyond Old Models

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How to strengthen customer relationships

Digital disruptors are coming your way, and adapting will prove to be a challenge for most. The good news is that digital transformation is as much about building strong customer relationships as it is about implementing innovative tech.

Read this white paper to learn how to strengthen your customer relationships through digital engagement and self-service opportunity.

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  • 5-step guide to intelligence Insurance product development

    “Nearly 80% of the survey respondents think their insurance products should be more dynamic at adapting to changing consumer behavior.”

    This places a major emphasis on the need for development teams to prioritize leveraging high volumes of data to create more intelligent products.

    Download this 5-step guide to capitalizing on data, and creating more adaptable insurance products.

  • How finance firms are avoiding digital disruption with mainframes intact

    For insurance and financial services organizations, matching customer demands is priority number one. But as processes transform digitally and technology requirements grow, the agility – and quite frankly, viability – of older IT infrastructure can start to draw questions.

    Inside this analyst report, find out how the IT status quo is shifting within financial services and insurance organizations – and how real IT leaders are planning out their infrastructure mix to strike an ideal balance between mission-critical mainframe and cloud technology.

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  • Millennials and the 22nd Century Life Insurer

    Read this research paper to find out how much of the millennial population is neglecting life insurance, why, and how insurers can better engage them.


  • 3 big benefits of machine learning in insurance

    The insurance industry as we know it is transforming dramatically as a result of new technologies like machine learning and AI—businesses looking to remain competitive going forward will want to take notes. Read this white paper for 3 big benefits of machine learning and 6 trends kickstarting digital transformation in insurance.


  • The future of enterprise IT: Social, social, mobile, analytics and cloud

    Cloud and data technologies are allowing organizations to provide service levels not even dreamt of a few years ago. This guide looks at some examples of these technologies transforming organizations in South-East Asia.


  • Resellers reach for the cloud

    This themed issue looks at the opportunities for the channel in helping customers make the transition to the cloud


  • Top 5 misconceptions about cloud-based security infrastructure

    Today most organizations know that the cloud offers the potential to be a safe place for their apps, data and infrastructure. However, there are other factors to take into consideration before migrating to the cloud. Read on for 5 misconceptions about cloud-based security infrastructure today.


  • A Guide to Cyber Risk

    Insurer Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) examines the latest trends in cyber risk and emerging perils around the globe.


  • Reduce time to market for insurance providers

    Download this guide to learn how insurance providers can rethink their app development approach to reduce time to market and enable greater iteration.


  • The Future of Insurance

    CIOs and IT departments in the insurance industry must strive to create an environment that will support the business focusing on future innovations, according to this report from Trustmarque.


  • Modelling the Insurance Enterprise

    This report from the Open Group is aimed at managers, architects, and designers that serve the insurance industry or have an interest in integrating the TOGAF and ArchiMate standards.


  • How AI can optimize data search and discovery

    Read this white paper to learn how natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and other AI technologies can help businesses master data search and discovery processes—keeping data stores optimized for organizational benefit.


  • Insuring the uninsurable: Is cyber insurance worth its salt?

    This article in our Royal Holloway Information Security Thesis series discusses the risks and benefits of cyber insurance and outlines steps businesses can take to make better informed risk mitigation decisions.


  • The currency of trust: why banks and insurers must make customer data safer and more secure

    Banks and insurers enjoy a significantly higher level of trust from consumers in the cyber security of their systems than any other sector, but the financial services industry is less confident in its ability to detect security breaches, this report from Capgemini reveals.


  • Top 100 U.S. insurer integrates systems for increased speed and accuracy

    Read this case study to discover how, by adapting the OnBase enterprise information platform, they were able to digitize, automate, and expedite workflows—bringing them back up to competitive pace.


  • The Essentials of Digital Innovation And three solution sets critical to your success

    Learn more about how you can develop a faster path to transform your innovative new ideas. This eBook showcases the need for digital innovation, and the urgency associated with driving innovation now.


  • Embedded analytics case study

    As a global fintech organization, UnderwriteMen needed to be able to provide detailed data insights to insurers as part of their reinsurance process. Download this case study to explore the numerous capabilities UnderwriteMe gained when they decided to use an embedded analytics platoform.


  • Cyber Risk Perceptions: An Industry Snapshot

    Concerns about cyber-risks in business have increased over the past 12 months, this snapshot survey from Marsh and Chubb reveals.


  • Overcome big data challenges with improved analytics

    View this white paper to explore why CIO's in banking, medical, insurance, and more have chosen SAS to lead their data analytics initiatives. Review SAS product features and benefits, and learn how SAS can help your organization best orchestrate its analytics journey.


  • Global sourcing trends 2011

    At the beginning of each year, we survey Morrison & Foerster’s Global Sourcing Group lawyers in Asia, Europe, and the United States regarding the current state of the world’s outsourcing market and emerging trends likely to shape that market over the next twelve months.


  • Low-code development creates the best customer experience

    Every insurer knows that the customer experience if everything, and using digital tools to create the best experience possible for your customers is the only way to keep them. Dive into this whitepaper to learn how insurers are using low-code to quickly create apps their customers love and how you can get started.


  • Computer Weekly – Digital giving – transforming Save the Children with technology

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we talk to global charity Save the Children to find out how technology is helping to transform its work. We go behind the scenes at the UK's most secretive court as it discusses bulk data surveillance. And we analyse the often contradictory experiences of firms implementing SAP's Hana platform. Read the issue now.


  • 9 application development challenges solved with low-code

    Download this low-code guide to understand 9 big challenges of application development, and how low-code can help resolve them.


  • CW Buyers Guide To Finance and Insurance

    This 11-page buyer's guide looks at mitigating the risks of data breaches with liability insurance; how to finance your organisation's technology platforms; and funding software investment for the economic recovery while budgets remain tight.


  • The Future of Financial Services: Part 1

    In the first part of our 'Future of Financial Services' e-guide series, we interview 5 fledgling fintech companies that are working on a wide range of products and services to help reduce costs and make businesses more effective.


  • UK 2015 Cyber Risk Survey Report

    Many UK firms are failing to adequately assess their customers and trading partners for cyber risk, Marsh's UK Cyber Risk Survey reveals.


  • VMworld 2017 recap: Adapting legacy IT

    In this week's Computer Weekly, experts at VMworld 2017 discussed how to adapt legacy IT to make the most of modern technology – we listened in. Artificial intelligence is touted as an aid to decision-making, but it needs to be handled with care. And we learn how Wales has become a hotspot for cyber security innovation. Read the issue now.


  • How Shape's Enterprise Defense was able to prevent automated attacks

    A top 10 insurance company noticed higher than anticipated traffic on its quote generation application and was concerned that the unexpected volume was caused by a surge of automated traffic creating fake insurance quotes. In this case study, learn why the insurance company choose to implement Shape's Enterprise Defense to stop these attacks.


  • RPA can save 10-20% of employee time

    Today's workforce collectively spends about ten to twenty percent of their time on repetitive, manual tasks – tasks that could be easily automated. Inside this white paper, learn how RPA technology is transforming workforces and creating the workplace of the future, and all the competitive and productivity benefits that come with it.


  • How to leverage customer data to improve CX

    Read this case study to discover how an insurance company broke down organizational silos with a single MDM solution that was able to pool customer information across all departments and policy classes.


  • 10 things to look for in an IFRS 17 infrastructure

    With the information provided in this white paper, learn how to prepare for IFRS 17, and uncover 10 things to look for in an IFRS 17 infrastructure with expert insight from SAS.


  • Transform document management & workflow automation

    In this case study, learn about how Austbrokers Countrywide was able to reach their goals to grow their business and become more client-focused by transforming their document management.


  • Explore industry examples of how fraud is evolving

    Fraud and financial crimes weren't considered serious issues until the 1980s. Since then, they have become commonplace. As fraud changes and evolves, organizations must keep anti-fraud software current to detect new and emerging threats. In this white paper, learn how SAS Visual Investigator can help organizations do this.


  • Use cases for IoT: Agriculture, smart buildings, utilities & more

    IoT is transforming every industry. From smart thermostats helping utilities companies offer better value, to connected cars enabling manufacturers to offer new services—many businesses are already benefitting from IoT. Download this white paper to explore use cases across multiple industries.


  • Insurance Industry IT: What's costing you dearly?

    Its time to replace badly automated insurance business processes with more flexible systems, say analysts Rob Bamforth and Clive Longbottom.


  • How does digital transformation affect your application development team?

    Application development teams now face new challenges from the prevalence of disruption, a shortage in development skillsets, and growing demands for app dev deliverables. Download this e-book to get insight into the state of application development, and how new trends will impact your business in an age of constant change.


  • Escaping legacy – removing a major roadblock to a digital future

    Core legacy systems inhibit businesses' ability to meet changing customer demands in the digital age. The scale and nature of the problem is such that it needs to be addressed now.


  • 6 challenges of cloud migration addressed with AIOps

    How do IT teams get ahead of poor visibility, or overwhelming tasks and alerts that cripple operations during cloud migration? AIOps. Download this case study to see how this insurance provider took control of a chaotic migration that broke down their operations and communications, and leveraged AIOps to eliminate 6 core problems.


  • The Cloud Risk Framework

    This unique cloud framework is designed to help organisations assess the financial risks of moving to the cloud.


  • Powering next-gen customer experiences with rapid app delivery

    In this white paper, you'll learn how your organization can collaborate with IT to collectively deliver the apps that will power next-generation customer experiences.


  • CW Asean August 2016

    An increasingly tech-savvy Asean population, especially among the younger, more urban demographics, is driving IT teams to look at challenges in a new way. In this e-zine, explore the obstacles facing IT in Asean nations and markets. Find out what upcoming changes will have the greatest impact on users, IT resources, and revenue.


  • How blockchain can optimize healthcare payment processes

    With fraudulent activities ingrained in many of the healthcare billing and reimbursement methods, blockchain could improve accuracy and credibility of these outcomes. Use this whitepaper to learn how blockchain can overhaul healthcare payments to improve healthcare data environments.


  • Leaders and Laggards in the Digital Economy

    The digitisation index from Booz & Co reveals the business leaders and laggards in the digital technology and explains why it is vital to embrace it.


  • RSA's Digital Journey

    Ian Hood, Group Digital Director of RSA, tells the story of one of the UK's largest insurers journey to digital technology in this presentation.


  • How to accelerate financial transactions through blockchain

    Download this guide on how blockchain fits into the world of financial services by facilitating a streamlined transaction process for all parties involved in various wealth management contexts.


  • CW Buyer's Guide: Asset Management

    Computer Weekly looks at how IT asset lifecycle management can help CIOs manage their organisation's technology assets.


  • Computer Weekly – 19 February 2019: When is it best to stick with paper?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, sometimes going digital is not necessarily the best thing to do – we weigh the pros and cons of paper versus technology. Our new buyer's guide examines the challenges of asset management as you move to the cloud. And we look at the growing role of software developers in the future of networking. Read the issue now.


  • Steps to modernize your IBM OS for higher ROI

    This white paper explores the risks and pitfalls of failing to update your IBM OS to keep up with digital transformation, as well as some of the benefits you could realize by allowing a managed cloud partner help you modernize your OS.


  • CW+ Open Group: Supporting requirements management in TOGAF

    This White Paper discusses methodology and language support for requirements management in TOGAF.