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New Sugar 5.0 Platform Capabilities and Advanced CRM Functionality

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6 customer service channels you need to support

As the number of customer service channels continues to expand, organizations have been challenged to decide which to prioritize. Where should you allocate resources to most effectively engage with current and potential customers?


In this expert e-guide, Scott Sachs (President of the specialized consultancy SJS Solutions) weighs the pros and cons of these 6 main customer service channels:

  • Chat/video chat
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Customer self-service
  • Mobile

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  • The future of e-commerce and CRM

    While meshing e-commerce and CRM platforms has been an emerging implementation idea for several years, 2018 will be the year in which businesses make some of those implementation leaps and reap the benefits, according to insiders watching the technology.

    In this e-guide, learn about some trends vendors and analysts are predicting for the future of e-commerce and CRM.

    Explore key considerations when planning your CRM spend, including:

    • Mobile becomes the front door
    • The arrival of the subscription economy
    • Use behavior analytics to understand e-commerce and CRM
    • And more

  • A Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to Containers and Microservices

    Containers and microservices are independently deployable modules which can be put together to create flexible applications developed with agility.

    In this 13-page buyer’s guide, Computer Weekly offers insight into:

    • The differences between containers and microservices and their importance
    • Some of the main suppliers creating the modules used to build agile applications
    • The benefits of microservices and what you should consider before transitioning

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  • Advanced Email Threats for Dummies

    From this “for Dummies” eBook you’ll take away a better understanding of the broad range of security challenges associated to email accounts and how organizations can prevent and respond effectively to today’s most advanced email threats.


  • Make your users a part of your phishing defense

    When your monitoring system falls short and phishing emails make it through filters, your workforce is forced to act as your last line of defense. GoSecure Titan Inbox Detection & Response (IDR) turns this weakness into a strength, making users part of the solution. Read on to learn more.


  • Discover the top 11 reasons for choosing Utimaco GP HSMs

    Utimaco's General Purpose Hardware Security Modules (GP HSMs) aim to offer superior performance, security, and flexibility. With features like post-quantum readiness, multi-tenancy, and seamless integration, Utimaco's GP HSMs can equip your organization for the future of cybersecurity. Read the full blog post to learn more.


  • Quick guide to smart office buildings

    What does a smart office building look like, and how can you create one? Unlock answers in this overview.


  • All-flash pathways: Data reduction and native capacity

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  • Workspace Redesign Extends Beyond the Walls of the Office

    According to a recent IDC survey, 44% of employees are unsatisfied with their communication equipment, highlighting a critical need for investments in workplace communication and collaboration tech. Read on to learn why the success of workplace transformation extends beyond the walls of the office and how effective communication plays a key role.


  • Why there are some cords you just can’t cut

    Even with the rise of wireless technology, cables are still a necessary component to a high-performing technology stack. As great as wireless connectivity is, there are a lot of factors that can impede performance. Because of that, devices requiring a high-speed connection would benefit from a DAC. Read on to learn more about it.


  • What do shared decision-making tools for patients mean?

    Patient decision aids (PDAs) are key tools to help support patient education during the shared decision-making process.


  • The average email incursion lasts 184 seconds

    An inbox incursion occurs when phishing emails are available to the end user for any length of time, forcing the vendor to remediate them post-delivery. Download this white paper for a deeper look at inbox incursion and the role it plays in the broader topic of email security.


  • Training announcement: Administering and configuring F5 Advanced WAF

    Recent spikes in DDoS, bot-based, and other automated attacks, signal that hackers are not only targeting web-based applications. Experts at Nexum have curated a training module to help you learn to deploy and operate F5 Advanced WAF to protect web applications from the most critical security risks. Read on to learn more.


  • Best approaches for EHR training that increase clinician satisfaction

    By providing specialty-specific EHR training, using e-learning modules, and encouraging ongoing EHR education, healthcare organizations can help promote clinician satisfaction.


  • Prepare your crypto for the quantum computing era

    Discover how to secure your digital infrastructure against quantum threats. Learn Utimaco's strategic pillars and advice to prepare for the advent of quantum computing, including crypto discovery, PQC-ready hardware, and real-life customer projects. Read the full presentation transcript.


  • Innovation Awards APAC 2023 - Telecommunications: SensorFlow

    Smart building management specialist SensorFlow topped the telecommunications category for the APAC Innovation Awards with its project to re-architecture its entire platform. The project had 3 initiatives - reduce cost, improve data-driven decision making, and implement a real-time business intelligence dashboard for its customers.


  • A Six-Step Plan for Stopping Payment Redirection, Supplier Invoicing Fraud and Gift Card Scams

    You’re familiar with the costs of a business email compromise (BEC) attack, whether it’s been your organization on the receiving end or another company. So, you know that these attacks are costly—but do you know why they’re so successful? Find out why in this e-book.


  • Unlock the full potential of your data with advanced analytics

    In this webcast, you’ll hear from industry experts as they break down the variety of technological, regulatory, and market factors that are driving innovation and change within Best Execution Analytics. Tune in to learn how you can leverage customized analytics and robust dashboards unlock the full potential of market data for your business.


  • Detecting anomalies in your network: 13-minute demo

    With malware attacks advancing and proliferating, organizations must enhance their defenses. Enter ExeonTrace, a network detection and response (NDR) platform. To understand how the platform can detect anomalies in your network, check out this demo.


  • Breach Protection Infographic

    Dive into this infographic to understand how Cisco Breach Protection Suite empowers security teams to simplify operations and accelerate incident response across the most prominent attack vectors including email, endpoints, network, and cloud environments.


  • What to look for in a SIEM solution

    Due to the complexities of today’s digital environments, maintaining secure visibility is more difficult than ever before. GoSecure Titan Managed SIEM services combine comprehensive visibility across IT environments within a centralized tool, with easy-to-understand dashboards and robust reporting. Read on to learn more.


  • A new approach to secure email

    GoSecure Titan Inbox Detection & Response (IDR) empowers users to send suspicious emails directly from their inbox to professionals for evaluation and handling. Download this brief video for an explanation of GoSecure Titan IDR and all its capabilities.


  • Streamline your AWS migration with Ansible Automation Platform

    Streamline cloud migration and management with Ansible Automation Platform on AWS. Orchestrate, operationalize, and govern cloud workflows across your hybrid environment. Learn how to automate deployment, migration, and ongoing operations with Ansible validated content for AWS.[Read the full overview]


  • Why Single Sign-on (SSO)?

    With single sign-on (SSO), end users need only a single set of credentials to log into multiple websites and applications, both in the cloud and on premises. This makes life easier for users and administrators alike. Watch this webcast to learn more about SSO.


  • Unlock the power of automation for your business

    Automation is a strategic differentiator for business success. This white paper explores how Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform can help organizations rapidly scale automation, reduce downtime, and boost innovation. Learn more by reading the full white paper.


  • Comprehensive protection and peace of mind for your email communications

    With hackers highlighting email as a key attack vector, you need to make sure your email is secure. GoSecure’s Titan Secure Email Gateway (SEG) is a robust solution meticulously crafted to shield organizations from an array of email-based threats while elevating the overall security posture of their email communications. Read on to learn more.


  • Email security: Never more important

    In this e-guide, we look at why businesses need to address email security with a combination of awareness training and automated tools to reduce the likelihood of infection and speed up the detection of and response to email-borne threats.


  • Understanding behavioural detection of antivirus

    This article in our Royal Holloway Security Series analyses the effectiveness and behavior of 32-bit and 64-bit antivirus software in Windows 7.


  • Streamline your Google Cloud migration with Ansible Automation

    Streamline your Google Cloud migration with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. Explore the overview to see how Ansible Automation Platform supports workload migration and management in hybrid and multicloud environments, including orchestrating and managing cloud resources across hybrid and multicloud setups.


  • Build data products quickly with AI-powered automation

    Discover how's new AI-assisted platform, Create, allows data analysts and product owners to build fully governed data products in just 10 minutes. Learn how the platform's AI copilot, Assist, can simplify data transformation and product deployment. Read the full blog post to learn more.


  • Seller’s guide to email messaging

    Engaging with today’s IT buyers is highly difficult, and with more email filters and controls than ever before, ensuring your message reaches its audience is itself a challenge. Download the infographic to unlock 3 data-driven ways you can use to gain buyer’s attention through email.


  • Ransomware: How it starts via email & how to prevent it

    Unless Ransomware is stopped before reaching end users, it will continue to cause severe financial losses and reputational damage—and continue to pad the pockets of cybercriminals. Open this guide to explore the ins and outs of ransomware and how to prevent it.


  • Explore the state of email security in the era of remote work

    This research report examines email security practices among Australian organizations, including cloud email usage, security training, and incident response capabilities. The findings reveal opportunities to enhance email protection and business continuity. Read the full report to learn how your organization can improve its email security posture.


  • Simplify DO-178C compliance and costs with certifiable IP blocks

    Wind River's DO-178C-compliant IP streamlines avionics certification. Their pre-verified virtualization, networking, security & storage solutions slash development time, costs & risks.


  • What to look for in an email security provider

    Email is currently the number one attack vector, with hackers exploiting the medium to deliver malware, phishing, and other versatile attack types. To help you overcome the challenges presented by email threats, this buyer’s guide to email security breaks down what it means to be an effective email security solution. Read on to learn more.


  • Discover 5 time-saving cloud security hacks that can save 500 hours

    This eBook explores innovative strategies to enhance cloud security, focusing on efficiency and productivity. Prisma Cloud offers a comprehensive approach, streamlining operations and providing risk assessments. Learn how to save time and secure your cloud environment by reading the full eBook.


  • A Blueprint for SLO Platform Selection: Optimize SRE and Engineering Outcomes, SLO As Code, and GitOps Execution

    Providing high levels of system reliability for digital services and products is becoming a competitive differentiator; delivering a great customer experience is a requirement for driving profitable business growth. Learn how to define SLO as code in GitOps and DevOps work streams to optimize your system reliability by reading this IDC report.


  • 3 data-driven tips to get buyers to love your emails

    IT buyers receive a lot of emails. So, how can you craft emails that stand apart from the rest and drive deeper engagement? Discover three data-driven recommendations in this infographic by TechTarget.


  • The Definitive Email Cybersecurity Strategy Guide - Protect Your People From Email Attacks and Threats

    With more cyberthreats reaching the inboxes of your employees, this much is clear: It’s time to boost your email cybersecurity. But where do you start? First, by understanding today’s most prevalent cyberattacks. Read “The Definitive Email Cybersecurity Strategy Guide” to learn about them.


  • How to staff and recruit in a physician shortage

    Healthcare Staffing is a $19 billion industry, yet there are significant challenges in this market as we are entering a Physician shortage. Recruiting physicians in this market has become increasingly difficult.


  • Secure and monitor 10,000 clouds with scalable security visibility

    HashiCorp, a cloud infrastructure automation leader, uses Sumo Logic for security analytics, monitoring, and securing 10,000 customer clouds. The case study shows how they enhanced security visibility, sped up investigations, and improved incident response. Access the full study for details.


  • Business value: Network-infrastructure management with Cisco

    In the 2024 "The Business Value of Cisco Nexus Dashboard" report, IDC Research Vice Presidents Vijay Bhagavath and Matthew Marden explore how Cisco's network-infrastructure management tool can deliver a 350% 3-year ROI – and much more.


  • How to prevent email security threats before they enter your inbox

    In March, Microsoft disclosed the CVE-2023- 23307 vulnerability, a threat impacting Outlook with a 9.8 CVSS Rating. Download this white paper to see how Checkpoint’s Harmony Email & Collaboration (HEC) API can prevent malicious emails from reaching the inbox.


  • How to demystify DevOps metrics

    Standardizing DevOps metrics across an organization is key to demystifying them and driving continuous improvement. Learn how to socialize, set goals, and leverage dashboards to boost DevOps maturity. Read the blog post to discover more.


  • Gain visibility on change risk to eliminate production failures

    Predict and mitigate change failure risks in your application environment. Learn how Intelligence - Change Risk Prediction can help you make data-driven decisions, accelerate agility, and reduce costs associated with production incidents. Read the full product brief.


  • Multi cloud backup and recovery best practices

    User concerns about data availability and safety continue to grow. And despite being in the early phases of the multi-cloud movement, experts have provided some good guidelines to users to help them implement this additional layer of protection. This guide details multi-cloud backup and recovery best practices, and presents potential pain points.


  • Break the attack chain. Learn how to stop costly BEC attacks.

    Business email compromise (BEC) attacks pose a threat to all of your organization’s employees. Therefore, educating yourself—and your organization at large—is key. Step in “Breaking Down BEC,” an e-book that maps out 6 BEC types and how to spot them. Keep reading to explore real-world examples of each threat type.


  • Business email compromise prevention tips

    It's easy to see why Business Email Compromise attacks work. Preventing them, however, is not so simple -- especially when attackers rely on cognitive biases. Distinguishing between genuine and fraudulent email communications is challenging enough -- and it's also only part of reducing BEC risk. Here are 8 BEC prevention tips for security leaders.