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Backup deduplication: a complete guide

There are many elements to consider in picking the backup deduplication technology that fits best. How do zone-level and block-level deduplication compare? What about inline versus post-processing deduplication? What are the differences between deduplication and compression? How important are deduplication ratios? Check out this complete e-guide to backup deduplication.

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  • All-flash pathways: Data reduction and native capacity

    A number of technological changes are making the all-flash data center a viable option. However, turning this concept into a reality requires an understanding of data reduction methods and alternatives.

    This expert e-guide reveals how thin provisioning, deduplication, and compression can provide two major benefits to your data center:

    1. A reduction in total capacity required
    2. If done inline, should extend the life expectancy of flash modules

    Also, learn about the alternative to reduction: native capacity.

  • Reinvent Your Enterprise Database and Applications

    With 75% of all databases deployed or migrated to a cloud platform and only 5% ever considered for repatriation to on-premises, according to Gartner, it’s clear that you need to invest in a quality cloud DB architecture.

    Factor in the fact that Oracle has a market share of 43%, and it becomes even more clear that this DB architecture should foster efficient, cost-effective, and powerful Oracle deployments.

    AWS offers a powerful home for your legacy and on-prem Oracle deployments as you look to modernize your DB architectures.

    Explore this e-book to learn the 3 main strategies involved with Oracle migrations,

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  • Choosing between data storage options for CCTV and surveillance data

    In this product overview, explore the details of data storage requirements for CCTV and surveillance systems, the challenges to take into consideration, as well as best practices prepared by Open-E’s experts.


  • Amazon EC2 & Intel Xeon Scalable processor use cases: DBs, AI/ML, and more

    Amazon Web Services has launched new Amazon EC2 instances with Intel's 4th generation Xeon Scalable processors. For large databases, gaming, AI/ML, and video streaming, they provide up to 151% improved price-performance. Discover how the latest Xeon processors and EC2 instances can boost your workload performance here.


  • Financial firm unlocks performance and scale with cloud migration

    Proof Trading, an execution-only broker, migrated its workloads to Amazon EC2 instances with Intel Xeon processors and SingleStoreDB, gaining real-time performance, scalability and 70% lower costs.Read more about how SingleStoreDB's Cloud solution and Intel® technology transformed Proof Trading's business.


  • How to migrate mainframe workloads to the public cloud

    In this case study, learn how a data and risks analytics provider partnered with Ensono to moved business critical applications to the public cloud (AWS), including the client’s largest mainframe CPU consuming application. Read on to uncover how they realized 3 major outcomes.


  • Modernizing the Mainframe: Preserve IT Investments, Manage Risk

    Fragmented data, exceeded budget, data risk—these are 3 challenges common to mainframe modernization. To avoid these challenges and facilitate a smooth transformation, many organizations utilize a tool or service. One such service is Application Migration Methodology (AMM). Read this white paper to understand AMM’s 5 steps.


  • Enterprise-class data protection with Infiniguard from Infinidat

    IT influence is more widespread than ever before, and as such, when a disruption occurs it is felt far beyond the limits of the IT department. This report documents ESG testing of the InfiniGuard data protection and recovery solution from Infinidat, including how it can help prevent IT down time and all its consequences. Read on to learn more.


  • Computer Weekly - 23 March 2021: Would the UK really nuke a cyber attacker?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, did the UK's defence and security review really suggest a nuclear response to a cyber attack? Data visualisation has been widely used to explain the Covid-19 pandemic, but not always that effectively. And jewellery retailer Pandora explains how it kept the personal touch as customers went online. Read the issue now.


  • Answering the common questions about database as a service (DBaaS)

    The shift to Database as a Service (DBaaS) marks a significant stride in cloud transformation, offering unmatched scalability, performance, and security for database workloads. Read on to learn how DBaaS can alleviate your in-house teams from the intricacies of database management, empowering them to focus on innovation and strategic initiatives.


  • Prepare for the mainframe talent gap

    Over 20% of the mainframe workforce is expected to retire over the next five years. That's why companies are rethinking their hiring strategies with millennials in mind. Check out strategies on how to address this shift in the mainframe talent pool, and learn what your IT and hiring teams should be doing to attract new talent.


  • How to boost performance in multi-database environments

    Database performance is critical for application speed and user experience. This white paper discusses how database performance analysis software can identify issues, optimize configurations, and improve efficiency to reduce costs and boost user satisfaction. Read the full white paper now to learn more.


  • Revolutionize data for the enterprise with AI and GenAI

    This Enterprise Strategy Group white paper explores how organizations can leverage SAP data and modernize their data platforms to power AI and generative AI applications. Learn how Fivetran, Databricks, AWS, and Capgemini can help maximize the value of SAP data to drive innovation. Read the full white paper.


  • Jargon buster guide to database management

    This Jargon Buster e-guide to contemporary database management is an aid to stepping back and thinking afresh about an area of enterprise IT that has many decades of heritage. Or, as many sometimes (arguably rudely) put it, legacy.


  • Modernizing backup and recovery to meet today's demands

    As data volumes and security threats grow, traditional backup solutions fall short. This white paper explains how a modern, hyperconverged data protection platform can simplify operations, reduce costs, and provide robust security and recovery capabilities. Download the white paper to learn more.


  • Why are too many organizations failing in their strategic initiatives?

    Discover in this e-book how strategic portfolio management (SPM), a discipline that has strategic planning at its core, can help you overcome the strategic project gap by connecting all aspects of strategy, from the initial setting of priorities to the achievement of objectives.


  • Insights from 200+ CISOs on the growing impact of AppSec

    As digital transformation accelerates, application security (AppSec) is becoming a top priority for CISOs. This survey of over 200 CISOs reveals that buyers now demand proof of strong AppSec programs, and CISOs are increasingly involved in sales engagements. Download the e-book to gain insights on AppSec maturity, DevOps, and business growth.


  • Digital Disruption Index – from experimentation to transformation

    Organisations are investing in digital technologies, including artificial intelligence, blockchain and augmented reality, but executives fear they lack skills to implement a digital strategy, Deloitte's Digital Disruption Index reveals.


  • Key considerations for mainframe modernization

    Mainframes often support the most critical business functions, yet many companies still choose to carry outdated and limited legacy mainframes. Learn key considerations for mainframe modernization using data from this analyst report to reduce your complexity, risk and running cost of IT.


  • Quantified benefits of the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

    This analyst report uncovers the potential benefits of adopting the Databricks Lakehouse Platform by assessing 5 unique customers. On average, they achieved a 482% average ROI over 3 years, 4.1-month payback, and $30.5M average annual benefit. Read on to learn how you can drive productivity, efficiency, and cost savings for your organization.


  • Computer Weekly 50th anniversary special

    It's been 50 years since Computer Weekly's launch on 22 September 1966. To mark this achievement, we have compiled a special edition of the magazine to reflect on how much the British technology industry has contributed over that time.


  • CW Benelux - May 2020: IT budgets up in the air as Covid-19 disrupts business

    Computer Weekly's annual IT priorities survey was carried out before the arrival of Covid-19 disrupted business plans. It found that more than half of the IT leaders in the Benelux region expected budgets to be higher this year than last, and digital transformation was to be the main recipient of budget increases.


  • Salary Survey 2019/20 ASEAN

    Over half of IT professionals in ASEAN received a pay rise in 2019, underscoring the growing demand for tech talent in the region. In this e-guide, we look at salary and benefits expectations, how skills shortages are driving the buoyant IT market, and why there's still room for improvement when it comes to women in IT.


  • Video: IT Priorities 2023 APAC

    Over half of respondents in this year's IT Priorities study have bigger IT budgets as they continue to make strategic investments in cyber security, cloud and automation. In this video, hear from TechTarget's APAC editor in chief on the top priorities of organisations and the major tech trends that are shaping IT buying decisions in the region.


  • 4 major threats to watch out for in 2024

    As you move through the second half of 2023, what cyberthreats and trends should you look out for? To answer that question, this report by SecurityHQ breaks down four major threats. Read on to unlock these insights and six recommendations for augmenting your security posture.


  • Revenue Cycle Management with Automation and AI

    As CFOs prioritize increasing profitability and invest in technology and revenue cycle management, providers are excited about implementing automated technologies in this area. Read more about it in this eGuide.


  • Ultimate guide to digital transformation for enterprise leaders

    This in-depth guide explains what digital transformation is, why it is important and how enterprises can successfully transition to this new business paradigm.


  • Public vs. private vs. hybrid cloud S/4HANA and ERP deployments

    In this expert e-guide, we explore how to future-proof your ERP system and increase its flexibility. Learn about the migration to S/4HANA as well as the pros and cons of private vs. public vs. hybrid cloud-based ERP deployments.


  • How zero trust transformation is progressing worldwide

    Read this report to learn what 1,900 senior decision-makers around the globe had to say about how their zero trust deployments are progressing, the impacts of hybrid work and emerging technologies.


  • Why 1 cloud infrastructure provider isn’t enough

    No matter what combination of environments your infrastructure includes, the key to success is a foundational OS that remains consistent and reliable regardless of where your workloads reside. Download this e-book to learn more about managing cloud infrastructure at scale.


  • 4 of the Most Wasteful Sales Activities and How to Fix Them

    Download this e-book to find out how inside sales teams can overcome the biggest issues in pipeline building with real-world examples and a step-by-step plan.


  • Pentesting in 2024: Thoughts from 450 IT pros

    Based off survey responses from 450 IT professionals, this 27-page research report by Pentera explores the state of penetration testing (pentesting) in 2024. Dig into the report to learn about what security leaders are pentesting, what pentesting budgets look like this year, and much more.


  • The business benefits of AI: Should you adopt?

    While half of today’s businesses worldwide leverage AI to get work done, many organizations are still on the fence about implementation. So, how can you know if AI’s right for your needs? Browse this guide to learn more.


  • CW Nordics - November 2020-January 2021: Bank branch closures continue as digital banking grows

    Sweden's Handelsbanken is cutting its branch network by nearly half, which means more money will be invested in IT. But it's not just Sweden and the Nordics – banks across the world are watching the fintech industry demonstrate to consumers what banking can be like if the right technology is in place.


  • How workforce demographics impact your security posture

    Top-down enterprise security ignores the unique risks that accompany geography, age, gender and role. For example, nearly half of office workers in China contact their security team with a concern, compared to just 20% in Australia. Explore the relationship between workforce demographics and security in this research report.


  • Protect your margins with robust insurance verification

    Uninsured and self-pay patients are on the rise. Have you taken action to address the uptick? Robust insurance verification is key to protecting your margins and collecting the revenue you’ve earned. Learn how to leverage insurance discovery to fight bad debt in this webinar with FinThrive.


  • Supply chain & logistics leader’s guide to new tech

    Due to pressures such as rising costs, labor shortages, and new sustainability initiatives, 87% of organizations report that they’re still experiencing supply chain disruptions, half of whom say it can affect their ability to deliver to their customers on time. So, how can companies best combat this? Browse this guide to learn more.


  • Why is there an ethical debate around AI?

    This quarter in CW Europe we look at how momentum in the artificial intelligence industry in France might be slowed due to ethical questions.


  • The Summer Agenda: CFOs and the Power of Automation

    While CFOs play a critical role in financial strategies and driving growth for the organization as a whole, they also need to ensure their own finance department is both efficient and effective. To ensure accurate reporting, budgeting, and forecasting, you need a solution that can optimize your capabilities. Read on to learn more about it.


  • Ways to avoid cloud risk & security exposure

    Learn the 3 essential elements you should look for in an integrated solution that can help strengthen security, manage risk and monitor compliance in the cloud while also reducing costs and the risk of human error.


  • Cyber threats on the rise despite economic slowdown

    When markets become unstable, businesses face uncertainties. This usually means that budgets are tighter, and some business processes may be disrupted. To compound the issue, even if an economic slowdown affects your business, it won’t affect cyber criminals. Read more to learn how to recession-proof your business in uncertain times.


  • MicroScope: Grasp the social networking opportunity

    An issue looking at the issues around social media, the growth in unclouding and some security industry predictions for the year ahead.


  • How did Autoliv cut label design time in half?

    To find out how Autoliv, an automotive safety supplier, cut its label design time in half, tune into this webcast featuring insights from three leaders at the company.


  • App innovation unleashed:

    AI is taking the world by storm, and businesses are seeking different ways to take advantage of the emerging tech. Download this eBook now to unlock 7 opportunities to innovate with intelligent, AI-powered apps.


  • Speeding up vulnerabilty detection with automation

    Almost half of all CIOs believe their cybersecurity may not be on par with their digital transformation efforts, but 80% of organizations that use automation say they can respond to vulnerabilities in a shorter timeframe. Download this white paper to help


  • A guide to where mainframes fit in the cloud

    Far from being legacy IT, the mainframe is a driving force in modern computing. In this e-guide we look at its place in cloud computing.


  • How to prevent the data center outage death knell

    For many organizations, a disastrous outage can be a death knell. Discover in this TechTarget blog post how choosing ExaGrid backup storage solutions can help your organization alleviate business continuity and DR challenges.


  • Top API security vulnerabilities of 2024

    Access this analyst report for a valuable benchmark for your organization to holistically assess the health of your API endpoint management, and new ways your API security strategy can incorporate data to manage visibility, performance, and risks.


  • Patient access software buyer’s guide

    When it comes to maintaining a strong bottom line, the numbers are clear: Delivering a frictionless patient experience from registration to final payment is a top factor. To aid in your search for the right patient access software, here is a checklist of questions to ask to ensure the solution best meets your needs.