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Directory and Resource Administrator 7.5 Trial

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Quick guide to enhancing Active Directory security

90% of the attacks that Mandiant’s team investigates involve Active Directory (AD), estimate Mandiant research consultants.

So, why do threat actors target AD, and how can you secure your Active Directory deployment?

Along with answering those questions, this white paper:

  • Unpacks common obstacles to protecting AD
  • Presents 8 important questions to consider
  • Explores how SentinelOne can help you boost Active Directory security
  • And more

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  • Comparing Azure Active Directory options

    Like Active Directory, Azure AD provides authentication and access control services but has been specifically designed to support the unique needs of cloud users and cloud apps. Microsoft offers four Azure AD editions with varying levels of functionality. This infographic outlines how they compare so you can weigh up which edition is the best fit for your organisation.

  • Guide for aspiring SOC analysts: 19-page e-book

    As demand rises for Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts, are you prepared to fill the role?

    Here to help you confidently answer yes is Mastering the Art of SOC Analysis, a 19-page e-book that maps out 12 tips for aspiring SOC analysts.

    #1: Deepen your understanding of network architecture, including the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model.

    #2: Study the ins and outs of your business’s Active Directory (AD).

    #3: Maintain a tool-agnostic mentality.

    Read on to unlock the rest.

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  • 12 top enterprise risk management trends in 2023

    Enterprise risk management has taken center stage as organizations grapple with the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the threat of a recession and the rapid pace of change. Here are 12 security and risk management trends that are reshaping the risk landscape and influencing business continuity planning.


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    Companies need extensive plans to successfully protect themselves from ransomware attacks. These 'five W's of ransomware' will help organizations ask the right questions when creating a ransomware-specific disaster recovery plan.


  • 7 free GRC tools for compliance professionals

    All organisations need to meet a variety of regulatory compliance requirements, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but they don't all have the budget for GRC software. In this e-guide, learn about the free, open source options.


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    Enterprise's shift towards multicloud is ever-increasing. Computer Weekly looks at the importance of software-defined wide area networks in successful migration, the complications that come with juggling clouds and Microsoft's journey into multicloud support.


  • E-Guide: Remediating IT vulnerabilities: Expert Tips

    This expert E-Guide uncovers 3 quick ways you can remediate IT vulnerabilities and discusses best practices for improved vulnerability management.


  • Global Risks Report 2017

    Society is not keeping pace with technological change, with artificial intelligence and robotics offering the greatest benefits but also the greatest negative effects, this report from the World Economic Forum reveals


  • SailPoint, IBM, Oracle, and more: Comparing IGA vendors

    Traditionally, identity governance administration (IGA) was called the passive side of governance, where organizations would implement largely on premises to improve their regulatory compliance positions. This report provides an overview of the current IGA solution market, highlighting and comparing the leading vendors. Read on to learn more.


  • Royal Holloway: Lessons on catastrophe - differences and similarities between cyber and other forms of risk

    Cyber insurance is still in its infancy but has shown significant growth, with evidence for further expansion. However, a lack of past information and some idiosyncrasies make pricing difficult, as well as potentially amplifying risk exposure. This article summarises findings from a practical model that could be used in lieu of actuarial data.


  • 217 IT directors’ insights on software supply chain security

    How are regulatory initiatives like the Biden administration’s “Securing Open Source Software Act” impacting software development and security? To find out, Censuswide surveyed 217 IT directors. Review the findings in this 9-page report by Sonatype.


  • Remediating IT vulnerabilities: Quick hits for risk prioritization

    There's no way to eradicate all IT vulnerabilities, but the ability to spot critical ones is essential. This expert tip provides best practices to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities that will have the greatest impact and how to deploy limited resources in the most effective way.


  • Web Application Firewalls: Patching, SDLC Key for Security, Compliance

    In this expert e-guide, discover how web application firewalls (WAFs), combined with a strong software development lifecycle (SDLC), are playing an essential role in web application security and compliance. See how you can achieve a strategic, defense-in-depth approach to enterprise security by reading on now.


  • E-Guide: Best practices for pen testing Web applications

    This expert E-Guide examines what a Web application test is and best practices to getting the most out of them. Uncover guidelines to ensure your pen test is a success and key recommendations on how you can avoid common pitfalls.


  • How to protect your company's data in the cloud

    Managing data is challenging but critical. Atlassian details their cloud data protection across infrastructure, access management, compliance, and their Marketplace. Learn how Atlassian secures data and empowers organizations to meet complex regulatory requirements. Read the full eBook to ensure your data is safeguarded.


  • Focus: Application Virtualisation

    This e-guide focuses on application virtualisation and how big companies are finding various ways to stop applications adversely affecting each other.


  • Why less than 10% of organizations are aligned

    In this solution brief, get an overview of recent investments in visibility and control across Atlassian Administration, and how Cloud Enterprise offers advanced functionality for admins to keep their growing organizations ahead of the curve.


  • IT leader’s guide for setting up video conferencing rooms

    Today, it has become critical for IT administrators to ensure that their organizations have top-tier experiences when video conferencing, especially when it comes to small and huddle-sized rooms. However, this is easier said than done. Browse this white paper to learn more.


  • AIRI—An NVIDIA DGX BasePOD certified reference architecture

    Download this e-book for a prescriptive reference architecture to help IT administrators to deploy a validated solution designed for inference, data exploration, and other computationally intensive algorithms that enable AI today.


  • E-Guide: VM in the Cloud

    Before you move services to the cloud, you must understand how the change in risk will affect your existing security strategy. View this expert resource now to gain best practices for cloud risk management and explore the importance of revisiting risk assumptions, pros and cons of aggregation, tips for pen testing cloud environments, and more.


  • Royal Holloway: Driverless vehicle security for military applications

    Existing attacks and risk assessment frameworks within civilian autonomous vehicles (AVs) can be used to review security of military AVs deployed for logistics purposes in a desert warzone environment.


  • Infographic: Windows 11 vs. Windows 10

    The new Windows 11 was launched last year and have some features that might be worth considering. Even though support for Windows 10 won't end anytime soon, some of the new features can be an advantage depending on your needs. To help you decide if upgrading is right for you, here are some of the differences between Windows 11 and Windows 10.


  • Targeted attacks: Preparation and Mitigation

    This expert e-guide explains how you can make an effective business case for targeted attack defense. Also inside, discover what you need to know in order to change user behaviors as part of your risk mitigation strategy.


  • Managing Cloud Computing Risk

    Have you done your best to reduce the risk of harm to your company in the event of a service interruption? In this e-guide by, gain expert insight on how to manage the risk of cloud outages as well as uncover a framework you can implement for evaluating cloud computing risk.


  • To hack back or not to hack back ...

    This e-guide discusses hacking back as a viable option to combat hacking attempts. Expert Kevin Beaver discusses the merits and drawbacks of an "offense is the best defense" approach to security and how to implement more permanent security tools moving forward.


  • Cyber Security 2016 and beyond

    Cyber risks to businesses increasingly feature in the news as a growing number of companies are targeted by attacks aimed at stealing personal and intellectual property data, but despite this coverage, studies show many companies are still ill-equipped to deal with these attacks.


  • eGuide: Information Security - Buyer's Guide to Messaging Security

    Protecting messaging services is an important part of any business messaging strategy. Vulnerabilities abound when you allow messaging traffic for delivery over the Internet. The scope of this guide will focus on email security although many of these concepts will also apply to other types of messaging.


  • Goodbye Windows 7, IR35 woes, Six Nations, and IT at Davos

    In this week's episode of the Computer Weekly Downtime Upload podcast, Caroline Donnelly and Brian McKenna are joined by Cliff Saran to discuss the end of support of Windows 7, IR35 in the private sector, Will Carling and AWS in respect of the Guinness Six Nations Rugby Union tournament, and IT at Davos.


  • UC: Why Admin Management Matters

    Review this Metrigy report to understand how organizations are approaching UC-management in the digital workplace, and to discover 5 components of an administration management platform that can help businesses overcome common UC-management challenges.


  • CW Brasil - Março 2022: Tolerância zero para conformidade de segurança corporativa

    Como o modelo de confiança zero ajuda a reduzir as lacunas de segurança e cumprir os requisitos de governança nas empresas?


  • Advanced Virtualization E-Book: Chapter 7 - Network Virtualization: Unifying the Data Center

    We are potentially at the beginning of a new generation of IT administrators who manage a range of technologies outside of the traditional realm of virtualization. Read this E-Book to learn more.


  • Computer Weekly: Data Danger

    In this week's issue we investigate the hidden threats lurking in every company and discuss what options CIOs and heads of security have to limit damage. We also look at three ways CIOs can fund digital initiatives. Plus, with the shift from traditional desktop IT, what is the future of Windows in a multi-device world?


  • Compliance Field Guide: Reducing Costs in an Increasingly Regulated World

    This in-depth white paper offers 6 compliance and audit best practices to help you address today's complex compliance environment. Click through for a leading integrated solution that manages policies, standards, response assessments, and vulnerabilities.


  • Windows 10: How the client operating system is evolving

    A discussion about strategies for Windows 10 really boils down to the organisation's desktop IT strategy. Windows PCs account for the bulk of the personal computing market and the Windows client remains the dominant target platform for developers of client-side applications. In this e-guide, we look at the evolution of desktop IT.


  • Cloud storage requirements you need to know

    Check out this e-guide for a back-to-basics understanding of cloud technology with 10 key cloud storage requirements that services should meet. Read to learn how to get started on the right foot when attempting the move to a cloud-based infrastructure.


  • Proactive security measures: How to prevent malware attacks

    Read this expert E-guide to find out what new malware threats can mean for your business. Learn how to stop the malware inside your network and other key tips to evolving your security in order to combat dangerous new forms of malware by consulting this resource.


  • Threat prevention techniques: How to build a strong network

    Consult this expert E-Guide to learn how you can develop best practices for threat management and how you can build a strong network. Find out tips from the experts on how you can build a foundation for complete threat protect ion by consulting this guide now.


  • How MDM and the Consumerization of IT are Reshaping IT Decision-Making

    Access this white paper to learn why your organization needs to start integrating IT consumerization and BYOD into its business – and how to get there.


  • Threat management: Essential guide

    Security is about reducing risk, while assessing risk is all about understanding the cyber threats facing the enterprise, which in turn is about recognising that not all threats are external and that threat intelligence is a key element of threat management.


  • How Grand Island Clinic Automated Billing and Transformed Their Operations

    Read this case study to walk through how Grand Island Clinic automated their billing processes with Veradigm Practice Management, streamlined the staff’s workload, and increased team morale.


  • Achieve risk-based vulnerability management

    Information overload challenges from data and threats can overwhelm cybersecurity professionals, causing many to unwisely skip vulnerability mitigation. Consequently, some organizations are operating at unacceptably high levels of risk. Read this guide to understand the framework of a modern, risk-based vulnerability management program.


  • Automate to Accelerate: Overcoming Staffing and Compliance Challenges in Cyber Risk Management

    Security teams spend hundreds of hours each year gathering controls evidence to demonstrate regulatory compliance. With more requirements on the horizon and an expanding cyber threat landscape, that burden only stands to increase. The most effective path out of the mire of manual evidence collection? Automation. Download this white paper.