TechTarget webinar: Gen AI for partner marketing

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When the PC was launched, it took 9 years to reach 100 million users. After ChatGPT launched, it took a mere 6 months to reach the same number of users. In a very short time, generative AI (gen AI) has become a major factor shaping the future of the enterprise, and it won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

However, across all the different business functions, gen AI is poised to have perhaps its greatest impact on marketing. So, what are the key opportunities and implications that AI is creating for partner marketing?

In this piece of streaming media from TechTarget, you will hear from industry experts as they uncover the potential of gen AI across the partner marketing landscape. Tune in to learn more.

Mar 7, 2024
Mar 7, 2024
TechTarget Streaming Media
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