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Many IT teams cite privacy and security among the reasons their organizations continue to support fax capability. In one sense, these teams are correct: Faxes tend to travel under hackers’ radar. But if you’re operating a paper-based fax environment, you could be exposing your organization to security risks without realizing it. We’ll discuss those common vulnerabilities in this paper — and then explain why digital cloud faxing is far more secure for transmitting your mission-critical data. 

Topics covered in this paper include: 

- Legacy fax solutions have significant security gaps 

- Cloud fax builds a highly secure fortress around your fax data 

- Not all cloud fax solutions are created equal 

- Why eFax is the only choice to keep your cloud fax data secure

Consensus Cloud Solutions
Feb 15, 2023
Feb 15, 2023
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This resource is no longer available.