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3 Reasons Healthcare Systems Should Invest In AI Technology Now
EBOOK: In this whitepaper you will learn the 3 most important reasons why making an investment in NLP and AI is important to consider today and the key themes to evaluate before making a purchasing decision.
Posted: 29 Aug 2023 | Published: 29 Aug 2023


eFax Corporate Sets the Standard for Reliable Cloud Fax Service
WHITE PAPER: Maintaining your company's fax capability should be a high priority. However, this may be a large task, particularly if you're still holding together a system of on-site fax machines and fax servers.
Posted: 22 Feb 2023 | Published: 22 Feb 2023

How Cloud Fax Enhances the Security of Your Mission Critical Data
WHITE PAPER: Many IT teams cite privacy and security among the reasons their organizations continue to support fax capability. In one sense, these teams are correct: Faxes tend to travel under hackers' radar. But if you're operating a paper-based fax environment, you could be exposing your organization to security risks without realizing it.
Posted: 15 Feb 2023 | Published: 15 Feb 2023

Why Your Legacy Fax Infrastructure Costs More Than You Think
WHITE PAPER: It's understandable for a company to look at its paper-based fax infrastructure and assume it'll be less expensive to continue supporting that environment rather than upgrade to a modern cloud solution. But as this paper will explain, that quick assessment likely overlooks many hidden costs of on-prem fax environments.
Posted: 09 Feb 2023 | Published: 09 Feb 2023

Enterprise Faxing Technologies: A Critical Review of Your Three Cloud-based Options
WHITE PAPER: This guide will give you an overview (advantages and drawbacks) of today's prevailing enterprise fax technologies, to help you determine — based on your needs, existing cost structure, and IT overhead — whether a digital cloud fax solution is right for you, versus continuing to maintain and support onsite or hybrid fax infrastructure.
Posted: 09 Feb 2023 | Published: 09 Feb 2023

Why Cloud Fax Is Better for Secure Data Exchange Than Email
WHITE PAPER: The ever-evolving email encryption landscape only underscores email's risks. Email service providers and encryption software makers need to continually up their game because they know organizations use email to transmit their most sensitive content—a fact that also attracts the sharpest cybercriminals.
Posted: 07 Feb 2023 | Published: 31 Jan 2023

Post Acute Care Facilities: Orchestrating Better Clinical Workflows Just Got Easier
WHITE PAPER: The LTPAC might not have the patient's medical history, longitudinal record, or prior treatment history. Often the providers across the continuum of care—specialists, primary care—are using different and incompatible medical records systems and will have trouble sharing the info in a timely manner.
Posted: 31 Jan 2023 | Published: 31 Jan 2023

Why the Move Towards Interoperability Means Weaning from Paper Fax
WHITE PAPER: In a Healthcare Industry Trends Survey, 61% of respondents reveal they still use paper fax to transmit patient data. More surprising is that 56% of them believe fax will remain a valuable, or even dominant communication method over the next 5 years.
Posted: 31 Jan 2023 | Published: 31 Jan 2023

How to Move from Unstructured to Structured Documents to Create Meaningful Data
WHITE PAPER: A recent survey of healthcare leaders that found 89% of their organizations still use a fax machine for such everyday tasks as sending and receiving referrals, sharing records with other providers, and communicating test or lab results.
Posted: 31 Jan 2023 | Published: 31 Jan 2023

Understanding Healthcare Provider Attitudes Towards NLP and AI
WHITE PAPER: Natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) can remove mundane, repetitive manual tasks from healthcare workflows – which according to one expert can "restore the care in healthcare by giving the gift of time to clinicians".
Posted: 31 Jan 2023 | Published: 31 Jan 2023

Transitioning Your Digital Fax Processes to the Cloud
WHITE PAPER: Learn why cloud fax beats on-prem and hybrid options every time. There is a common misinterpretation that hybrid fax environments include the same benefits as cloud fax environments. In this whitepaper, you will find out why that is a false assumption.
Posted: 25 Jan 2023 | Published: 25 Jan 2023

How HIT Can Help Fix the Prior Authorization Problem for Healthcare Payers, Providers and Members
WHITE PAPER: Despite honorable intentions and logical reasoning, prior authorizations have become such a challenge for the healthcare industry—even for payers, who created the process in the first place.
Posted: 25 Jan 2023 | Published: 25 Jan 2023

Improving the claims adjudication process for payers
WHITE PAPER: Payers and providers who can automate data collection and improve data integrity will be well-positioned to optimize claims adjudication. As a result, providers will receive their authorizations – and their payments – faster.
Posted: 25 Jan 2023 | Published: 25 Jan 2023