Tablets Welcomed. How to Get Any Device, on Any Network Reliably and Securely

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Tablets are quickly revolutionising the workplace, helping increase employee flexibility and productivity. However, they are not without their own issues. Providing an optimal end-user experience while also controlling device management and ensuring top-notch security is a challenge inherent to tablet adoption, and overcoming this can take much work and planning.

Learn how Cisco can help you conquer these challenges with Cisco Borderless Networks, a best-in-class networking and security solution that delivers a unified approach to dealing with the wired and wireless clients accessing your network. View this resource now to uncover how you can maintain compatibility with over 90% of all wireless devices with this Cisco solution that also helps you mitigate wireless interference, reduce deployment and management costs associated with troubleshooting, increase device and network security, and much more!

Feb 8, 2021
Jun 30, 2011
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