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In this week's Computer Weekly, we report from the London Cyberspace Conference where world leaders gathered to discuss internet security. We examine the tools available to help migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7; hear from Royal Bank of Scotland about how to build a business case for virtual desktops; and talk to SAP co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe about the software giant's strategy.

London Conference on Cyberspace: securing the future of the internet
World leaders gathered in London to discuss fears that the internet may be prevented from reaching its full potential, and how to deal with growing cyber security threats.

Realising the business benefits of moving staff onto virtual desktops
With an annual technology spend of 1.5bn GBP, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) wanted to move 55,000 users to a virtual desktop platform to change the way employees worked and cut costs. RBS CIO Mark Diamond outlines the lessons he learnt in building a business case for virtualisation.

XP application compatibility is a top priority for Windows 7 migrations
Application migration software providers have become prime acquisition targets - we examine the reasons why.

The secret of SAP's software success
The last major upgrade to SAP's core enterprise resource planning software was released in 2005, so how is the company achieving the record growth it posted in its recent third quarter results? We ask co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe to explain.

Opinion: The consumerisation of IT - it's a trickle, not a tide, but you still need to be ready
If supplier claims are to be believed, organisations are faced with an unstoppable tide of personal devices connected to the corporate network. But is it really like that, asks Martha Bennett head of strategy at analyst Freeform Dynamics.

Buyer's Guide to upgrading from Windows XP: Part two - How Avis is bridging the application gap between IE6/XP and Windows 7
The car rental firm is using UniBrows software to support IE6-based applications as it switches operating system.

The security threats facing SMEs
Smaller firms face the same risks as larger enterprises but with fewer resources to address them. SME IT leaders shared their views at a Computer Weekly roundtable.

Manage data responsibility to strengthen security
Security professionals offer expert advice on how to change staff behaviour so all IT users actively share responsibility for the security of data.

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