Presentation Transcript:  Lessons Learned from Standardizing and Automating Network Management

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The implementation of new network technologies has increased our network security and performance but they’ve also made managing these networks more complex and costly. It’s crucial that we update our networks to stay competitive, but is there a way to get the benefits without the difficulties that seem to be coming with it?

Join Bill Fanelli, the Principal Architect for Allen Corporation, and Kenneth Gott, Product Marketing Manager for HP Network Management Center, as they discuss modern management tools that can help you fight through the cost and complexity of your network and manage it successfully without losing the benefits of advancing technologies.


  • How you can support business critical services and applications
  • Operating and maintenance tips to keep costs under control
  • Why companies are turning towards automated network management solutions
  • Best practices to help you effectively manage distributed networks
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Feb 8, 2021
Dec 13, 2010
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