Reverse Logistics Management-- An Effective Strategy for Revenue Maximization in CPG Industry

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Once labeled as "the forgotten child of the Supply Chain," reverse logistics is gaining increasing importance in the current market scenario. In past, the companies were not as diligent in reverse logistics as they were in conventional areas of logistics. But, now reverse logistics is being seen as an important value add to the growth strategy of the companies.

Today, for companies it is important not just to deliver the goods but also to ensure the right returns of the same. More and more returns, redistribution, repairs, and reuse of items is being seen to have strong branding implications.

With ever increasing consumer awareness and their willingness to return goods, comes the need to rethink the significance of reverse logistics management. In addition, various other attributes such as increased regulatory pressures, high consumer expectations-- commercial returns, warranty and service returns; and intrinsic manufacturer benefits of collecting reusable products-- cost savings from reuse, positive image through environmental waste disposal, etc. are adding to the complexity of managing an effective reverse logistics strategy.

Read this paper to learn how reverse logistics can improve processes in your CPG company.

Feb 8, 2021
Apr 6, 2009
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