Storage for High-performance Computing

Storage for High-performance Computing

The storage and server cluster installed at The University of Texas at Austin is a lesson in how to do HPC. Storage requirements for HPC go beyond massive capacity, and include the use of high-performance file systems. Farber is looking at ways to identify specific faces and images from a massive amount of unstructured data and images. To do that, he has used a high-performance computing (HPC) and storage environment located at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at The University of Texas (UT) at Austin. Because of the amount and different kinds of data generated by HPC, storage must be carefully tailored to the unique requirements of an HPC infrastructure.


Deni Connor Principal Analyst

Deni Connor founded SSG-NOW in 2007. She is a well-known storage expert, who was previously a reporter for IDG’s Network World. In addition, she worked in marketing and editorial positions for Novell, IBM, Control Data, Radix International, Thomas-Conrad and LAN Times and Networking Solutions magazine. While she has written for Data Communications, Byte, Datamation, the Computer Shoppper and Storage Magazine, now she writes primarily for Network World — the Storage Alert Newsletter — and for TechTarget. She has also written four books on computer networking and data communications. Deni holds a B.A. degree in Fine Arts and Biology from the University of Northern Colorado.

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23 Oct 2008
01 Oct 2008
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