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Storage for High-performance Computing

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CephFS and S3 fulfill fluctuating HPC storage needs

Performance isn’t the only challenge facing HPC solutions. High-performance storage can be eye-wateringly expensive; but economical storage choices can impede workflows.

However, with Ceph’s native file system, CephFS, you can still get your POSIX fix, while harnessing object storage for managing bulky unstructured data, and block storage for virtualization.

Read this blog post to discover how your business can manage fluctuating HPC workloads easier with CephFS alongside S3, unlocking more portability and accessibility for large, unwieldy files in a cloud-native environment.

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  • Prevent data bottlenecks with Penguin Computing HPC file-based storage

    According to IDC, the amount of data created over the next three years will be more than the data created over the past 30 years.

    Unfortunately, this explosive growth in data creation can lead to congestion, I/O bottlenecks, storage outages, and cost overruns for various types of workloads.

    As a result of these challenges, important business insights remain out of reach of decision makers – until now.

    Explore this e-book to learn about Penguin Computing ActiveData with WekaFS, a complete turnkey high-performance file-based storage solution that solves data acceleration challenges by being highly scalable and easy to deploy, configure, manage, and expand.

  • Why Australia’s NCI is building supercomputing for all with SoftIron

    Australia’s National Computational Infrastructure aims to radically enhance the high-performance computational methods and capabilities available to Australian researchers by providing data services to thousands annually.

    But as NCI has continued to expand its offerings to the research community along with increasing its need for both active and long-term storage, they needed ways to minimize their total cost of operations and streamline infrastructure system administration tasks.

    This is where SoftIron jumped in as NCI’s supercomputing storage solution of choice.

    Check out this case study to discover how SoftIron streamlined cluster management and provided cost-effective data storage solutions for NCI.

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  • Analyst report: AI and HPC converge within advanced analytics

    Access this Forrester report on the current state of HPC and AI infrastructure to learn how synergies between AI and HPC can enhance the value of both, with shared infrastructure unifying those disciplines.


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  • Power your enterprise’s HPC needs with HPE

    Data centers are changing dramatically as demand for high-performance computing (HPC) and AI skyrockets. As HPC and AI needs are fueling major improvements in data processing and computation, modern enterprises find themselves needing powerful support. Read HPE's white paper and find out how HPE solutions meet your enterprise's demands for HPC.


  • Support power-efficient computing with SoftIron HyperDrive

    HPC faces many challenges in the decade to come, from reducing the net carbon emissions to managing the diverse requirements for successful edge deployments. For those seeking a more efficient HPC solution, dive into this data sheet to learn how HyperDrive can provide the right combination of usability, scalability, performance, and sustainability.


  • Accelerate deployment of HPC projects by 75% with HPE

    Access this e-book to learn about HPC delivered as a service through HPE GreenLake, a solution that combines the power and compliance of on-premises systems, with cloud-like financial flexibility, ease of management, and consumption-based pricing.


  • How to simplify HPC onboarding

    High Performance Computing (HPC) in the fields of engineering and aerodynamics has come a long way from the days of using command prompts and slow benchmarking times. Read how one of the most innovative train manufacturers in Europe is using cloud-based HPC to boost their productivity by moving their high-end, complex computing needs to the cloud.


  • Hardware that unlocks accessible supercomputing

    The speed and power of supercomputers has, until recently, been off limits to all but the select few. But new research and technology has started to bridge this gap. Read on to explore how the HPE Apollo 80 sever can introduce you to HPC computing and a more efficient and productive data center, today.


  • The convergence of AI and HPC for research

    For decades, high performance computing (HPC) has been a powerful tool for research institutions, speeding up workloads and improving time to results. Now, rapid advancements in processing power, combined with massive amounts of real-time data, are enabling the adoption of AI for research institutions. Open up this paper to learn more.


  • Thriving in the exascale era with HPE Apollo

    Access this resource to learn about HPE Apollo which brings the power of supercomputing to datacenters of any size while delivering performance, efficiency, reduced implementation time, and the flexibility to scale up or down for any HPC workload.


  • 5 winning strategies to accelerate engineering innovation

    90% of R&D leaders find accelerating new technologies to support new product development to be difficult, despite it being a top priority, according to Gartner’s R&D Leadership Council report. Access this white paper to learn about 5 strategies that help organizations accelerate engineering innovation.


  • Make your HPC goals a reality with Penguin Computing On-Demand

    Penguin Computing On-Demand (POD) allows organizations to utilize a high-performance, bare-metal, HPC computing environment in the cloud without having to invest in on-premises infrastructure. Explore this data sheet to learn what else is possible with Penguin Computing On-Demand.


  • Overcome the biggest HPC challenges with Penguin Computing TrueHPC

    Dive into this white paper to learn about Penguin Computing TrueHPC, a solution that provides a complete solution built on their workload-optimized server building blocks and Scyld ClusterWare HPC orchestration technologies which can meet the requirements of even the most demanding workloads.


  • Analyst report: AI and HPC are powering the future of advanced analytics

    Access your copy of this Forrester report on the current state of HPC and AI infrastructure today. One key finding: synergies between AI and HPC can enhance the value of both, with shared infrastructure being a critical component of unifying those disciplines.


  • Using HPE for exascale technology: An overview

    This paper discusses the potential ROI that can result from the dissemination of novel exascale technologies, using HPE for multiple exascale and pre-exascale supercomputers in the U.S. and Europe, to illustrate the role major HPC vendors can play in developing and scaling down these technologies for wider use. Access it here to learn more.


  • The roadmap to HPC

    In a competitive market, enterprise companies can gain a critical advantage by transforming stagnant IT into a dynamic cloud HPC environment. Use this guide to explore the roadmap to the cloud, with a walkthrough the 3 most critical phases and common roadblocks.


  • High-performance computing-as-a-service case study

    Zenseact, a startup owned by Volvo, is innovating the design and development of autonomous cars. Each test car generates more than 50 terabytes of data a day, and the company needed a solution to process all that information. Access this SearchCIO article to learn how they leveraged the HPC capabilities of HPE GreenLake to solve this challenge.


  • Case study: Using pre-fab datacentres to meet Norway's growing demand for colocation space

    Datacentre operator Green Mountain embraces Schneider Electric's pre-fabricated datacentre designs to ensure it is positioned to respond to the growing demand from the hyperscale and HPC communities for colocation capacity in Norway


  • Introducing the Rescale Platform

    Rescale has officially announced the Rescale Platform, the first intelligent control plane for hybrid and multi-cloud big compute. Explore the key features of this platform, including intelligent automation, end-to-end HPC control and intelligence, and more. Download the data sheet here to see if the Rescale Platform can help your IT teams.


  • CW ASEAN: Preparing for 5G

    As telcos gear up to roll out the first 5G networks, enterprises are keen to see how they can take advantage of faster 5G networks to support a broad range of applications. In this edition of CW ASEAN, we look at how enterprises in ASEAN are readying themselves for 5G to take advantage of the new technology. Read the issue now.


  • Penguin Computing LiveData with MemVerge Memory Machine overview

    Access this e-book to for a full overview of LiveData with MemVerge Memory Machine a complete, end-to-end big memory computing solution for memory-centric real-time workloads.


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    Explore this white paper to learn the features, technical benefits, and business benefits of Tundra AP and see how it can bring a new level of HPC and AI to the OCP form factor.


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    With the right cloud simulation platform, organizations can access a turnkey approach to delivering high-performance computing (HPC) workflows in the cloud and run and manage simulations as a service. In this case study, explore how one company used the Rescale Platform to bring down simulation time down from 7 days to 15 hours.


  • Take a deep dive into intelligent computing for digital R&D

    Traditional infrastructure models lack flexibility, performance, and efficiency to meet the changing demands of modern R&D computing needs. Access this white paper, to explore the core ideas and new trends in Software-Defined Compute (SDC), and how Rescale automates SDC for IT and HPC organizations.


  • Rescale insight for HPC business management

    For optimized HPC in the cloud, IT leaders need full-stack control. Luckily, the right simulation platform can ensure IT leaders have a strong handle of capacity, compliance, security, economic transparency, and policy-based financial controls. Explore the key features of the Rescale Platform in this data sheet.


  • New trends push the envelope for HPC

    High Performance Computing has been utilized for years by auto manufacturers to improve everything from aerodynamics to break systems and fuel efficiency. Read how one manufacturer moved their cumbersome and costly HPC system to the cloud and realized a 30% increase in productivity


  • HPE’s look into the transformative impact of genomics

    Next-generation sequencing technologies have revolutionised the field of genomics, but rapid growth in production simultaneously requires significant compute capabilities. Check out this white paper to learn how HPE solutions help simplify system management while delivering excellent performance.


  • The convergence of AI and HPC, explained

    Inside this solution overview, learn about Dell EMC’s cutting-edge HPC Research platform designed to combine the capabilities of high-performance computing alongside AI.


  • How HPE Superdome Flex servers improve in-memory AI and HPC

    This IDC white paper covers the HPE Superdome Flex family of servers and how they bring value to customers in the in-memory HPC and in-memory AI areas. Read on to dig into the features, capabilities, and advantages of investing in this solution, and learn how your company can benefit, as well.


  • How Bitdefender helped this school district secure 26 thousand endpoints

    The Socorro Independent School District (SISD) operates 47 schools serving more than 46 thousand students. When their cybersecurity setup was missing viruses, they knew they needed a change. Read this case study to learn about how Bitdefender’s cybersecurity offerings secured this school district’s myriad endpoints.


  • Surpass CX demands with the HPE Superdome Flex 280

    Providing satisfactory customer experiences tests your organization's ability to derive meaningful data from customer input, requiring tools that fit your industry. Watch this video to discover how HPE's Superdome solutions can create the digital experience your customers want and need.


  • How Nissan reduced maintenance costs by 55%

    IT leaders need to maintain efficiency and performance of cloud-based specialized architectures to run workloads across hybrid and multi-cloud resources. Access this brief to explore how Rescale’s intelligent control plane for hybrid & multi-cloud computing helps businesses optimize the full-stack performance of high-performance computing.


  • Penguin Computing DeepData with Red Hat Ceph Storage at a glance

    Access this e-book to learn about Penguin Computing DeepData with Red Hat Ceph Storage, a storage solution that maximizes the throughput, cost-effectiveness, and scalability of Ceph object storage as an offline feature store.


  • Get the most out of your all-flash storage array

    Get this 17-page guide that walks you through the metrics vendors use to describe their storage systems and learn which ones are most relevant to your situation. Finally, you'll discover why Pavilion Data Systems' HyperParallel Flash Array was so highly rated by Gartner.


  • Top 10 storage stories of 2018

    Probably the most prominent trend in 2018 has been cloud storage, which has palpably matured around hybrid and multicloud strategies, with key developments in file systems and service offerings. Alongside that, virtualisation continues to be a key trend, and Flash Storage is maturing. In this E-guide, discover the top 10 storage stories in 2018.


  • Rack-scale NVMe-oF flash steps up to handle big data workloads

    How can you meet the storage needs of big data and analytics apps? Read the following case study to find out, and to discover a brand of SSDs— disaggregated, rack-scale flash with NVMe—with which one customer was able to achieve better performance for demanding analytics workloads.


  • Royal Holloway: A novel approach to clustering malware behaviour to improve malware detection

    Clustering malware behaviour can be very useful, but it is unknown how accurate clustering algorithms are when dealing with malware


  • Use SDS to cater to diverse use cases & meet fluctuating demands

    With SoftIron’s HyperDrive software-defined storage portfolio alongside Indigenous ICT security partner Baidam Solutions, you can meet fluctuating workload demands. Read this datasheet to clue into the key features and use cases for these complementary solutions.


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    This expert guide from examines recommended use cases for cloud storage applications, including backup, replication and content distribution. Read on and also learn what concerns you should address before you get started.