Best Practices in Performance Measurement and Reporting: Understanding the Global Investment Performance Standards

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Compliance with the GIPS standards has become a virtual requirement in order to stay competitive. Whether you are just starting a compliance program or need to fine-tune your existing process, this white paper will help you understand the steps to becoming GIPS compliant. Packed with practical tips and expert advice, it explains the value of GIPS compliance, what is needed to achieve it, and common pitfalls to avoid.

Written in conjunction with Ashland Partners, the leading CPA firm providing GIPS compliance and verification services to the investment management community, this white paper is a must-read for any firm that wants to prove the integrity of its performance claims to clients, prospects, and regulators. Key Sections:

Advantages of Compliance

The Evolution of Performance Reporting Standards

Tips and Tricks for Building Composites

Why Comply?

Twelve Steps to GIPS Compliance

Do not just Comply–Verify

Common Obstacles to GIPS Compliance

Options for Implementing a GIPS Compliance Program

GIPS Policy and Procedure Checklist

The Role of Technology

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Feb 8, 2021
Jul 1, 2008
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