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Best Practices in Performance Measurement and Reporting: Understanding the Global Investment Performance Standards

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How contact centers can improve compliance with interaction analytics

Contact center operators have more regulations to deal with than ever before, and higher consequences if they fail to comply.

In this white paper, discover how companies are increasing compliance with interaction analytics, and explore how interaction analytics can help organizations:

  • Improve contact center performance
  • Increase compliance
  • Convert content across multiple channels into actionable data
  • Uncover performance trends
  • And more

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  • Texting and compliance: Tips to get started

    Despite the business benefits of texting, many financial services firms rank text messages as a top electronic communication compliance concern.

    So what can compliance teams do to develop a compliant text message communication strategy?

    Here are some tips for getting started:

    • Evaluate your firm’s device ownership model
    • Update your policies to include SMS/text messaging
    • Train your staff

    Explore this white paper to learn additional best practices for text messaging compliance. 

  • 4 auditing techniques to help your organization maintain compliance mandates

    In this age of digital transformation, regulatory compliance has become a critical aspect of the IT landscape and nowhere is it more crucial than within the realm of database management.

    More and more regulations are being passed that dictate increased effort be exerted to better secure and protect the accuracy and privacy of enterprise data.

    And because this data typically is housed within a database, DB2 database administrators and technicians are being asked to comply with these regulations.

    So how can organizations ensure they are in compliance with these regulations (and others)? Download this white paper for 4 data access auditing techniques to help maintain compliance.

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  • 6 steps to implementing a compliance training program

    The task of understanding what makes a compliance training program effective may seem daunting. However, the foundation of any effective compliance training program begins with 6 essential elements. This white paper outlines these 6 components and explores how each one contributes to organizational strategy and efficacy.


  • Computer Weekly Buyer's Guide to EU General Data Protection Regulation

    In this 12-page buyer's guide, we look at the tools that could be used for compliance, the incentive to create a smarter, leaner business, and the myths surrounding the new rules.


  • How HR can help ensure compliance

    More organizations are integrating payroll and timekeeping to not only ensure accuracy, but also to maintain regulatory compliance, maximize business impact, and enhance the employee experience. Download this report to learn more about these 3 critical benefits, and explore the results of Aptitude's 2018 HR Impact study.


  • How to simplify compliance for FFIEC-NCUA

    Find out how financial organizations can simplify FFIEC/NCUA compliance by leveraging a security operations center as a service (SOCaaS).


  • Create cross-regulatory compliance without complicating your day-to-day—discover how

    Understanding current regulatory expectancies and complying accordingly is crucial to the survival of any business storing potentially at risk data. Read this white paper to learn about recent international data protection regulations and discover how you can develop a data-centric compliance strategy.


  • Compliance is a struggle—this comprehensive guide will help

    Read this white paper for details on creating a cross-regulatory compliance strategy that will keep you in safe standings with a variety of international legislations.


  • 7 articles to combat non-compliance and engage employees

    Ever-changing laws and regulations can put once secure corporations in danger of non-compliance. In this e-book, learn the ins and outs of compliance and discover how you could better prepare for the complex, resource-intensive, and challenging task of managing compliance in 7 featured pieces.


  • Discover the 5 stages of compliance achievement

    Compliance training is a necessity to reduce the liability and legal risks businesses face. In this eBook, learn about Skillsoft's Compliance Maturity Model which helps organizations identify the right learning content and approaches that will focus on behavior and culture to reap the full business benefits of investments in compliance programs.


  • Are you compliant with your state's new labor laws?

    Due to a lack of federal guidance, many state legislatures have taken it upon themselves to enact state laws to support labor initiatives. Watch this webcast to learn about current rules and regulations and how they're affecting businesses, and explore an HR platform that can help you maintain compliance.


  • 6 steps to open source compliance

    Rising usage of open source software places emphasis on the need for better compliance practices in software development. Download this whitepaper to understand how automated open source compliance management tools optimize your open source usage by removing vulnerabilities.


  • How learning management software is helping HR teams transform compliance training

    In this white paper, find out how learning management software can help HR teams transform compliance training into a powerful tool for engaging employees. Explore real world examples, and discover how compliance training software can help organizations minimize risk, streamline regulatory and compliance reporting, and more.


  • Top Monitoring Tools to Help Meet Regulatory Compliance Standards

    In this e-guide, gain expert insight on how to remain vigilant in meeting regulatory compliance standards, and uncover top compliance monitoring tools for financial institutions to meet their industry-specific regulations.


  • How mobile devices can help deliver compliance efficiencies in manufacturing

    The global footprint of many manufacturing companies makes compliance with mandatory regulations particularly challenging. In this article, explore some potential bottlenecks in production processes that present challenges for manufacturing compliance and how mobile devices can deliver efficiencies.


  • How proper compliance impacts the healthcare industry

    For hospitals juggling an array of ever-changing regulation requirements, maintaining compliance can seem impossible. In this white paper from Cornerstone, explore how a configurable learning platform is helping hospitals provide better patient care.


  • E-Guide: PCI DSS 2011: Key themes to watch

    This expert tip pinpoints key observations and common themes related to what’s currently happening with today’s PCI DSS compliance programs and explains what’s in store for the future as companies transition to the PCI DSS 2.0 guidelines.


  • Adding IM and collaboration platforms to a compliant ecosystem

    Download this guide to learn the key steps to enabling modern instant messaging and collaboration platforms while maintaining compliance.


  • How to be fully GDPR compliant by the end of 2018

    By the end of 2018, more than 50% of companies affected by GDPR will not be in full compliance. Are you compliant? Take our marketing research survey to find out more.


  • How banks can leverage threat detection and response services

    Find out how mid-sized financial organizations can overcome the leading compliance and security challenges with managed detection and response services.


  • E-Guide: Achieving compliance through IAM

    Read this expert E-Guide to learn the best practices for using role management as a tool to meet compliance regulations.


  • CW ANZ: Prepare for EU data law

    Faced with the double whammy of complying with Australia's upcoming data breach notification law and Europe's new data protection rules, Australian firms are behind where they need to be in their compliance efforts. In this month's CW ANZ, learn how Australia is getting ready for the GDPR and the challenges they are facing in meeting the new laws.


  • Three Steps to PCI Compliance in the Cloud

    PCI virtualization compliance is extremely challenging, requiring organizations to not only revalidate service providers, but face ongoing operational problems that that can arise during compliance audits. In this e-guide uncover three steps you can implement to ensure the environment stays compliant over a long-term deployment.


  • Compliance and Cloud Security eBook presents a comprehensive guide to compliance and cloud security. Our experts cover all the angles in order to help clarify security and compliance issues associated with cloud computing.


  • How Agile is strengthening government regulation compliance

    In this whitepaper, learn more about the benefits of Agile compared to Waterfall, and how better documentation with Agile processes can help strengthen compliance efforts.


  • How to automate open source compliance confidently

    Open source software creates software compliance challenges for many businesses, which undermines confidence both in quality assurance and risk management. Read this case study to explore how a UK healthcare IT solution company relied on an open source compliance management tool for automated compliance and higher quality applications.


  • Transform compliance management with learning management software

    With so many new and changing regulations, the use of antiquated compliance systems are no longer sufficient. In this white paper, explore how K-12 districts are using learning management software to conquer compliance challenges, and learn how streamlining your compliance management system can help your organization flourish.


  • How government agencies are eliminating compliance risks with learning platforms

    Social media is changing the way government agencies interact with the public. In this white paper, learn how government agencies can help protect citizens, government employees, and communities alike by establishing a compliance management system that meets the needs of the digital age with the help of a learning platform.


  • Avoiding the compliance trap for cloud environments

    In this e-book, learn how automation and tooling can help scale compliance efforts and reduce control failures, why finding controls that work effectively in your specific CSP environment are critical (like authentication and vulnerability management), and more.


  • How to address PCI compliance in Kubernetes platforms

    PCI DSS requires proper monitoring at the network level. The challenge with traditional network monitoring tools is that they generate inaccurate data for Kubernetes. In this white paper, learn how Tigera supports continuous PCI compliance that gives teams the ability to pinpoint any point in time and say with certainty if they were in compliance.


  • Achieving compliance without impacting users' productivity

    Despite the increased scope of data organizations need to capture and archive, new tools have simultaneously emerged to simplify and automate this process. Downloading this guide will assist you in achieving and maintaining compliance without impacting users' overall productivity.


  • Compliance vs. nonprofit missions: How compliance training can help

    Meeting business, HR, and data regulations is a fact of life for every organization, yet not every organization has the same resources to invest in or manage compliance efficiently. Download this white paper to learn why ensuring compliance is not only crucial to a nonprofits ability to fulfill its mission, but necessary in sustaining it.


  • E-Guide: Using web application firewalls to ease compliance efforts

    When properly maintained, Web application firewalls help organizations ease PCI management and compliance obligations. This expert guide highlights the various compliance benefits WAF provide and explains how they can also be used to protect against both common and emerging threats.


  • How to ensure your organization is audit-ready

    Compliance regulations originated as efforts to ensure data security, but they have morphed into overwhelming challenges for IT and security teams. In this white paper, learn how Cymulate's Breach and Attack Simulation can ensure your organization is audit-ready while also measuring the level of risk across your threat vectors and infrastructure.


  • 1 tool to rule all your procurement processes

    Explore how a unified procurement solution can help you reduce operating costs and improve compliance.


  • Discover GRC challenges unique to PeopleSoft

    In this white paper, discover the fundamental parameters necessary to develop an effective security strategy to manage modern threat vectors and navigate complex compliance regulations. Also, explore GRC challenges unique to PeopleSoft and how Appsian Security Platform can enhance security to meet today's compliance requirements.


  • GDPR & ongoing compliance

    Learn how you can evaluate your enterprise's security measures and maintain ongoing compliance with GDPR.


  • How to keep compliance audits simple and effective

    With a surplus of frequently evolving regulations to meet, performing regular compliance audits can be a good way to help avoid harmful fees and fines. Watch this webinar to find out how SentryOne can help audit your data compliance standings across any number of SQL Server databases.


  • 5 challenges for security and GDPR compliance

    Technology can advance your business through the future, but it also provides the largest barrier to meeting GDPR compliance. Read on to explore the 5 common security challenges you need to overcome to meet GDPR compliance requirements.


  • How to unify disparate compliance applications

    More comprehensive and unified data platforms have come out in recent years—greatly simplifying governance and compliance. Businesses should be aware of the operational risk reduction that comes with these modern options—learn more here.


  • How to secure your business-critical applications in the cloud

    Moving your business-critical applications to the cloud has many benefits including cost savings and agility. However, you need visibility and insights into your cloud environment to ensure security and compliance. In this brief, learn how Onapsis can help your organization prepare for potential cyberattacks, compliance audits, and more.


  • Buyer's Guide to EU General Data Protection

    The race is on to get ready for GDPR next year. In this 16-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how to deal with data under the regulation, how compliance will affect businesses, and what organizations should do to prepare.


  • Managed cloud services resolves 6 adoption concerns

    Download this Frost & Sullivan report to discover the benefits of employing managed cloud services to migrate SAP workloads. You'll also learn how to overcome 6 critical cloud adoption concerns with this approach and tactics for choosing the right managed cloud services provider.


  • E-Book: Technical Guide on PCI

    TechTarget’s Security Media Group presents a global look at PCI, and how it is impacted by today’s evolving business needs. Our technical editors from the U.S., Europe, India and Asia provide their respective regions’ perspective on PCI compliance.


  • Best Practices for Cloud Compliance, Secure Backup, and Successful Information Management

    This E-Guide explores the keys to maintaining control over increasingly large data sets from a compliance, backup and information management perspective.


  • How to manage privileged accounts

    Managing privileged accounts is becoming more critical as security and compliance initiatives grow. This white paper explores the risks associated with privileged accounts, and offers an easy-to-use risk mitigation strategy, which enables granular access control and accountability.


  • E-Guide: Balancing compliance with information security threat assessment

    Implementing the rules and regulations of a specific industry can be difficult, making it hard for companies to accomplish the task at hand: being successful. In this expert E-Guide, you will learn that the hassle of compliance is worth it in the long run for your company and can be worked into your everyday culture.


  • PCI DSS compliance trends from 2018

    Verizon published its report on payment card security and compliance with the PCI DSS. Download the report now for a deep-dive into the specifics of what organizations find challenging about PCI DSS, the lessons learned from decades of dealing with compliance, and how to build a more sustainable security environment.


  • Enhance network security with automated device compliance verification

    Daman is a leading specialist health insurer in Abu Dhabi, and was looking for a Network Access Control (NAC) solution to help them comply with a new electronic governmental standard for information security. Learn why Daman chose Aruba and the benefits they've experienced in this case study.