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Best Practices in Performance Measurement and Reporting: Understanding the Global Investment Performance Standards

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HIPAA compliance checklist

In November 2019, Sentara Hospitals failed to meet HIPAA data breach notification requirements. Their settlement resulted in the health group paying an approximate $3,700 fine per patient.

While only a small number of patients were affected, the hospital learned the hard way that failure to comply with HIPAA could cost more than $2.175 million.

This is just one of many recent reminders that HIPAA compliance must be taken seriously.

Read on to get insight on HIPAA's two fundamental rules, read up on the major elements of a HIPAA compliance program and review a HIPAA compliance checklist to ensure regulation requirements are satisfactorily met.

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  • HIPAA compliance: Protecting healthcare data with Absolute

    While the HIPAA Privacy Rule speaks to which data is to be protected, the Security Rule establishes how that data is protected. Covered Entities (CEs) must comply with both measures and are liable to fines if either of these rules are violated.

    To comply with these regulations, CEs and their business associates must implement administrative, physical, and technical safeguards across their endpoint populations.

    Download the HIPAA Compliance Evaluation Guide to see how Absolute can help avoid penalties for non-compliance.

  • Interaction analytics: How contact centers reduce risk & improve compliance

    Contact center operators have more regulations to deal with than ever before, and higher consequences if they fail to comply.

    In this white paper, discover how companies are increasing compliance with interaction analytics, and explore how interaction analytics can help organizations:

    • Improve contact center performance
    • Increase compliance
    • Convert content across multiple channels into actionable data
    • Uncover performance trends
    • And more

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    In this case study, follow Henkel’s GDPR compliance journey as they partner with Lookout to be able to turn off collection and storage of end-user personal data and limit access rights to data by building a multitiered role-based access admin feature. Read on to learn more about this partnership.


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  • Improving legal department workflow with RPA

    Legal divisions are often saddled with tedious tasks, necessary for compliance, that they end up performing manually. Automation can help improve this process and ensure law firms spend time doing more valuable tasks, but it can be hard to choose the right automation program. Read on to learn more about automation in the legal sector.


  • Avoid compliance issues and ensure uninterrupted access to CJI

    IT and Information Security teams need to be equipped with powerful, versatile tools that will allow them to increase their operational efficiency. Download this overview to see how Absolute helps protect regulated data, eliminate compliance failures, and respond rapidly to security exposures.


  • How to build a comprehensive consumer data privacy program

    How companies handle and protect consumer data privacy is more than a compliance issue: It’s a competitive differentiator. Download this Forrester report to explore the capabilities you need to build a comprehensive consumer data privacy program, with an emphasis on the roles that marketing and business strategy leaders must play.


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  • PCI compliance: Securing credit card data

    As e-commerce becomes essential to the revenue stream of digital businesses, ensuring the PCI DSS compliance and securing cardholder data becomes increasingly critical. Download this solution brief and explore Capsule8’s Protect platform, designed to ensure security while easing PCI DSS compliance workload.


  • The growing pains of tax compliance

    In this white paper, find 5 activities that high growth companies undertake that can be a roadblock to sales tax compliance and how a tax automation software can help.


  • Cross-regulatory compliance made simple-read more

    Understanding current regulatory expectancies and complying accordingly is crucial to the survival of any business storing potentially at risk data. Read this white paper to learn about recent international data protection regulations and discover how you can develop a data-centric compliance strategy.


  • Governance, risk, and compliance: Use case guide

    Tap into this guide to see how an integrated risk program on a common platform can help continuously monitor for risk and compliance across the extended enterprise, holistically prioritize risk based on business impact to improve decision making, and much more.


  • Open Source Compliance Program Checklist

    As more and more companies continue to include open source as part of their software program, it’s critical to establish a strategy to manage consumption and ensure efficient use of resources. Download this guide for the key aspects of an open source strategy designed to keep you on track with your operational and compliance objectives.


  • How to establish effective network security for financial institutions

    In this white paper, learn about the Gigamon Visibility Platform and how it enables financial services firms to build an effective network security infrastructure, maximize tool efficiency without compromising network resiliency, and ensure compliance with strict industry mandates.


  • Why you should scale your data privacy program

    The changing regulations are making it critical for organizations to address privacy from an on-going and holistic perspective. Read this blog from Ionic Security to learn how to scale your data privacy program today.


  • PCI in the cloud: Compliance guide

    Adhering to the requirements of the PCI DSS, especially in a cloud computing environment, is no easy task and unfortunately there is no one-size-fits all approach. This guide offers expert insight on PCI in the cloud as well as key guidance to help you navigate through the cloud to meet compliance goals.


  • E-Book: Technical Guide on PCI

    TechTarget’s Security Media Group presents a global look at PCI, and how it is impacted by today’s evolving business needs. Our technical editors from the U.S., Europe, India and Asia provide their respective regions’ perspective on PCI compliance.


  • Using the CCPA as a competitive advantage

    As a result of the disastrous amount of data and PII stolen from successful cyberattacks over recent years, data privacy laws were introduced to ensure the protection of consumer data and dictate how businesses use that data. In this infographic, learn how regulatory compliance can be used as a competitive differentiator – even an advantage.


  • Enhance network security with automated device compliance verification

    Daman is a leading specialist health insurer in Abu Dhabi, and was looking for a Network Access Control (NAC) solution to help them comply with a new electronic governmental standard for information security. Learn why Daman chose Aruba and the benefits they've experienced in this case study.


  • Overcoming the Many costs of Non-Compliance

    Ever-changing laws and regulations can put once secure corporations in danger of non-compliance. In this e-book, learn the ins and outs of compliance and discover how you could better prepare for the complex, resource-intensive, and challenging task of managing compliance in 7 featured pieces.


  • Achieving database encryption & regulatory compliance: MIMICS case study

    In this case study, follow the data security journey of MIMICS, a financial software firm, and their continued partnership with NetLib Security as they focus on security objective related to database encryption, data privacy regulations, and more.


  • The challenge of non-compliance for Financial Services

    Financial service institutions are turning away from the esoteric, paper-based and manual compliance strategies, bolstering their digital compliance initiatives.


  • How Quoble protects your data on Amazon AWS

    Keeping your data assets safe in the cloud should be one of your primary concerns. But with the complexity of cloud environments, it can be hard to properly secure and govern all your data. Check out this white paper to learn how Quoble protects your valuable data in the cloud, using strategies from compliance audits to HIVE authorization in AWS.


  • Overcoming Office 365 security and compliance auditing challenges

    It’s no secret that regulations are increasing in number and scope — and packing greater penalties. Tap into this white paper to learn how to overcome Office 365 security and compliance auditing challenges.


  • 10 recent FINRA and SEC violations and penalties

    Over the past year, the SEC and FINRA have been enforcing communications supervision compliance regulations throughout the financial services industry. In this white paper, discover 10 of the most notable violations from Smarsh's monthly Regulatory Update blog posts to review how they occurred.


  • February Technical Guide on Cloud Compliance

    In this month’s Technical Guide from, gain a global perspective of today’s cloud compliance challenges. Explore key topics, including FedRAMP cloud computing standards, cloud security transparency, PCI in the cloud, Cloud Maturity Model (CMM) and more.


  • 6-point compliance maturity checklist

    With Hitachi, achieving the level of regulatory compliance your business needs become a lot easier while managing data becomes less of an arduous task. To learn about the 3 major benefits of managing data with Hitachi and to go over the provided compliance maturity checklist, read this e-book.


  • E-Guide: PCI DSS 2011: Key themes to watch

    This expert tip pinpoints key observations and common themes related to what’s currently happening with today’s PCI DSS compliance programs and explains what’s in store for the future as companies transition to the PCI DSS 2.0 guidelines.


  • MicroScope – May 2020: Staying connected

    In this issue, read about how the channel is helping customers stay connected during the pandemic, with Covid-19 raising hardware as businesses aim to provide technology for home workers. Also discover the benefits of SD-WAN and learn about the top compliance concerns for the coming year



    This expert guide from examines highlights of the PCI SSC's guidelines to help your business achieve PCI compliance in the cloud. Read on to learn how you can easily secure your applications and your customers' trust.


  • Establish payment processing & ensure PCI compliance with hosted pages

    For organizations interested in selling their products or services online, establishing payment processing and ensuring PCI compliance can be an enormous barrier to entry. To ease the workload, organizations are turning to hosted payment pages. This whitepaper explores how hosted pages work and highlights their key benefits.


  • Three Steps to PCI Compliance in the Cloud

    PCI virtualization compliance is extremely challenging, requiring organizations to not only revalidate service providers, but face ongoing operational problems that that can arise during compliance audits. In this e-guide uncover three steps you can implement to ensure the environment stays compliant over a long-term deployment.


  • Compliance and Cloud Security eBook presents a comprehensive guide to compliance and cloud security. Our experts cover all the angles in order to help clarify security and compliance issues associated with cloud computing.


  • Endpoint security & HIPAA compliance: Greenville Health case study

    In this case study, discover how Greenville Health, a not-for-profit healthcare network, partnered with Absolute to gain continuous visibility of their remote devices and data in order to strengthen their security posture while ensuring HIPAA compliance.


  • Appsian's Compliance Risk Analytics dashboard: Key features

    Compliance mandates such as SOX, GDPR, CCPA and others require organizations to maintain details of data access. View this data sheet to see how Appsian’s Compliance Risk Analytics dashboard equips SAP customers with direct, real-time visibility into the activity around high-risk business transactions.


  • Meet the challenge of cloud regulatory compliance

    Meeting regulatory compliance responsibilities requires some extra steps when you use more than one cloud provider. This handbook will get you started.


  • CW ANZ: Prepare for EU data law

    Faced with the double whammy of complying with Australia's upcoming data breach notification law and Europe's new data protection rules, Australian firms are behind where they need to be in their compliance efforts. In this month's CW ANZ, learn how Australia is getting ready for the GDPR and the challenges they are facing in meeting the new laws.


  • Department of Transport turns to Ivanti to meet security & compliance needs

    Given the distributed nature of the Victoria, Australia’s Department of Transport, a holistic security program was needed in order to address challenges related to patching, unauthorized access and regulatory compliance. In this case study, discover how they partnered with Ivanti to address these security and compliance challenges.


  • Integrated capture & archiving for compliant collaboration

    Download this guide to learn the key steps to enabling modern instant messaging and collaboration platforms while maintaining compliance.


  • July ezine: Getting storage right

    An issue looking at what products are in demand now in the storage world and what technologies are coming that need to be embraced by the channel.


  • How e-discovery platforms can cut costs and optimize value

    Enterprises are caught in the trap of constantly reacting to governance events, resulting in costly outsourcing and frantic in-house burdens. Read on to view the possible benefits of employing an e-discovery readiness plan, and explore how cloud archives can reduce the burden of responding to compliance investigations and governance events.


  • How to achieve cost-effective, compliant cloud backups

    Read this custom white paper to discover how to how to choose a cloud backup solution that meets the necessary compliance, security measures, cost efficiencies, and data recovery requirements for public cloud workloads.


  • Nomura automates and scales compliance management with ServiceNow

    Nomura Americas is part of the Nomura Group, a financial services organization based in Asia. With tightening regulations, Nomura needed to make compliance a top priority. Learn how Nomura was able to automate their legacy, manual compliance processes using ServiceNow IT Service Management.


  • Simplify compliance & reduce cyberattacks

    For organizations with a limited IT budget, gaining the visibility needed to understand security risks and address compliance requirements is a cumbersome task. In this solution brief, explore the features and capabilities of AT&T Cybersecurity – designed to simplify compliance and security – to see if it’s a good fit for your needs.


  • E-Guide: Using web application firewalls to ease compliance efforts

    When properly maintained, Web application firewalls help organizations ease PCI management and compliance obligations. This expert guide highlights the various compliance benefits WAF provide and explains how they can also be used to protect against both common and emerging threats.


  • GRC: How you can respond to business risks in real-time

    This resource reveals the 6 benefits of the ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) unified platform. Learn how to effectively respond to security risks in real-time through continuous monitoring, prioritization and automation and uncover key use cases.