Avaya Unified Communications Can Reduce Cell Phone Expenses

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Avaya Unified Communications solutions make a single number practical by creating a solution where the user has a single inbound number and a single outbound identity. Cell phone minutes can be reduced by offering the user alternatives to the mobile phone. Overall cell phone charges can be reduced by taking advantage of "free" minutes offered by the wireless carrier. Long distance charges can be reduced by driving calls through the PBX and over the PBX network. Roaming charges can be reduced by making oneself reachable by means other than the mobile device, or by utilizing a local cell phone plan. Finally, actual and opportunity costs. associated with cell phone voicemail can be reduced first by reducing the number of messages, making messages more versatile, and by eliminating the need for a separate voice mail box. Some service providers offer "unlimited" plans which removes the need to focus on the consumption of minutes. However, by using many of the techniques mentioned in this paper, it may be possible to use less expensive base–level plans and still be as connected as necessary
Avaya Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Jun 1, 2008
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