Disk-Based Backup & Recovery

Disk-Based Backup & Recovery


Using disk as a backup target is now a mainstream solution that is being deployed in many organizations. But you don't want to fall into the same trap of some of your peers by implementing disk-based backup because it's been deemed "the latest thing to do."


Whether you're integrating disk into your existing tape-only environment or augmenting your current disk-based backup infrastructure, disk-based technologies should be utilized for the RIGHT reasons. This Webcast will explain what those reasons are.


Attend this Webcast, led by seasoned storage architects, so you can:


  • Learn how to define your disk-based backup strategy around a higher level objective
  • Hear which disk-based backup architectures work best under various conditions
  • Gain insights from field-proven disk-based backup experts about their front-line experiences and lessons learned


Having designed and deployed dozens of disk-based backup architectures, the experts in this Webcast will provide you with some key takeaways, by covering topics such as:


  • Eliminating the hassles of tape
  • Shortening RPOs & RTOs
  • Better managing backup and recovery processes
  • Effective DR testing and compliance
  • The buzz surrounding CDP
  • How deduplication factors into a disk-based backup strategy
  • And more


View this Webcast today.



Jason Andersen Director, JBoss Middleware, Red Hat

Jason Andersen is a Director of Product Line Management at Red Hat and is responsible for JBoss Application Products and their global adoption. Jason has been working in various roles within enterprise  software for more than 15 years. He has worked with hundreds of customers worldwide in defining and implementing middleware solutions in many different industries.

Andy Nelson Storage Architect, Datalink Andy Nelson is also a storage architect for Datalink. He consults with companies, helping them design IT infrastructures that support their overall business goals. He works with organizations to define the technology options for their IT infrastructures and ultimately which options best suit their needs. Andy has designed and implemented a multitude of solutions and technologies, including storage area networks, network-attached storage, IP-based storage, archival solutions, and application-centric solutions for database environments.
Datalink Corp
Jan 16, 2008, 12:30 EST (17:30 GMT)

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