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Simplify and scale data protection for VxRail

As customers look to create scalable hybrid cloud platforms that help drive innovation and competitive differentiation, Dell EMC data protection and VxRail appliances can support turnkey IT and digital transformation for your organization.

Access this data sheet to discover the 3 advantages of optimizing your data protection for VxRail and learn the benefits that will result.

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  • The storage implications for SAP HANA migration

    Many organizations utilize SAP to manage their data capital; however, as of 2025, SAP software will run on only one database—SAP HANA—which is driving enterprises to migrate.

    But before considering migration and reaping its rewards, you must first ensure your underlying storage infrastructure can fulfill the performance demands of SAP HANA.

    Access this Forrester Report to learn how to match data protection and storage requirements of SAP HANA workloads, as well as the challenges, drivers, benefits, and costs of migrating to SAP HANA.

    Windows Server 2019: The operating system that bridges on-premises and cloud.

  • Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance tested in virtual environments

    The demands on IT are growing every year, driven by more data, more applications, more devices, more users, and hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

    This revolutionary growth increases data protection complexity, which is exacerbated as admins are also tasked with improving SLAs, RPOs, and RTOs of virtual environments.

    Access this white paper to see the results of an ESG Technical Review in which the Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance was tested to see if the backup, replication, recovery, and cloud-ready solution can improve performance for users and efficiently protect virtual environments at scale.

    Download this whitepaper from Dell Technologies and Intel® to learn more

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  • 4 distinguishing features of anti-ransomware backup

    Cybersecurity software is the best means to detect and prevent ransomware, but it can’t always stop it. That is where enterprise backup solutions come in. Access this paper from DCIG to discover 5 distinguishing features of anti-ransomware backup solutions.


  • How to mitigate the data protection challenges of NoSQL

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    In this e-guide, learn strategies to determine what data is considered most important. Also, read about the different ways to select and establish an effective backup policy to ensure essential data is properly monitored.


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    However, when looking for a physical backup solution, it is often difficult to provide comprehensive protection with just one product. Explore this e-book to learn the multiple options to consider when researching physical server backup and recovery and to view a potential solution that offers central agent management and deployment.


  • Active Directory backup & recovery demo

    Watch backup demos for widely used applications and databases including: Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server; Oracle and SAP HANA; Backup from Storage Snapshots.


  • How HCI alleviates today’s multi-vendor backup management woes

    Designing an enterprise backup system is a complex process where customers need to gather requirements, evaluate multiple solutions, and do their homework to acquire the expertise to deploy it themselves. Read this white paper to learn how HCI can alleviate the strains of traditional, multi-vendor backup environments.


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    Hybrid cloud is a key choice for organizations looking for quick recovery and endless scalability. Explore this white paper to learn how hybrid cloud data protection and backup work and view 10 benefits you can gain by using this approach in your enterprise.


  • 5 benefits of implementing Rubrik for ransomware recovery

    Access this case study to learn about the legacy storage challenges that Bakersfield CA based Kern Medical Center was facing and the 5 transformational benefits they saw after implementing Rubrik for ransomware recovery.


  • 3 best practices for modern backup

    With data volume continuing to grow, a simple and secure modern backup solution can help boost your organizational preparedness while supporting your IT efficiency, data recovery, and compliance goals. Access this data sheet to learn 3 ways modern backup can support your specific business during uncertain times.


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  • 5 modules of Veeam Cloud Data Management and their real-world benefits

    To put Veeam to the test, IDC interviewed 10 organizations about their experience with the Cloud Data Management platform. Access this white paper to learn the use cases these organizations found, business values and quantified benefits they experienced, economic value they witnessed, and improved backup and recovery they achieved.


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    Check out this white paper to learn 4 ways Commvault Activate can improve the way you know, manage, and use your data for security and governance purposes.


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  • E-Guide: Backup and dedupe trends and use cases

    This E-Guide provides insight into the new ways that organizations are dealing with data proliferation and the technology advancements that have prompted interest in them.


  • How end-to-end data protection reduces risk and increases resilience

    Legacy backup has been proven to slow down processes and limit data recovery capabilities. Access this e-book to learn about data availability and protection from HPE + Veeam built for hybrid environments, which leverages on-premises, virtual, and cloud platforms to fulfill each workload’s needs.


  • Meet the un-hackable solution to digital data protection: Tape

    Checkout this white paper to learn how to formulate the optimal backup strategy against prominent cyber threats and discover why a tape air gap cannot be compromised, leading to the highest levels available of hardware data protection.


  • 3 key benefits of countering ransomware with Cohesity

    Cohesity counters ransomware attacks and helps your organization avoid paying ransom through its comprehensive, end-to end, multilayered approach. Access this data sheet to learn 3 key benefits of using Cohesity to battle ransomware through its prevention, detection, and response components.


  • Ransomware has attacked your backups. Now what?

    This e-book offers instruction on preventing, detecting, and responding to a ransomware attack. Continue reading for 3 tips on how to prevent backup from becoming a target and guidance on formulating a multi-layered data protection approach.


  • How to restore SAP HANA with Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform

    This comprehensive guide explains how to restore SAP HANA with Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform. Download it here for more on installation, configuration, and performing physical and virtual restores.


  • 7 benefits of a ground-up Office 365 data protection plan

    With a ground-up Office 365 backup solution that offers both a short- and long- term protection, organizations can avoid data loss and increase their availability across any cloud and platform. Dive into this e-book to learn more about this solution and to view the 7 benefits it offers.


  • Protecting and recovering OpenStack cloud data

    Protecting your OpenStack data, and preparing a disaster recovery plan for the worst-case scenario, can be a daunting challenge. But with the right solution, you can easily build an automated, scalable, and secure recovery system. Read on to learn more about TrilioVault, an integrated data protection solution for OpenStack clouds.


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    Check out this e-book to familiarize yourself with the features, architectures, and workflows of Rubrik's Cloud-Native Protection for AWS, an alternative to legacy data protection that automates cloud backup and recovery, minimizes data loss, and streamlines operations.


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    Check out this white paper to learn how Druva enables organizations to accelerate cloud growth with simple and reliable data protection through centralized backup & recovery of VMware environments and cloud-based VMware disaster recovery.


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    Access this data sheet to learn what goes into the AWS shared responsibility model, who is responsible for what, and see a visual representation of the breakout.


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  • One-click disaster recovery & failback with the cloud

    The recent explosion of data has opened the door to new challenges for data protection, which are identified by IT managers and admins in a recent 451 Research report. However, along with AWS, Druva can eliminate these pain points with cloud-based data protection. Access this white paper to discover how.