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Your expert guide to data protection strategy: backup, replication, snapshots and virtualisation

Data protection is vital to all organisations. But there are many ways to approach it. From traditional and agent-based to approaches tailored to virtual environments to replication and snapshots. We walk you from the basics of backup methods to the pros and cons of different ways of protecting data and key issues in virtual machine backup.

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  • Improve NAS backup efficiency and reduce costs

    Facing high backup costs and complexity? Traditional methods for network attached storage (NAS) system backups can be cumbersome and expensive. That's why Cobalt Iron's Compass NAS Agent is designed to streamline the process with policy-based management, faster backups and restores, and reduced data handling.

    In this product overview, you'll learn how you can simplify your NAS backup with a modern approach that delivers improved backup efficiency, cloud integration, and more. Read on to find out how Compass NAS Agent can streamline your data protection strategy.

  • PDF: Complete Guide to Ransomware Attack Prevention

    Your ransomware recovery guide has arrived!

    We’ve curated the most current and sought-after features from our editorial staff in one, easy-to-digest guide so enterprises like yours have a resource to help them safeguard their backups from ransomware.

    Simply click claim my guide to access the exclusives inside:

    • How to protect backups from ransomware infiltration
    • 4 ways to test your recovery plan
    • How to operate post-attack
    • And more

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  • Adapting enterprise backup for the remote work era

    This white paper explores how enterprises can establish secure remote backup and data protection with Cobalt Iron Compass. Inside, you’ll learn how your business can run hands-free backup and ensure data recoverability - all while simplifying management. Read the full white paper now to learn more.


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  • Build stronger client relationships through backup monitoring

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  • Modernizing backup and recovery to meet today's demands

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  • The primary storage ransomware protection vendors you need to know

    Check out this analyst report for your essential overview of file-based and block-based primary storage ransomware protection vendors and their available offerings for your organization.