JIRA 3.11

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Product Type: Bug tracking, issue tracking, project management
Target User: IT developers, Software programmers, IT Project managers

IT Problem: Bug trackers are either free (open source) and not very powerful / flexible, or very expensive proprietary systems.

IT Download Description: This IT download provides a professional issue tracker and project management tool known as Atlassian JIRA. With this IT download, discover how to add new functionality and manipulate data with a clean and powerful user interface that is easy to use for both business and technical users. Learn of APIs and plug-in architecture which easily extends to and integrates with other systems and allows for the simple mapping of business processes to custom workflows. Download this product to attain a project management tool with:

  • Bug and issue tracking
  • Voting popularity
  • Q&A solutions
  • Tracking tasks and developments
  • Time-tracking tool
  • Workflow system
  • Knowledge base
  • Help-desk system
Terms of license: 30 days free trial (with liberal extension policy - just ask!).
Download size: 50 MB.
Special Requirements: Java Developers Kit (JDK) v1.4 or later. JIRA is a web application, so requires an application server. JIRA and a relational database for storage of issue data.
Feb 8, 2021
Sep 26, 2007
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