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Pressure injury stress on staff? The latest prevention guidelines promote technology that could help
sponsored by Smith + Nephew
WHITE PAPER: Staffing challenges mean it's increasingly difficult to maintain on-time patient turning and prevent pressure injuries. Fortunately, the latest guidelines detail recommended prevention protocols and promote new technology that can remind staff of turning times.
Posted: 30 Aug 2022 | Published: 16 Aug 2022

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Transform population health initiatives through a member-centric strategy
sponsored by ZS
WHITE PAPER: U.S. national health spending, already the fastest rising in the developed world, has accelerated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Coupled with the fact that payers are increasingly covering more vulnerable population segments through Medicaid expansions.
Posted: 09 Aug 2022 | Published: 18 Jul 2022


Autonomous Revenue Management Playbook
sponsored by FinThrive
WHITE PAPER: It's become increasingly difficult for healthcare provider organizations to maintain profitability. As labor and medical supply costs continue to climb unchecked, shrinking margins are cause for concern.
Posted: 09 Aug 2022 | Published: 22 Jul 2022


Xtelligent Healthcare Media Presents: 2021 Healthcare Priorities
sponsored by XtelligentMedia Healthcare
WEBCAST: Xtelligent Healthcare Media is a leading healthcare B2B media company that connects healthcare executives with the information and insights they need to succeed. Recently, Xtelligent Healthcare Media conducted a survey on industry stakeholders to understand their organizational goals for 2021.
Posted: 26 Sep 2022 | Premiered: May 5, 2022

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Real-Time Eligibility and Benefit Determination for All Payers
sponsored by Ability Network, Inc. (Inovalon, Inc.)
WHITE PAPER: All-Payer Eligibility gives you the ability to verify patient eligibility and benefits in real time. You get fast, automated access to detailed eligibility and medical benefit information from hundreds of commercial, Medicare and Medicaid payers, including Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage and state Medicaid plans.
Posted: 08 Sep 2022 | Published: 24 Aug 2022

Ability Network, Inc. (Inovalon, Inc.)

How to Practice Good Financial Hygiene for Revenue Cycle, Patient Success
sponsored by Ability Network, Inc. (Inovalon, Inc.)
WHITE PAPER: Hospitals lost a whopping $323 billion during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to estimates from the American Hospital Association. Research has also shown that smaller practices did not fare much better, with primary care practices alone racking up $15 billion in financial losses in just the first few months of the pandemic.
Posted: 08 Sep 2022 | Published: 07 Sep 2022

Ability Network, Inc. (Inovalon, Inc.)

Comprehensive Patient Payment Platform
sponsored by Ability Network, Inc. (Inovalon, Inc.)
WHITE PAPER: With payment options at the point of service, online, via automated payment plans, card on-file, over the phone and by mail, patients have the flexibility to use their preferred payment method at any point in the revenue cycle.
Posted: 08 Sep 2022 | Published: 24 Aug 2022

Ability Network, Inc. (Inovalon, Inc.)

Advice from a Hospital CIO: What to Look for in a VNA
sponsored by GE Healthcare
EGUIDE: In this e-guide, uncover advice from James Wellman, CHCIO, CIO at Comanche County Memorial Hospital in Lawton, Oklahoma. Explore this Q&A which includes personal experiences, and what James thinks healthcare organizations should look for in a VNA system and vendor.
Posted: 06 Nov 2018 | Published: 05 Nov 2018

GE Healthcare

Patient Engagement in Healthcare
sponsored by ServiceNow
EGUIDE: Download this e-guide to explore several methods being used to maximize patient engagement tools and uncover some of the most effective patient care initiative and learn more about the future of CRM-themed caregiving as akin to a one-stop "shopping" experience for patients.
Posted: 27 Aug 2019 | Published: 27 Aug 2019


Buyer's Guide: The Importance of Medical Imaging Tech
sponsored by GE Healthcare
EGUIDE: Medical imaging technology is important in an increasingly digital healthcare environment. In this e-guide, find out how medical imaging technology, like VNAs and universal viewers, can help healthcare organizations execute patient enablement, population healthcare and other strategies.
Posted: 06 Nov 2018 | Published: 05 Nov 2018

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