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Create Flexible Process Automation in the Trade Management Sector
sponsored by Oracle Corporation UK Ltd
WHITE PAPER: Access this brief paper to discover how you can now get Oracle Transportation and Global Trade Management in the cloud, minimizing cost, optimizing service levels and creating flexible business process automation within global transportation and logistics networks.
Posted: 08 Dec 2014 | Published: 31 Aug 2014

Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

Cutting Through the Complexity of Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Performance
sponsored by NetScout Systems, Inc.
WHITE PAPER: This paper outlines the best practices for collecting network and application performance information over MPLS enabled wide area networks by using the nGenius Solution's Site Monitoring feature to monitor traffic flows destined for remote sites.
Posted: 16 Jan 2006 | Published: 01 Jan 2005

NetScout Systems, Inc.

Measuring the Business Impacts of Effective Data: Chapter One of a Three-Part Study
sponsored by Sybase, an SAP company
WHITE PAPER: This study of over 150 Fortune 1000 firms from every major industry or vertical explores issues associated with the lifeblood of today’s enterprises: data. The findings demonstrate the often dramatic impacts that even marginal investments in information technology can have when that technology addresses data quality, usability, and intelligence.
Posted: 02 Nov 2010 | Published: 02 Nov 2010

Sybase, an SAP company

Small Form Factor (SFF) SAS - Meeting the Demanding Requirements in Specific Markets
sponsored by Xtore
WHITE PAPER: SAS technology has been proven to be the most versatile storage solution in data transfer and high performance. Read this white paper to learn about a solution that renders the necessary performance needed for your client's expanding market requirements.
Posted: 22 Aug 2007 | Published: 01 Aug 2007


Cisco Catalyst 2955 Series Switches
sponsored by Cisco Systems, Inc.
SERVICE LISTING: The Cisco Catalyst 2955 Series is an industrial-grade switch that provides Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for deployment in harsh environments.
Posted: 10 Jul 2008 | Published: 01 Jan 2007

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
sponsored by OpenText
CASE STUDY: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) is responsible for utilities, environment, transportation, and many other areas of public service. The company wanted to set up an anonymous charity to support struggling citizens with overdue bills. Discover how Voltage secured the financial system to raise over $6.5 million for those in need.
Posted: 25 Oct 2023 | Published: 25 Oct 2023


How LTE and 5G Solutions Support Modern Public Transportation Technologies
sponsored by Cradlepoint
WHITE PAPER: Public transportation agencies are increasingly employing new technologies on buses, trollies, and ferries to improve both rider experience and operational efficiency. Tap into this white paper to learn how many agencies are connecting all these
Posted: 22 Sep 2022 | Published: 22 Sep 2022


Energy Efficiency, Public Policy, Utilities and Data Center
sponsored by Dell, Inc. and Intel®
WHITE PAPER: While CIOs are focusing on managing services offerings, managing data center risks and keeping total costs down, forces are at play that will require the CIO to pay significantly more attention to data center energy efficiency and resource consumption. Read this paper to learn more.
Posted: 28 Jul 2010 | Published: 28 Jul 2010

Dell, Inc. and Intel®

Effective Storage Management and Data Protection for Cloud Computing
sponsored by IBM
WHITE PAPER: IBM reduces the complexity of managing cloud environments by offering a complete portfolio of automated solutions for managing data and storage infrastructure, enabling better efficiency for business resiliency, and helping to reduce costs and improve security.
Posted: 01 Jul 2011 | Published: 30 Dec 2011


An Enterprise Private Cloud Architecture and Implementation Roadmap
sponsored by Intel
WHITE PAPER: On-demand, scalable and elastic service is the key functionality of cloud computing, and this is even more true for a private cloud infrastructure. Access this exclusive resource to learn an actionable, practical method for bringing your organization into a private cloud.
Posted: 08 Aug 2011 | Published: 08 Aug 2011


8 Advantages of Disaster Recovery in the Cloud
sponsored by Druva
WHITE PAPER: Remove the costly management and burden of secondary data centers. Utilize the public cloud to realize these advantages.
Posted: 02 Feb 2017 | Published: 02 Feb 2017

TOPICS:  IT Management

E-Guide: Evaluating the Impact of Cloud Technology on IT Staff and Resources
sponsored by Insight Integrated Systems
EGUIDE: This e-guide from explains why increased IT staffing may be needed with cloud computing implementation. Gain insight into how this technology can optimize capacity and utilize IT resources effectively. Also, discover which steps to take to ensure job security even during the shift to a cloud computing infrastructure.
Posted: 01 Apr 2011 | Published: 28 Mar 2011

Insight Integrated Systems

E-Book: Network Planning for Cloud Computing
sponsored by TechTarget Networking
EBOOK: Cloud computing comes in different shapes and sizes, and the architecture used will have an impact on the network. Network managers must be involved in on the cloud architecture decision and must understand the impact that private, public, or hybrid clouds will have on the network. Read on to learn more about network planning for cloud computing.
Posted: 26 May 2010 | Published: 26 May 2010

TechTarget Networking

Innovation Awards APAC 2023 - Transportation: Transdev Sydney Ferries
sponsored by TechTarget
EGUIDE: With public safety a top priority, Transdev Sydney Ferries realised it had to move to a 5G network infrastructure that could better provide the capacity and speed it needed. The decision has enabled the transport operator to shorten the time needed to analyse hours of video footage and resolve at least 70% of feedback within 2 business days.
Posted: 20 May 2023 | Published: 21 May 2023


Hosting for the Next Billion Users: Hostway handles growth with Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 and 7500 series
sponsored by Intel
CASE STUDY: Read this case study to learn how Intel® server technologies and Intel® Xeon® processors 5600 and 7500 series helped global leader in application hosting and infrastructure, Hostway, get ahead of rising demand and thrive in a dynamic market segment.
Posted: 29 Apr 2011 | Published: 28 Mar 2011


Top 10 ANZ IT stories of 2021
sponsored by TechTarget
EGUIDE: From using machine learning to restore public confidence to startups that are making a dent in the DevOps space, ANZ organisations have been punching above their weight on the global technology stage. In this roundup, we recap the top 10 ANZ IT stories, including the opportunities and challenges that organisations in the region have faced in 2021.
Posted: 28 Jan 2022 | Published: 28 Jan 2022


White Paper: Secure Access for Operational Technology at Scale
sponsored by Fortinet, Inc.
WHITE PAPER: Industrial organizations provide critical services thanks to operational technology. Because of their value to the community, it is particularly important they have a business continuity plan. In this resource, discover how Fortinet offers easily deployable and configurable solutions to maintain end-to-end security, visibility, and control.
Posted: 16 Sep 2023 | Published: 16 Sep 2023

Fortinet, Inc.

Building robust private cloud services infrastructures
sponsored by Dell, Inc. and Intel®
WHITE PAPER: Access this exclusive source to discover how your business can gain all of the benefits of a public cloud, but with much more control over your infrastructure
Posted: 07 Sep 2012 | Published: 30 Nov 0002

Dell, Inc. and Intel®

What is a Private Cellular Network? - Your Checklist for Private LTE and 5G
sponsored by Cradlepoint
VIDEO: Organizations operating in large-scale venues can benefit from the flexibility and security of a Private Cellular Network, combining the control and fixed cost of a private network with the reliability, security, and macro-network benefits of cellular. Watch this video to fully understand how a Private Cellular Network can benefit you.
Posted: 18 Jul 2022 | Premiered: 18 Jul 2022


Data Gravity Index (DGx)™ 2.0
sponsored by Digital Realty
EBOOK: Download this e-book for a close look at the macrotrends influence data gravity, and the keys to measuring the effects of enterprise data creation and utilization across public cloud and private data centers.
Posted: 26 Sep 2023 | Published: 26 Sep 2023

Digital Realty

A Decision-Maker's Guide to Hybrid and Cloud Computing
sponsored by Rackspace Technology
WHITE PAPER: Many companies want to find out more about the cloud before they commit, but where to begin? This whitepaper defines the current state of cloud computing, and outlines how businesses can best utilize the features of public, private, and hybrid clouds.
Posted: 28 Oct 2013 | Published: 28 Oct 2011

Rackspace Technology

How to increase Developer Productivity with OpenShift Platform as a Service in an Open and Hybrid Cloud
sponsored by Red Hat
WEBCAST: In this webinar, we'll discuss the different ways to take advantages of PaaS, how to utilize enterprise-class public PaaS platforms and your options for building an on-premise private or hybrid PaaS environments to enhance developer productivity.
Posted: 30 Apr 2013 | Premiered: May 16, 2013

Red Hat

Analyst Insight: The Role of Content Analytics in Public Safety
sponsored by IBM
CASE STUDY: Access the following case study to reveal how the public safety sector utilized a content management platform to help distribute their assets appropriately as well as give the officers and other officials the timely intelligence they need to keep us safe.
Posted: 21 Jan 2014 | Published: 20 Jan 2014


A Survey Of 900 Tech Leaders Reveals Hybrid Cloud Is The Most Effective, Long-Term Strategy
sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
WHITE PAPER: The demise of the data center has been somewhat exaggerated. While the adoption of public cloud has been transformative for many large enterprises, many organizations find a combination of on-premises, private, and public clouds to be the most effective strategy for long-term success. Read this report to learn more.
Posted: 28 Feb 2023 | Published: 02 Jun 2023

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

A Survey Of 900 Tech Leaders Reveals Hybrid Cloud Is The Most Effective, Long-Term Strategy
sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
WHITE PAPER: The demise of the data center has been somewhat exaggerated. While the adoption of public cloud has been transformative for many large enterprises, many organizations find a combination of on-premises, private, and public clouds to be the most effective strategy for long-term success. Read this report to learn more.
Posted: 02 Jun 2023 | Published: 02 Jun 2023

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Should You Use Bare-Metal For Your Containers?
sponsored by Enzu
EGUIDE: There are several infrastructures you can utilize for your container clusters, including private vs. public cloud infrastructure, cloud VM instances vs. containers as a service, and container nodes on VMs vs. bare-metal servers. This E-guide explores why you should consider bare-metal for your containers. Read it here.
Posted: 09 Sep 2022 | Published: 09 Sep 2022


Case Study: E-Commerce
sponsored by Prosimo
CASE STUDY: In this case study, the organization partnered with Prosimo for a solution that would span multiple public clouds – AWS, Azure, GCP – with selective connectivity across its numerous business units. Access now to uncover how they realized 7 key results.
Posted: 06 Oct 2022 | Published: 06 Oct 2022


Cloud Computing—the Path to Increased Efficiencies and Cost Savings for Government Agencies
sponsored by NetApp
WHITE PAPER: Discover how NetApp is addressing the challenges of government agencies moving to private, public and hybrid cloud models with a shared storage infrastructure. Read this informative paper to learn more.
Posted: 15 Oct 2013 | Published: 30 Aug 2013


Security 360: Annual Trends Report
sponsored by JAMF
RESEARCH CONTENT: The number of remote users that IT and security teams are supporting has risen from 21% to 46% since the pandemic. This report explores 5 key security trends impacting organizations as organizations continue to utilize remotely accessible applications hosted on private and public data centers. Read on to learn more.
Posted: 03 Nov 2023 | Published: 03 Nov 2023