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In Dynamic Market, Consumer Goods Companies Rely on Manufacturing Operations Management Systems
sponsored by Apriso Corporation
WHITE PAPER: To succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, consumer goods manufacturers need to pay attention to several areas including operational excellence, compliance, and supply chain synchronization. Learn how today’s powerful and cost-effective solutions, such as Apriso’s MOM offering, can provide companies with benefits in each of these areas.
Posted: 13 Dec 2010 | Published: 13 Dec 2010

Apriso Corporation

How Successful Manufacturing ERP Selections Are Made: The Top Things to Look for, Look at, and Look beyond When Evaluating an ERP Purchase
sponsored by IQMS
WHITE PAPER: This paper examines the major considerations manufacturers looking to add, upgrade of replace Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software should be aware of. By being cognizant of these aspects you'll ensure that you'll be able to select a solution that best fits your needs, both now and in the future.
Posted: 24 Dec 2008 | Published: 24 Dec 2008


IBV Study: Capitalizing on the Power of the Smarter Consumer
sponsored by IBM
WHITE PAPER: Business survival in the age of the smart consumer means empowering your customers to shop how and when they want. In this white paper, find the results of a recent survey of more than 30,000 consumers and uncover the key trends shaping the world of retail.
Posted: 07 May 2013 | Published: 28 Feb 2011


Size DOES Matter - When Choosing the Right ERP Solution
sponsored by Xperia
WHITE PAPER: In regards to Enterprise Resource Planning, customer-supplier relationships are more important for small-to-medium manufacturers than large ones, because small-to-medium manufacturers tend to have few IT resources, and rely more on the software supplier.
Posted: 02 Oct 2008 | Published: 30 May 2006


Not Business as Usual. The Changing Channels in Consumer Electronics
sponsored by IBM Line of Business
WHITE PAPER: IBM explores how the impact of innovative business models for "how to sell" are now as important as the innovative products themselves - CE manufacturers need to skillfully manage their mix of sales channels for future success.
Posted: 29 Nov 2007 | Published: 01 Nov 2007

IBM Line of Business

Small Form Factor (SFF) SAS - Meeting the Demanding Requirements in Specific Markets
sponsored by Xtore
WHITE PAPER: SAS technology has been proven to be the most versatile storage solution in data transfer and high performance. Read this white paper to learn about a solution that renders the necessary performance needed for your client's expanding market requirements.
Posted: 22 Aug 2007 | Published: 01 Aug 2007


Measuring the Business Impacts of Effective Data: Chapter One of a Three-Part Study
sponsored by Sybase, an SAP company
WHITE PAPER: This study of over 150 Fortune 1000 firms from every major industry or vertical explores issues associated with the lifeblood of today’s enterprises: data. The findings demonstrate the often dramatic impacts that even marginal investments in information technology can have when that technology addresses data quality, usability, and intelligence.
Posted: 02 Nov 2010 | Published: 02 Nov 2010

Sybase, an SAP company

Painting the CPG Supply Chain GREEN
sponsored by Wipro
WHITE PAPER: This paper offers a solution for businesses to achieve balance between profitability and sustainability by leveraging the platform of packaged implementations.
Posted: 27 Jul 2009 | Published: 02 Apr 2009


Reverse Logistics Management-- An Effective Strategy for Revenue Maximization in CPG Industry
sponsored by Wipro
WHITE PAPER: This paper presents an overview and introduction to reverse logistics and how to manage reverse logistics in the CPG industry in an efficient manner.
Posted: 27 Jul 2009 | Published: 06 Apr 2009


Helping consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to thrive in the connected future
sponsored by Verizon
WHITE PAPER: To achieve environmental and governance goals, many consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are searching for ways to modernize their infrastructure. How can your CPG business modernize its infrastructure? Browse this white paper to unlock Verizon’s building blocks for doing so.
Posted: 02 Nov 2022 | Published: 02 Nov 2022


Innovation in CPG: Led by Consumers, Driven by ML and Data
sponsored by LatentView Analytics
WHITE PAPER: The advent of digital media, powered by AI, now gives brands the option to not only understand the pulse of the consumer and conversations around a product/service, but also to track and predict new trends and focus on the ones that matter. Access this white paper to understand why AI and ML have become key to marketing success
Posted: 06 Dec 2022 | Published: 06 Dec 2022

LatentView Analytics

New tech on the block: Planning for blockchain in the retail and consumer packaged goods industries
sponsored by TechTarget ComputerWeekly.com
ESSENTIAL GUIDE: This research from Deloitte identifies the areas with the biggest immediate opportunity for retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) businesses looking to invest in blockchain technology.
Posted: 30 May 2018 | Published: 30 May 2018

TechTarget ComputerWeekly.com

Accelerating Market Footprint For A Global Fortune 500 CPG Giant
sponsored by Fosfor
CASE STUDY: A Fortune 500 CPG company was looking to improve its data-driven strategy. They turned to Lumin, which enabled them to substantially automate the manually intensive process of data curation from multiple partner channels, restaurant aggregators, and delivery websites. Check out the details in this case study.
Posted: 28 Oct 2022 | Published: 28 Oct 2022


CloudSMART for SAP
sponsored by HCL Tech
PRODUCT OVERVIEW: As organizations continue down the road of digital transformation, selecting the right partner to streamline the migration of critical SAP workloads to the cloud is crucial to long-term success. Access this overview for a look at HCL CloudSMART for SAP, and how it can maximize business value.
Posted: 07 Dec 2022 | Published: 07 Dec 2022

HCL Tech

Data Analytics For Fortune 500 Companies: Top Use Cases
sponsored by LatentView Analytics
EBOOK: How can you derive competitive advantage and create new value for your organization by improving your data strategy? Read this e-book to learn key insights on building an enterprise-wide data strategy across multiple industries so that your organization can maximize its ability to transform data into tangible business value.
Posted: 02 Dec 2022 | Published: 02 Dec 2022

LatentView Analytics

Palo Alto Networks Cloudgenix SD-WAN Delivers 243% ROI By Reducing WAN Connectivity And Management Costs While Improving Security And Performance
sponsored by Palo Alto Networks
ANALYST REPORT: Forrester recently spoke with multiple Palo Alto Networks customers regarding their investment in CloudGenix SD-WAN as part of a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study. Download this Forrester report to see the various benefits customers’ saw when migrating away from MPLS to Palo Alto Networks CloudGenix SD-WAN.
Posted: 17 Mar 2021 | Published: 17 Mar 2021

Palo Alto Networks

Spectra Success Spotlight Discover How Spectra Illuminated Organizations To Supercharge Their Dataops
sponsored by Fosfor
CASE STUDY: Data analytics has become a pivotal aspect of business decisions over the last decade. This case study compendium demonstrates how 14 unique organizations across the financial, health services, retail, oil, and manufacturing industries have supercharged their DataOps thanks to Spectra. Access your copy.
Posted: 28 Oct 2022 | Published: 28 Oct 2022


Composability for Decision Intelligence: Getting insights where you need them
sponsored by Fosfor
WHITE PAPER: Composable data analytics is the process where you combine and consume analytic capabilities across various applications. Combined with a decision intelligence tool, you will enable more effective and faster decision-making across your enterprise. Access this white paper to learn more about composable data analytics and decision intelligence.
Posted: 30 Jan 2023 | Published: 31 Jan 2023


Manufacturing Learnings Taken from Formula One’s Industrial Optimization Model
sponsored by TIBCO
RESOURCE: View this infographic to examine strategies you can use to tackle data analysis and optimization in manufacturing.
Posted: 23 Nov 2021 | Published: 20 Aug 2020


Analyst Report: ROI of Looker
sponsored by Google Cloud
ANALYST REPORT: Looker, Google Cloud's BI platform, offers the possibility of deeper data analysis for many businesses, but organizations looking for business intelligence solutions may be hesitant to commit without understanding the system. Read through this analysis report for expert insight on whether Looker's BI solutions are right for your organization.
Posted: 29 Apr 2022 | Published: 29 Apr 2022

Google Cloud

Sustainability In Consumer Products
sponsored by SAP
WHITE PAPER: When the topic of sustainability comes up, some of the most important players are the consumer goods industry. They are the key contributors to emissions and waste. Today, there is a new trend taking over the industry involving better sustainability and circularity. Read on to learn more about the new way to achieve operational efficiency.
Posted: 04 Nov 2022 | Published: 04 Nov 2022


SAP Migration from the Hosting Partners to AWS
sponsored by HCL Tech
CASE STUDY: Check out this case study to find out how a strategic partnership with HCL can help migrate SAP systems to AWS for a 40% reduction in overall costs.
Posted: 03 Dec 2022 | Published: 03 Dec 2022

HCL Tech

CloudSMART for SAP on AWS
sponsored by HCL Tech
WHITE PAPER: Discover in this white paper how HCL CloudSmart for SAP's full-stack offering can help accelerate your SAP transformation journey on AWS.
Posted: 02 Dec 2022 | Published: 02 Dec 2022

HCL Tech

Building Sustainable Food And Grocery Retailers
sponsored by SAP
WHITE PAPER: For organizations exploring operational efficiencies or looking to improve their own sustainability, there is now an operational playbook that can help you embrace, build, and implement a holistic sustainability strategy. Every organization is unique, but the principles work across all sectors. Read on to learn more about this trend.
Posted: 05 Nov 2022 | Published: 05 Nov 2022


Manage it all, better - HP Mobility Solutions for SAP
sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
WHITE PAPER: The following white paper explores the new mobility trend and how it is transforming the way retailers do business. Uncover the technology that makes handling the shift easier by allowing businesses to create unique functionality with retail websites and more.
Posted: 06 Mar 2014 | Published: 06 Mar 2014

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Case Study: Optimize Daily Management For Office 365
sponsored by Rackspace Technology
WHITE PAPER: Office 365 offers huge benefits, but ramp up is challenging. Find out how one company made a smooth transition.
Posted: 11 Nov 2015 | Published: 11 Nov 2015

TOPICS:  IT Management
Rackspace Technology

Driving Insurance Claim Operations Efficiency Through Analytics
sponsored by LatentView Analytics
EBOOK: Read this e-book to learn why taking an analytical and data-driven approach is key for insurance providers who are looking to optimize the claim operations process and reduce intake time, decision time and overall claim duration.
Posted: 08 Dec 2022 | Published: 08 Dec 2022

LatentView Analytics

Tip Guide: SAP: Upcoming service pack to let BW run on HANA as data layer
sponsored by SAP America, Inc.
EGUIDE: In this tip guide, you'll learn how HANA affects SAP landscapes and what you should be doing about it.
Posted: 24 Oct 2011 | Published: 24 Oct 2011

SAP America, Inc.

Create Value from Insights Provided by Human-Created Data
sponsored by TIBCO Software Inc.
WHITE PAPER: This white paper discusses the challenges facing companies when it comes to the analysis of unique data, like emails and chat logs. Access now to see how one system provides valuable insights from non-binary information, a key aspect of a successful future.
Posted: 03 Nov 2015 | Published: 02 Nov 2015

TIBCO Software Inc.

The Practical Guide How to use a Semantic Layer for Data & Analytics
sponsored by AtScale
EBOOK: The explosion of analytics possibilities and methods means that coupling a semantic layer to one analytics style no longer makes sense—in fact, some decoupled semantic layer approaches can improve data quality and foster self-service analytics. Access this e-book to learn how you can best deploy semantic layers for your analytics.
Posted: 04 Jan 2022 | Published: 05 Jan 2022


Getting Data Quality Right: A Guide for CDOs and Data Executives
sponsored by Dataiku
EGUIDE: Data quality and accuracy is an objective not only for businesses leading the way in machine learning and AI, but for anyone who deals with customer information or any kind of data. Studies show that poor data quality can cost companies upwards of 20% of their revenue according to Gartner. Read more about data quality and how you can achieve it.
Posted: 20 May 2022 | Published: 20 May 2022


Lessons From The Top 3 Disruptions To Effective Product Development
sponsored by Planview, Inc.
WHITE PAPER: Read through this white paper to learn how to navigate through the 3 most common disruptions that obstruct pathways to maximizing resource capacity in today's highly-connected market.
Posted: 28 Sep 2022 | Published: 28 Sep 2022

Planview, Inc.