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How to Prevent Security Breaches Through Effective Management and Control of USB Devices
sponsored by Lumension
WEBCAST: Learn how USB devices are used to transfer data, the federal government’s ban on USB devices and its impact, and how to effectively manage USB devices to secure data and networks without impacting productivity.
Posted: 12 Aug 2009 | Premiered: Aug 12, 2009


RAMPcon What it means to be an Initial Authorizing Agency - Jim Masella
sponsored by Coalfire
WEBCAST: When it comes to the process of FedRAMP authorization, there is a great deal of misunderstanding. This webcast explores the many misconceptions surrounding FedRAMP authorization, giving you insight into the reality of the situation so that you can better understand the process. Tune in to learn more.
Posted: 03 Oct 2023 | Premiered: Oct 3, 2023


Endace Video 11
sponsored by Endace
WEBCAST: In discussion with Endace’s Michael Morris, Cisco Systems’ Senior National Security and Government Strategist provides his thoughts on cybersecurity standards and the risks in today’s landscape. The two consider how government agencies could promote bolstered security resiliency. Watch now to unlock their conversation in full.
Posted: 16 Mar 2023 | Premiered: Mar 16, 2023


What the new U.S. cybersecurity strategy means for open source software
sponsored by Tidelift
VIDEO: Recently, you may have noticed that the White House is rolling out a new cybersecurity strategy that assigns responsibility to tech firms as well as expanding the government’s role in digital infrastructure. So, what does this mean for businesses that build apps with open source? It means they will be affected. Watch this video to learn more.
Posted: 06 Apr 2023 | Premiered: 06 Apr 2023

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The Critical Security Controls – Moving Beyond the Checklist Mentality
sponsored by Lumension
PODCAST: The "Critical Security Controls" (CSC) guidelines are designed to help organizations move beyond a "checklist" mentality by making security an integral part of, instead of an adjunct to, the operations and management of systems and networks. Learn more about the CSC guidelines and how they can help your organization.
Posted: 13 Aug 2009 | Premiered: Aug 13, 2009


Custom Express Do and Don't
sponsored by TechTarget
WEBCAST: Custom Express Do and Don't
Posted: 18 Apr 2014 | Premiered: Apr 18, 2014

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