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Tips from the Trade – Competing on Web Analytics
sponsored by SAS
WEBCAST: The online channel has been one of the more successful areas of business during these economic times, but most businesses are still behind when it comes to web analytics. Watch this webcast to also learn the overall best practices and the future needs within online analytics.
Posted: 20 Aug 2009 | Premiered: Aug 20, 2009


How to Improve Migrations with User and Desktop Virtualization
sponsored by AppSense
VIDEO: Watch this quick video to learn how user and desktop virtualization can not only help make Windows 7 migration simpler, but can make management easier for your IT department while creating a much better user experience.
Posted: 27 Jul 2013 | Premiered: 27 Jul 2013


Evolving Persona Thinking to Win More Business
sponsored by TechTarget
WEBCAST: Join Megan Heuer and John Steinert in this webinar as they discuss how contact-level intent data can help you better recognize, engage and manage groups of people who are initiating a buyer’s journey in your target accounts.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Premiered: Sep 30, 2020


How Sales and Marketing Can Thrive on Real Purchase Intent
sponsored by TechTarget
WEBCAST: More than half of B2B brands say they rely on purchase intent data, yet research suggests most marketers lack access to the people actually exhibiting intent. Watch this video to see how TechTarget’s publisher-based model provides access to the active, opted-in prospects you need to hit your KPIs and grow your business.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Premiered: Apr 9, 2020


Get Rapid Insights From Your Marketing Data
sponsored by SAP
VIDEO: Many marketing teams struggle with the inability to access the data they need quickly and easily. Watch this video to learn about a data visualization software that can help you gather, analyze, and present marketing data to solve your most pressing business questions.
Posted: 11 Oct 2013 | Premiered: 10 Jul 2013


Dancing with Elephants - Making Your Business Processes Agile
sponsored by Fujitsu America, Inc.
WEBCAST: Think Agile BPM is not for you because you don't have simple processes that follow the same path every time? Think again. This webcast illustrates how Agile BPM allows you to get results by striking the right balance between structure and flexibility in processes how Fujitsu's Agile BPM solution can help you to achieve that goal.
Posted: 03 Jan 2011 | Premiered: Jan 3, 2011

Fujitsu America, Inc.

Applying Business Analytics Webinar Series - Integrate Your Office
sponsored by SAS
WEBCAST: This Webinar explains how by combining the power of SAS® Business Analytics with Microsoft Office you will be able to easily access data from any operational system without IT intervention, automate spreadsheets and PowerPoint decks, and save time and money by reducing redundancy and improving productivity.
Posted: 09 Apr 2010 | Premiered: Apr 9, 2010


Leveraging Virtual Iron and Quad-Core Intel® Based Server Virtualization in Production Environments
sponsored by Virtual Iron Software, Inc.
WEBCAST: This webcast, featuring Intel and Virtual Iron, explores the key drivers and enabling technologies behind server virtualization. Best practices for supporting virtualized workloads in production environments will also be discussed.
Posted: 10 Mar 2008 | Premiered: Mar 1, 2008

Virtual Iron Software, Inc.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trial Page
sponsored by Microsoft
SOFTWARE DEMO: Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps increase productivity and create a connected organization that is equipped to please your customers. The result is a compelling and engaging experience for customers that sets your business apart.
Posted: 24 Oct 2011 | Premiered: 24 Oct 2011


The Quest for Stronger Engagement
sponsored by TechTarget
WEBCAST: This OnDemand webinar features special guest Samantha Stone and John Steinert as they review how 2020 unmasked fundamental weaknesses in personalization strategies, where salespeople continue to struggle in the digital channels we’re still all limited to and what key next steps you can focus on to drive greater engagement impact for your company.
Posted: 15 Mar 2021 | Premiered: Feb 23, 2021

TOPICS:  Marketing

Webcast: Thinking Strategically About ABM
sponsored by TechTarget and Marketo
WEBCAST: Industry leaders TechTarget and Marketo outline the most common challenges of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies and a set of practical practices for 2017.
Posted: 29 Mar 2017 | Premiered: Mar 29, 2017

TechTarget and Marketo

AWS & SAS Video
sponsored by AWS & SAS
WEBCAST: In order to successfully navigate the modern digital market, many organizations have realized the necessity for collaboration and productivity solutions to enable the best customer experience (CX) possible. However, many leaders are struggling to equip their employees with the right tools to do so. Watch this webinar to find out more.
Posted: 19 Oct 2022 | Premiered: Oct 19, 2022


How Intent Data Impacts Tech Buying and Selling in Today’s Market
sponsored by TechTarget
WEBCAST: In this webinar you will get a clear read on today’s markets. Learn what your marketing and sales teams should be doing to optimize demand capture in the current environment.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Premiered: Jul 20, 2020


Merchandising Panel
sponsored by Elastic Path
WEBCAST: The digital merchandising market is always changing. The best practices of today don’t always guarantee success tomorrow, making it critical for organizations to keep up with the current trends. But what are the best ways to do so? Watch this webinar to learn more.
Posted: 07 Dec 2022 | Premiered: Dec 7, 2022

Elastic Path

The Digital Retailer
sponsored by TIBCO
VIDEO: The retail industry has been massively disrupted by digital transformation, as many brick and mortar stores have had to struggle with customers demanding a personalized, online experience. Watch this video to learn how to overcome the challenges facing this industry with omnichannel experiences, mobile optimization, and more.
Posted: 23 Nov 2021 | Premiered: 25 Aug 2020


Lou Crocker, | RSA Conference 2022
sponsored by
WEBCAST: Watch this webinar to learn how links together 5 key concepts to create a symbiotic loop for the development of software and the instrumentation of new features.
Posted: 18 Jul 2022 | Premiered: Jul 18, 2022


What are the trends in the Software Development market?
sponsored by ManPower Group
VIDEO: What are the most in demand jobs in Software Development and DevOps right now, and what can candidates do to stand out from the crowd? Watch this webinar for industry expert insights into the most in-demand roles, as well as emerging tech, the top skills employers are looking for, and tools that can help developers upskill online.
Posted: 15 Sep 2022 | Premiered: 15 Sep 2022

ManPower Group

How to Scale Digital Accessibility
sponsored by Forrester
WEBCAST: In this modern age, companies must prioritize the value that their employees and customers can get out their digital experiences, regardless of the potential variations in their abilities. However, many organizations struggle to implement the right strategies to do so, and can have trouble getting started. Watch this webinar to discover more.
Posted: 02 Nov 2022 | Premiered: Oct 20, 2022


Vertical Industry Opportunities for Digital Business
sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
WEBCAST: Leverage Gartner's market insight to perfect your vertical industry strategies.
Posted: 08 Feb 2017 | Premiered: Feb 8, 2017

TOPICS:  IT Management
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Marketing Insights - COVID-19’s Impact on Webinar and Virtual Event Strategies
sponsored by BrightTALK
WEBCAST: This summer, BrightTALK surveyed 1,000 marketing professionals across the globe to better understand how strategies have shifted. In this live session, BrightTALK’s Nick Markwith will dig into the data with a special emphasis on webinars and virtual events.
Posted: 23 Jul 2021 | Premiered: Jul 23, 2021


How to Optimize Digital Frontline Worker Experience to Build Long-Term Resilience
sponsored by VMware
WEBCAST: Today, organizations are searching for ways that they can digitalize frontline processes to accelerate business agility and improve employee experiences. But as technology and markets continue to evolve, many organizations can struggle to keep up or can be daunted by the transformation process. Watch this webinar to learn more.
Posted: 16 Nov 2022 | Premiered: Nov 16, 2022


Cloud Security that Accelerates Business
sponsored by Wiz
WEBCAST: Securing the cloud is difficult due to how expansive and adaptable it is. Risks can come from any number of places, and for cybersecurity professionals it can often feel like navigating a mine field. Watch this webcast to learn how Wiz secures the cloud by using their experience and expertise to identify potential weaknesses before it’s too late.
Posted: 09 Jun 2022 | Premiered: Jun 9, 2022


The all-in-one PDF and e-signature Solution for Modern Business / Alex Gay Video_EN
sponsored by Adobe
WEBCAST: In this gated 15-minute video, Adobe Product Marketing Manager Garrett Schwartz interviews Adobe Director of Product Marketing for Acrobat for Business Alex Gay. Watch to discover insights into why the PDF continues to be a vital document format, and how Acrobat Pro is the all-in-one PDF and e-signature solution that all can benefit from.
Posted: 19 Aug 2022 | Premiered: Aug 19, 2022


EN Identity Made Easy Episode 1
sponsored by Okta
VIDEO: Identity is one of the most important concepts in today’s digital world. In this video, Computer Weekly’s Bryan Glick sits down with Okta’s Ian Lowe, in order to talk about identity. This video is the first part in a series and presents an introduction to how identity has shaped the modern digital landscape. Read on to learn more.
Posted: 06 Dec 2022 | Premiered: 06 Dec 2022


EN Identity Made Easy Episode 1 IT Modernization
sponsored by Okta
VIDEO: Identity is one of the most important concepts in today’s digital world. In this video, Computer Weekly’s Bryan Glick sits down with Okta’s Ian Lowe, in order to talk about identity. This video is the first part in a series and presents an introduction to how identity has shaped the modern digital landscape. Read on to learn more.
Posted: 18 Nov 2022 | Premiered: 18 Nov 2022


Top Barriers to Composable Commerce & How to Overcome Them
sponsored by Elastic Path
WEBCAST: As the market continues to change, many organizations are looking to composable commerce to deliver optimized digital experiences with a variety of vendors through a singular business solution. However, this transition can seem daunting, and some have concerns regarding the efficiency of these solutions. Watch this webinar to learn more.
Posted: 08 Dec 2022 | Premiered: Dec 8, 2022

Elastic Path

The Evolution of Relevance: The Emerging Role of Medical Affairs
sponsored by H1
WEBCAST: The role of Medical Affairs is an evolutionary one, but it could be an revolutionary one. As the healthcare landscape changes and shifts, so too have the demands placed on the MA function to source and find diverse KOLs to support drug development and launch.
Posted: 05 Dec 2022 | Premiered: Jun 14, 2022


Forrest Webinar ModernAppSec
sponsored by Mend.IO
WEBCAST: As the world moves further down the digital path, applications have become a fundamental component of the way businesses operates. In this webcast, Forrester analysts discuss the stat of application security, leveraging relevant data to demonstrate what market trends signify for application secuirty moving forward. Read on to learn more.
Posted: 21 Oct 2022 | Premiered: Oct 21, 2022


How Bench Built Data Driven CX with Airkit and Heap
sponsored by Airkit
WEBCAST: Today’s customer landscape requires your business to deliver hyper-personalized digital experiences. How can this be done at scale with customers’ ever-evolving expectations? Watch this webinar to learn how Bench, North America’s largest bookkeeping service for SMBs, leveraged data-driven technology to build a modern CX.
Posted: 02 Nov 2021 | Premiered: Nov 2, 2021


How to turn your Website into a Lead Generation Machine
sponsored by BBD Boom
WEBCAST: Watch this webinar featuring Luke Summerfield, the global product lead for CMS at HubSpot, as he discusses advanced tips and tactics to help turn your website into an effective lead generation tool that can fuel your organization’s success.
Posted: 27 Jun 2022 | Premiered: Jun 27, 2022

BBD Boom

Unlock the Value of Social Media Data
sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
WEBCAST: Social media data is extremely valuable for businesses, but it doesn't mean anything if you don't have the right tools and processes in place to make sense of it all. In this resource, discover a new approach to business intelligence that responds to the unique analytic challenges of social media data.
Posted: 28 Jun 2013 | Premiered: May 31, 2012

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Morning Keynote: From Zero Trust to Total Confidence with SailPoint Identity Security
sponsored by SailPoint Technologies
WEBCAST: In the digital era where products and services are increasingly online, the ability to establish and demonstrate online trust is a competitive differentiator and business imperative. Join a discussion of today’s cyberthreats and the value of a zero trust security framework by watching this keynote.
Posted: 10 Sep 2022 | Premiered: Sep 10, 2022

SailPoint Technologies

Data-Driven Pharma Pipelines: What’s Under the Hood?
sponsored by Pure Storage
WEBCAST: Getting COVID-19 vaccines into the market within a year is a testament to successful use of advanced data techniques and high performance computing within early target discovery, clinical trials operations, high volume manufacturing, and ongoing surveillance with real-world data.
Posted: 05 Dec 2022 | Premiered: Jun 14, 2022

All resources sponsored by Pure Storage

Businesses at Work 2022 EN
sponsored by Okta
WEBCAST: Digital transformation and Zero Trust have been key pillars of the digital era, but what other tools and trends are driving innovation in 2022? Access the executive summary from Okta’s Business at Work 2022 research report to unlock these exclusive findings.
Posted: 16 Nov 2022 | Premiered: Nov 16, 2022