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Shifting Security Left: Building a Secure CI/CD Pipeline
sponsored by Palo Alto Networks
VIDEO: As software development lifecycles continue to embrace the benefits of cloud capabilities, organizations need to ensure security practices are being integrated throughout the DevOps lifecycle. Watch this webinar for an exclusive look at the common challenges, threats and opportunities related to DevSecOps and securing cloud native apps.
Posted: 16 Mar 2021 | Premiered: 16 Mar 2021

TOPICS:  Cybersecurity
Palo Alto Networks

Whitehat Security Webinar
sponsored by WhiteHat Security
WEBCAST: Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) enables AppSec teams with the ability to assess and address the actual risk of their applications – providing critical security capabilities to support DevSecOps initiatives. Watch this webinar to learn more about DAST and how it can support your AppSec goals.
Posted: 10 Dec 2020 | Premiered: Dec 10, 2020

WhiteHat Security

Driving Real Behaviour Change to Email
sponsored by Proofpoint
VIDEO: People are increasingly becoming the most common target for today’s cyberattacks – but identifying and proactively protecting those at the greatest risk can be nearly impossible. Watch this webinar to learn how to build a security awareness program that is both people-centric and future-proof.
Posted: 18 Nov 2021 | Premiered: 15 Mar 2021

TOPICS:  Cybersecurity

Rethinking Threat Intel Management feat. Dark Reading
sponsored by Palo Alto Networks
VIDEO: According to SANS, 88% of SOCs use cyber threat intelligence for threat detection, and nearly half of organizations with SOCs have a dedicated threat intel team. To learn more about the challenges, opportunities and trends of today’s threat intelligence approaches, watch this webinar.
Posted: 07 Jul 2021 | Premiered: 07 Jul 2021

TOPICS:  Cybersecurity
Palo Alto Networks

The State of Election Security
sponsored by WhiteHat Security
WEBCAST: The topics of voter registration and election security were top-of-mind in 2020 – but what did we learn that we can use to better ourselves going forward? Watch this webinar, which overviews the state of election security, common threats, and best practices.
Posted: 30 Nov 2020 | Premiered: Nov 30, 2020

WhiteHat Security

Ransomware Attacks on The Rise Again
sponsored by Fortinet, Inc.
VIDEO: Ransomware attacks have become one of the most disruptive cyberthreats facing organizations in 2021. This webinar highlights real-world observations and offers strategic recommendations to help you better understand and prepare for ransomware attacks – watch now to get started.
Posted: 24 Mar 2021 | Premiered: 24 Mar 2021

TOPICS:  Cybersecurity
Fortinet, Inc.

Death and Taxes...and Hackers
sponsored by Imperva
VIDEO: View this video to learn about a tax scheme that is sweeping through the internet, and how to avoid falling victim to it.
Posted: 01 Apr 2011 | Premiered: 01 Apr 2011


Web Security – Virtual Appliance
sponsored by Cisco Systems, Inc.
WEBCAST: Watch this webcast to see how you can best protect your Web-accessible assets with a strong protection solution that ensures security wherever your data goes.
Posted: 22 Apr 2014 | Premiered: Apr 22, 2014

Cisco Systems, Inc.

KPN focuses on Information Security with HP
sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
WEBCAST: View this brief webcast to gain insight on an information security solution one organization chose to defend against today's highly motivated hackers, and how they're benefiting.
Posted: 25 Nov 2013 | Premiered: Nov 25, 2013

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Webinar: Protecting Critical SaaS Data Before It’s Too Late
sponsored by Spanning Cloud Apps
WEBCAST: This webinar goes through the best practices for SaaS data protection. Presented by industry experts, it touches on the key points for understanding how to ensure SaaS data protection and how to find the right provider.
Posted: 05 May 2014 | Premiered: Apr 1, 2014

Spanning Cloud Apps