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Engaging Provider Practices: the Key to Payer Success in Interoperability
WEBCAST: "Interoperability", the seamless interaction of systems and flow of needed information, is commonly seen to be critical, but also viewed by most to be a technological challenge. Technologies, while slowly converging and conversing, are important, but not the biggest impediment.
Posted: 13 Dec 2022 | Premiered: Jun 24, 2022

Measuring Effectiveness of Risk-Adjustment: Back to Basics
WEBCAST: To obtain the greatest value from a risk management program, you must measure impact in the aggregate, using vendors with aligned incentives. Those who discount analytics fees must compensate with more activities, while obfuscating how they measure effectiveness to make it difficult for you to detect this behavior.
Posted: 12 Dec 2022 | Premiered: Dec 5, 2022

Staying Ahead of the Game: Understanding the Changes for HEDIS MY2023 and How You Can be Prepared
WEBCAST: The Quality Analytics landscape for health plans and payers  is ever-changing, and it can be difficult to keep it all straight.  Join Veradigm as we look ahead to the changes coming for HEDIS MY2023 and discuss how you can be prepared.
Posted: 05 Dec 2022 | Premiered: Sep 13, 2022