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Building a Financial Safety Net Implementing Safeguards to Achieve and Sustain Revenue Integrity
WHITE PAPER: Hospitals continue to face substantial financial and operational pressures, despite COVID-19's long retreat. An historically tight labor market, rapidly rising costs, and changes in reimbursement and payer mix have left many organizations at or near the brink of financial jeopardy.
Posted: 16 Aug 2022 | Published: 16 Aug 2022

Zero-Balance Claims Reviews - a critical backstop for AR Management strategies
WHITE PAPER: "In an age where denials are constantly on the rise, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19 and other operational and regulatory challenges, comprehensive AR management strategy is essential to making sure nothing is left on the table.
Posted: 08 Aug 2022 | Published: 07 Jan 2022

Revenue Cycle Executive Game Plan: Proven Automation strategies that Deliver Results
WHITE PAPER: Healthcare leaders can no longer expect traditional revenue cycle processes to produce the desired outcomes. To maximize cash flow, hospitals must instead harness automation and advanced analytics to augment their existing approaches at each step of the revenue cycle.
Posted: 08 Aug 2022 | Published: 28 Jan 2022