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Computer Weekly special report: Corporate application access through employee-owned mobile devices
WHITE PAPER: Your employees are accessing the corporate network from mobile devices—learn how to be prepared.
Posted: 20 Aug 2013 | Published: 20 Aug 2013

Computer Weekly special report: The State of the Nation in Mobility
WHITE PAPER: Sales of tablets and smartphones are surging—find out how that's affecting enterprise security.
Posted: 19 Aug 2013 | Published: 19 Aug 2013

Computer Weekly Buyer’s Guide to Mobile Device Management
EGUIDE: While mobile devices have brought benefits such as increased productivity, efficiency and worker satisfaction to the enterprise, they've also brought their own unique set of security risks. This guide looks at the various tools that address the challenge of managing mobility, focusing specifically on device and data security.
Posted: 24 Jul 2013 | Published: 24 Jul 2013

Why now is the Time to Get Started with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10
WHITE PAPER: To prepare for the new BlackBerry, many IT managers are turning to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 to provide unified device management for BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android devices. Get tips on mobile management and transitioning to BlackBerry Services, and learn how you can try the platform for free.
Posted: 29 Jun 2013 | Published: 29 Jun 2013

Top 10 Features of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10
WHITE PAPER: IT leaders need a solution that can help them manage multiple platforms, mixed ownership and higher usage. Why do so many CIOs turn to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 for help overseeing their mobility management needs? Find out in this white paper.
Posted: 29 Jun 2013 | Published: 29 Jun 2013

Protection for Every Enterprise: How BlackBerry 10 Security Works
WHITE PAPER: If you're choosing a platform for enterprise-grade mobile device management, security probably tops your list of requirements. Learn how BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 can help you secure and manage not only BlackBerry devices, but iOS and Android devices as well, enabling the cross-platform mobility management you need.
Posted: 29 Jun 2013 | Published: 29 Jun 2013

Make the Most of Mobile Apps on BlackBerry 10
WHITE PAPER: The exodus of enterprise applications that are being developed for mobile needs to be coupled with stringent security and cross-platform support. This whitepaper discusses a mobile enterprise application platform that places emphasis on security, and addresses development challenges.
Posted: 26 Jun 2013 | Published: 18 Jan 2013