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Make the Most of Your Cloud Storage with a Hybrid Approach
EGUIDE: This eGuide pinpoints some of the challenges specific to ROBO environments and distinguishes between traditional approaches and local, centralized, and cloud-enabled alternatives. Learn about the attributes of a well-designed ROBO solution and discover one new offering that exemplifies them.
Posted: 03 Apr 2013 | Published: 03 Apr 2013

The Secret to Simplifying Cloud Storage: A Hybrid Approach
PRESENTATION TRANSCRIPT: Remote office/branch office storage deployments are being redefined by a new approach that leverages both cloud and local storage. Learn about it in this graphic-laden webcast transcript, in which storage analysts from Taneja Group and CTERA explore a comprehensive approach to ROBO storage.
Posted: 19 Dec 2012 | Published: 19 Dec 2012