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Outpace the competition
EBOOK: This e-book highlights the parallels between cloud management and high-performance racing, the mutual lessons to be learned, and how experiences in one industry can inform strategies in the other. Read it here.
Posted: 23 Nov 2022 | Published: 24 Nov 2022


Accelerate your IT with managed cloud services
WHITE PAPER: This white paper explains how when the burden of infrastructure management is removed, your entire IT benefits in several ways, including:Faster application developmentReduced dependency on and use of IT resourcesA modern approach to cloud-native developmentAccess it here to explore the benefits of managed cloud services.
Posted: 18 Nov 2022 | Published: 18 Nov 2022


Top 3 considerations to drive the selection of a Kubernetes platform
INFOGRAPHIC: Kubernetes has become the de facto building block for containers and cloud-native applications. But with so many Kubernetes solutions available, how do you select the best platform for your organization? This infographic provides a roadmap of what you should be looking for from a K8s platform. Access it here.
Posted: 17 Nov 2022 | Published: 17 Nov 2022


Considerations For Automating Your SAP Environment
WHITE PAPER: Automating your SAP environment can provide you with numerous advantages, including accelerating your SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA migration, streamlining repetitive IT tasks, and improving security. Read this white paper to learn the key considerations you need to make in order to truly harness the benefits of SAP automation.
Posted: 24 Aug 2021 | Published: 06 Apr 2021

Accelerate your SAP operations: Automate tasks and workflows to free time for innovation
WHITE PAPER: Read this paper to learn how you can automate your SAP environment to boost the speed, consistency, and reliability of your SAP systems and free your employees from repetitive, menial tasks—increasing IT infrastructure management team efficiency by 68%.
Posted: 13 Aug 2021 | Published: 06 Apr 2021

Red Hat and Intel: New Horizons in Scalable Performance, Reliability, Security, and Efficiency
WHITE PAPER: This whitepaper talks more about how Red Hat Enterprise Linux combined with the power of Intel Xeon processors can help IT stay above workload management and set your business on the path towards a new computing environment.
Posted: 18 Dec 2013 | Published: 18 Dec 2013

YTL Communications delivers nation-wide virtual learning education with Red Hat Solutions
WHITE PAPER: In this case study, you’ll discover how Red Hat helped one telecommunication provider deliver a scalable, cost-effective cloud platform for e-learning in schools in Malaysia.
Posted: 17 Dec 2013 | Published: 17 Dec 2013

POSCO ICT builds agile IT Infrastructure with Red Hat Solutions on Intel XEON Severs
WHITE PAPER: In this case study, you’ll discover how one IT service provider was able to replace its complex IT infrastructure with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Intel Xeon processor-based servers.
Posted: 17 Dec 2013 | Published: 17 Dec 2013

Indonesia Stock Exchange halves its hardware investment cost with a Red Hat Solution
WHITE PAPER: This brief whitepaper explains how the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) was able to half its hardware costs by leveraging a Linux system to support trading machines, surveillance machines, database engines, and more.
Posted: 16 Dec 2013 | Published: 16 Dec 2013

Migrating From UNIX/ RISC To Red Hat Enterprise Linux® On Intel® Processor-Based Servers
WHITE PAPER: Red Hat Enterprise Linux running on Intel® processor-based servers is helping companies cut TCO by up to 50 percent and more versus comparable UNIX/RISC solutions, while providing a better foundation for growth. This white paper outlines the key benefits of migration and provides a step-by-step guide to conducting a successful transition.
Posted: 10 Aug 2009 | Published: 10 Aug 2009

Top Reasons To Choose Red Hat Enterprise Linux
WHITE PAPER: You probably already know that some of the largest and most demanding companies trust Red Hat to drive the IT infrastructure behind their successful businesses. This whitepaper will list and discuss the top reasons you should choose Red Hat Enterprise Linux to power the demanding applications you rely on to run your company.
Posted: 10 Aug 2009 | Published: 10 Aug 2009

The Perfect Storm - Why Now Is The Time For Open Source
WHITE PAPER: Open source is recognized for its ease of use, high performance, and affordability, especially amidst turbulent economic conditions. The high value of open source, coupled with economic and organizational pressure, represents a "perfect storm" for CIOs, giving them the opportunity to deploy high-performing, cost-effective open source solutions.
Posted: 19 Jun 2009 | Published: 01 Jun 2009