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The Total Economic Impact™ Of Atlassian Jira Align
ANALYST REPORT: Atlassian’s Jira Align is enterprise agile planning software for technology teams. In this report, Forrester interviewed Atlassian customers to examine the potential ROI organizations may realize by selecting Jira Align as their enterprise agility solution. Download now to uncover key findings from the study.
Posted: 20 Jan 2022 | Published: 21 Jan 2022


Atlassian Approach to ESM
WHITE PAPER: Technology is evolving at a frenetic pace, and organizations are required to move right along with them. Enterprise service management (ESM) can help organizations keep up with this change. But what is ESM and how can you utilize it in your organization? Download this whitepaper for tips and tricks, examples, and best practices.
Posted: 11 Jan 2022 | Published: 12 Jan 2022


Guide to multi-instance scale in Atlassian cloud-DRN
WHITE PAPER: In this guide, walk through how Atlassian Cloud Enterprise for Jira Software, Confluence, and Jira Service Management enables you to unify and extend your organization’s collaboration with Atlassian tools and practices. Download your guide to multi-instance scale in Atlassian cloud here.
Posted: 04 Jan 2022 | Published: 27 Aug 2021


How Atlassian cloud achieves enterprise-grade security and compliance
WHITE PAPER: In today’s digital landscape, cloud has unlocked unlimited scale and the ability to collaborate across remote, distributed teams. However, the risk of data breaches has increased. In this white paper, find Atlassian’s 5-pronged approach to achieving enterprise-grade security and compliance for Atlassian cloud products. Read on to learn more.
Posted: 04 Jan 2022 | Published: 08 Nov 2021


Four ways Atlassian cloud helps you scale
WHITE PAPER: With both remote work and cloud becoming foundational for most workspaces, scalability has become one of the top priorities for IT organizations across industries and across the globe. In this report, explore 4 ways Atlassian Cloud helps you scale, from any size to enterprise.
Posted: 04 Jan 2022 | Published: 12 May 2021


Four common scaling challenges
WHITE PAPER: When it comes to scaling up, all organizations will run into problems. Find out how you can address them in this whitepaper so you can focus on growing your business.
Posted: 18 Nov 2021 | Published: 09 Nov 2021


Forrester Collaborative Work Management
ANALYST REPORT: Tap into the findings of 155 collaboration leaders in this analyst report, and discover how collaboration tools enable innovation in a post-pandemic world.
Posted: 11 Jun 2021 | Published: 25 Feb 2023

Zero Trust Guide
WHITE PAPER: Inside this white paper, find the current state of workplace security, the basic principles of the Zero-Trust security model, and how you can begin your journey towards a Zero Trust-secure workplace environment.
Posted: 11 Jun 2021 | Published: 28 Feb 2020

How Atlassian’s cloud products help Canva empower and scale
CASE STUDY: Open up this case study to see how Canva, a graphic design platform, teamed up with Atlassian to streamline into one central ITSM platform that has helped them increase collaboration and transparency, and learn how you can do the same in your organization.
Posted: 18 May 2021 | Published: 12 Apr 2021

Incident Management Handbook
EBOOK: On-call can be, well, a bit stressful. Keeping services available and functioning 24/7 is a demanding process. With the right incident management tools at the ready, you can be more confident about incident resolution. This 71-pe guide is chock-full of insider tips and best practices for incident management. Read the guide here to get started.
Posted: 18 May 2021 | Published: 20 Feb 2020

The definitive guide to OKRs
WHITE PAPER: Tracking business goals through the use of objectives and key results (OKRs) is a way that businesses can set aggressive targets for themselves and gauge their performance. Read on to learn how OKRs are a natural fit for agile teams who are looking to outperform MBOs, while still keeping in line with business goals in a way KPIs don’t measure.
Posted: 08 Feb 2021 | Published: 10 Aug 2020

JIRA 4.1.2
SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD: IT Problem: JIRA provides issue tracking and project tracking for software development teams to improve code quality and the speed of development. Combining a clean interface for organising issues with customisable workflows, JIRA is the perfect fit for your team.
Posted: 25 Aug 2010 | Published: 25 Aug 2010

JIRA 3.11
TRIAL SOFTWARE: This IT download provides a project management tool known as Atlassian JIRA which is designed to improve the functionality and flexibility of legacy systems.
Posted: 27 Sep 2007 | Published: 26 Sep 2007

Bamboo 1.2
TRIAL SOFTWARE: This IT download provides software known as Atlassian Bamboo which utilizes continuous integration to automate the process of building, integrating and testing software code, providing managers with greater insight into the development process.
Posted: 27 Sep 2007 | Published: 26 Sep 2007