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Ransomware Readiness Checklist
WHITE PAPER: Ransomware attacks can be career-ending, and as the level of attention on attacks rises, so does potential reputational as well as financial damage to the organizations that fall victim. Check out AvePoint’s ransomware readiness checklist and ensure your organization is prepared to defend itself against these malicious attacks.
Posted: 01 Apr 2022 | Published: 01 Apr 2022


Using And Tailoring Microsoft Teams For Your Organization
EBOOK: In today’s dispersed workplace, how can you ensure that your Microsoft Teams users are granted access to what they need, when they need it, securely? Access this e-book for a comprehensive look at how to use and tailor Microsoft Teams for your organization.
Posted: 31 Mar 2022 | Published: 31 Mar 2022


You’re In Sharepoint, Now What? Best Practices For Increasing Adoption & Productivity
EBOOK: Document challenges can account for 21.3% of productivity loss, and effective document collaboration and management can be a gamechanger for office workflows. Download this e-book to learn how SharePoint customers can apply key best practices to better capture institutional knowledge while driving adoption & productivity.
Posted: 29 Mar 2022 | Published: 30 Mar 2022


The Value Of Automated Office 365 & Teams Governance
EBOOK: The value of operational governance in Office 365 and Microsoft Teams derives from allowing users to access the features of Groups, while also having mechanisms for keeping risks in check. Read on to learn how AvePoint aims to save you valuable time and money with automated governance.
Posted: 29 Mar 2022 | Published: 29 Mar 2022


External Sharing And Guest User Access In Microsoft 365 And Teams
EBOOK: Microsoft Teams has become the central productivity hub for organizations . But today, productive collaboration often requires external sharing and guest user access capabilities, which adds complexity. Download this e-book for a guide to developing and enforcing the right policies for your organization.
Posted: 28 Mar 2022 | Published: 29 Mar 2022


How And Why To Backup Your Office 365 Tenant A Companion Guide To The Avepoint Backup Calculator
EBOOK: Surging remote work has made backing up Office 365 essential. The cost of losing critical business data grows ever higher, making it vital to back up every component of a Microsoft Teams instance. Check out this e-book and learn the essentials of Office 365 backup, common data loss scenarios, and the best backup strategies for your organization.
Posted: 28 Mar 2022 | Published: 28 Mar 2022


Take Office 365 Data Security From The Cloud Into Your Own Hands
EGUIDE: In this e-guide, security veteran Kevin Beaver identifies 4 measures enterprises have to consider when managing Microsoft Office 365 data security and privacy to ensure you're taking appropriate measures to secure your information.
Posted: 29 Dec 2016 | Published: 29 Dec 2016

Microsoft Technology Center Reduced SharePoint 2010 Migration by Two Months with DocAve
CASE STUDY: Read this case study to see how The Microsoft Technology Center successfully completed a SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 migration quicker than expected with DocAve.
Posted: 06 Jan 2012 | Published: 06 Jan 2012

Dell SharePoint Infrastructure Optimization with AvePoint
WHITE PAPER: In this white paper a solution overview is provided, followed by details of the solution stack which includes components of AvePoint's DocAve Software Platform and Dell hardware components.
Posted: 06 Jan 2012 | Published: 06 Jan 2012

Tales from the Field: Business Drivers and Checklist for Successful SharePoint Governance
WEBCAST: Watch this webcast to learn the three P's and business requirements for driving governance focusing on the challenges Microsoft and AvePoint customers face.
Posted: 05 Oct 2011 | Premiered: Oct 5, 2011

Presentation Transcript: The Truth Behind SharePoint Recovery and Availability: Meeting your SLAs
PRESENTATION TRANSCRIPT: Read this webcast transcript to learn about recovery and availability with SharePoint 2010.
Posted: 27 Sep 2011 | Published: 27 Sep 2011

Presentation Transcript: Application Life Cycle Management, a Cautionary Tale
PRESENTATION TRANSCRIPT: This transcript of a presentation on SharePoint focuses on application lifecycle management (ALM) and developing features. Coding, platform capabilities, enhancements, application development, automation of builds and more are discussed in this comprehensive resource.
Posted: 16 Sep 2011 | Published: 16 Sep 2011

Presentation Transcript: To BLOB or Not to BLOB? Storage Optimization Demystified
PRESENTATION TRANSCRIPT: Join SharePoint MVPs Dan Holme and Randy Williams for a balanced, intelligent, detailed examination of the technologies and issues surrounding BLOB externalization.
Posted: 18 Aug 2011 | Published: 09 Aug 2011

eGuide: Tackle SharePoint Sprawl and Implement Effective Training Strategies
EGUIDE: Read this E-Guide and uncover key SharePoint training techniques and strategies. Learn which factors can lead to SharePoint sprawl and how your organization can regain control of your SharePoint deployment.
Posted: 08 Aug 2011 | Published: 08 Aug 2011

eGuide: Best practices for implementing a SharePoint governance initiative
EGUIDE: This E-Guide discusses integrating external SharePoint access into SharePoint governance policies, and best practices for implementing a governance initiative.
Posted: 08 Aug 2011 | Published: 03 Aug 2011

Intelligently Reducing SharePoint Costs through Storage Optimization
EBOOK: In this e-book, expert Don Jones discusses data optimization strategies to lower costs and improve SharePoint functionality, allowing SharePoint to become the central data and content repository it is designed to be.
Posted: 02 Aug 2011 | Published: 02 Aug 2011

The Essential Guide to SharePoint Replication
ESSENTIAL GUIDE: This guide examines SharePoint replication as a potential solution to challenges organizations face when using SharePoint as a communication tool for geographically-disparate work sites.
Posted: 02 Aug 2011 | Published: 02 Aug 2011

Case Study: Helix Energy Solutions Replicates Data and Content to Geo-Distributed SharePoint Farms & Sea Vessels with DocAve
CASE STUDY: This case study covers how Helix Energy Solutions, an offshore energy production service firm, leveraged DocAve to replicate data to globally distributed SharePoint server farms and ships at sea.
Posted: 01 Aug 2011 | Published: 01 Aug 2011

Case Study: Henderson Global Investors Bolsters Microsoft SharePoint Adoption with DocAve
CASE STUDY: This case study details the efforts of Henderson Global Investors, an asset management firm, to improve their SharePoint-based content management, backup and administrative functions using AvePoint's DocAve Software Platform.
Posted: 01 Aug 2011 | Published: 01 Aug 2011

Case Study: Park Nicollet Protects Vital SharePoint Data and Meets Compliance Objectives with DocAve
CASE STUDY: This case study describes how Park Nicollet Health Services was able to leverage AvePoint's DocAve to meet crucial compliance objectives and protect vital SharePoint data.
Posted: 01 Aug 2011 | Published: 01 Aug 2011

Case Study: Tata Steel Satisfies SharePoint Backup and Restore SLAs with DocAve
CASE STUDY: This white paper provides a case study example of DocAve Backup and Restore's capacity to extend the native capabilities of SharePoint and provide superior backup and recovery.
Posted: 01 Aug 2011 | Published: 29 Jul 2011

Optimizing Worldwide SharePoint Data and Content Access with DocAve
WHITE PAPER: This white paper outlines the technological and infrastructural barriers that businesses must overcome to ensure their SharePoint platform can quickly respond to ever-changing needs at "Web speed."
Posted: 01 Aug 2011 | Published: 29 Jul 2011

Case Study: Microsoft® Technology Center Reduced SharePoint 2010 Migration by Two Months with DocAve®
CASE STUDY: Migrating from SharePoint 2007 to the 2010 platform comes with a host of challenges. This brief case study shows how a leading New York City technology center saved time and money with a migration solution.
Posted: 17 Jun 2011 | Published: 17 Jun 2011

Encouraging Greater SharePoint Adoption
WHITE PAPER: This paper discusses the progression of SharePoint usage, features available to encourage SharePoint adoption, focusing on the technology components required, scalability of the platform to accommodate growth, migration strategies, and how AvePoint’s DocAve Software Platform help ensure a scalable, reliable platform for bolstered adoption.
Posted: 21 Feb 2011 | Published: 21 Feb 2011

Encouraging SharePoint Collaboration
WHITE PAPER: This paper discusses how Microsoft SharePoint is the platform of choice for organizations to store enterprise-wide content. New features in SharePoint Server 2010 take the platform to the next level by improving the platform’s scalability and usability to further enhance collaboration among knowledge workers.
Posted: 21 Feb 2011 | Published: 21 Feb 2011