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IEEE 1149.1 Use in Design for Verification and Testability at Texas Instruments

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MITRE ATT&CK for ICS security

MITRE ATT&CK for industrial control systems (ICS) is a community-sourced framework designed to identify adversary behaviors, tactics and techniques in order to more effectively anticipate and counter ICS threats.

This e-guide provides an exclusive look into MITRE ATT&CK for ICS, highlighting:

  • The evolution of cybersecurity detection triggers
  • Emerging threats in ICS
  • Applying knowledge to ICS environments
  • & more

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  • The 2020 Dragos Year in Review report

    Each year, the security experts at Dragos release The Dragos Year in Review report to provide an analysis of Industrial Control System (ICS)/Operational Technology (OT) focused cyberthreats, vulnerabilities, insights and more.

    The following resource provides an executive summary of this year’s report, offering an exclusive look at:

    • Major ICS threat trends in 2020
    • ICS vulnerabilities: 2019 vs. 2020
    • Lessons learned
    • & more

    Read on to get started.

  • Manufacturing: The cyberthreat landscape

    Industrial control systems (ICS) are coming under greater threat in the manufacturing sector. Dragos is an industrial cybersecurity firm that protects IDS and operational technology (OT), reducing risk for manufacturers.

    View this webinar, presented by Dragos Senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, Selena Larson, on the most prominent ICS threats in the sector. Topics include:

    • New adversary groups targeting ICS and industrial IoT devices
    • Effects across the manufacturing supply chain
    • Ransomware targeting of industrial processes
    • And more

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  • New threat groups discovered in 2020: Webinar panel

    Hear directly from 3 report authors of the Dragos 2020 Year in Review about the current ICS threat landscape. You’ll learn about the increase in ICS-focused threats, new threat groups that have emerged, industries most targeted in 2020, and more.


  • CW ASEAN: Defend against disruption

    In this month's issue of CW ASEAN, we take a closer look at how industrial control systems operators are improving the visibility of ICS environments without jeopardizing operations, addressing security vulnerabilities and enhancing cooperation between IT and operational technology teams. Read the issue now.


  • 7 Steps to a Successful Data Lake Implementation

    Industrial control systems (ICS) are all around us: in water, in gas, and electricity distribution networks, running power plants and critical infrastructure, in production lines and transportation networks, and more.


  • 7 types of power problems in data centers

    Take a deep dive into this paper to uncover the most common types of power disturbances in data centers, what can cause them, what they can do to your critical equipment and how to safeguard your equipment with IEEE standards.


  • Security Think Tank: Critical National Infrastructure

    We asked our regular panel of cyber experts, the Computer Weekly Security Think Tank, to consider and highlight the risks posed to industrial control systems (ICS) and other elements of operational technology (OT), and advise on what steps CNI operators should be taking to address them.


  • Global phishing pandemic?

    Since the start of the COVID-19 health crisis, complaints to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) have more than tripled. Why are there so many of these coronavirus-related email phishing threats and where are they coming from? View this article to get a link to a free report of COVID-19 phishing examples around the world.


  • Incident detection & response in ICS

    Whether or not it’s formally required, incident response plans (IRPs) play a critical role in preparing for and addressing security incidents. This white paper provides a comprehensive guide of considerations and advice for building an IRP in the industrial sector – read on to get started.


  • What to Expect from Gigabit Wireless LAN

    This e-guide, presented by, provides an inside look at gigabit wireless LAN and explores the truth surrounding 802.11ac and throughput, as well as what to expect with 802.11ad.


  • Manufacturing: 5 ICS-focused threat groups

    Dragos is a cybersecurity firm focused on protecting the manufacturing sector, particularly from industrial control system (ICS) threats. They publicly track 5 activity groups targeting ICS as well as various ransomware. Read Dragos’s Cyberthreat Perspective to learn more about these threats and what you can do to defend against them.


  • Webinar: The facts of the SolarWinds compromise

    Watch this webinar to join a panel of cybersecurity experts at Dragos as they discuss the facts, impacts and remediation recommendations surrounding the SolarWinds compromise.


  • How an industrial giant discovered 200,000 network endpoints in one day

    One of the world’s leading industrial companies planned to roll out IEEE 802.1X-based authentication. To pinpoint the scope and cost of this project, the industrial giant needed a precise categorization of all devices on its network. In this case study, learn why the company decided to use Auconet BICS to discover their network devices.


  • National Gas Distributor Achieves Pipeline Visibility

    Midstream oil and gas companies operate within complex environments. Their industrial control systems (ICS) include dozens of equipment types and cover vast distances. This makes it challenging to monitor, manage and secure pipeline systems that aren’t thoroughly documented or easy to visualize.


  • Securing the critical environment that runs data centers: Case study

    In this case study, learn how engagement with Dragos’ Professional Services Team helped this major technology and services provider gain an increased understanding of ICS threats and how they impacted the firm’s data center cyber readiness.


  • A Computer Weekly eGuide to Workspaces

    In this eGuide we focus on all thing's workspace related. We dive into Google's new privacy settings, how the landscape of workspaces will look when the world of work fully returns and Google's new G Suite workspace overhaul.


  • GPU acceleration for data intensive processing

    In this e-guide, we consider using parallel computing software libraries and frameworks like cuDNN for developing deep learning neural networks for machine learning applications.


  • GPU acceleration for data intensive processing

    In this e-guide, we consider using parallel computing software libraries and frameworks like cuDNN for developing deep learning neural networks for machine learning applications.


  • Business IT guide for SMEs

    Whatever the type of business, it’s rare to find one that doesn’t have a computer at its heart. Able to manage everything from accounts to stock control and customer communications, a company computer is a critical purchase which should be chosen taking the specific needs of the  business in mind.


  • Publishing Test

    Publishing Test


  • Get caught up on the Kubernetes ecosystem

    Read this e-book for a full overview on Kubernetes including how it started, what it can do, and where it’s going.