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Automated Document Management System Tools Transform Workflows

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A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to managing paper processes

Modern paper processes are ripping up the rule book. In this 13-page buyer’s guide, Computer Weekly looks at risk mitigation, security measures for connected printers and the shift towards end-to-end digitisation.

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  • Computer Weekly - 29 June 2021: Is the UK government planning to rewrite GDPR?

    In this week’s Computer Weekly, a government taskforce on post-Brexit regulations has recommended changes to GDPR in the UK – we examine the implications. The NHS has launched a new data strategy, and we look at what it means for your medical records. And we ask how to avoid the blind spots and bottlenecks that affect private cloud performance. Read the issue now.

  • The intelligent automation and low-code handbook

    Modern enterprises face the need to innovate amidst disruptions. To stay ahead, they must rapidly develop digital solutions and automate, despite challenges like developer scarcity and cost control.

    This white paper shows how intelligent automation and low-code help:

    • Streamline and automate for efficiency
    • Enable quick app development by all developers
    • Scale low-code with effective governance

    Learn from Desjardins and Marken's success in consolidating legacy systems, driving innovation, and achieving productivity gains.

    Read to see how your organization can gain agility and speed with intelligent automation and low-code.

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  • Moving data to AWS? 5 migration methods to consider

    More organizations than ever are looking to store data in the public cloud, often at a fraction of the cost of on-premises storage. But transferring that data to the cloud isn't always straightforward. This exclusive e-guide reveals five data migration methods to move storage to AWS.


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    Here are 8 tips to think about when creating an e-signing process include cataloging documents requiring signatures, building user stories and determining necessary software features.


  • Considering key networking trends

    As your distributed network grows, you have to keep in mind that your attack surface does too. So, how can you ensure that your network is protected from increasing and complex cyberattacks? Staying up to date on the latest networking trends can help. Explore this E-Guide to access 5 key networking trends for 2023.


  • Expert guide: Best enterprise content management software of 2022

    Enterprise content management (ECM) software can be an expensive, heavily involved purchase, so it's important to understand options before arriving at a decision. In this expert guide, we listed 10 important ECM platforms to consider while making a buying decision.


  • From Siloed Content to Streamlined Workflows – How a CCMS Powers Digital Transformation

    Content fuels business growth, and technology that increases its process efficiency is vital for business transformation strategy. Yet, according to IDC research, only 29% of organizations have partially modernized their content workflows. To learn how to shift from siloed content management to streamlined workflows, read this 2024 IDC report.


  • Streamlining supplier management: A guide to building an effective supplier portal

    Suppliers, or vendors, are key to the success of your business, but as your network grows, managing it with multiple technologies can lead to inefficiencies. So how can you streamline and optimize supplier management effectively? Access this e-book to learn more.


  • Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform: A beginner’s guide

    80% of organizations say that adopting IT automation is “extremely important” to the future success of their organization, according to Harvard Business Review. This white paper serves as a guide for the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. Dive into the guide today.


  • Digital transformation: bridging the paper and digital gap

    Enterprises are increasingly turning to traditional managed print service providers to improve process efficiency across both paper and digital information, says this report from analyst group, Quocirca.


  • Security leader’s guide to Active Directory best practices

    Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD (AAD) bring organization and standards to how identity and account data is managed and stored. One Identity Active Roles unifies your AD and AAD environments and enables identity and account data to be managed with agility, security and speed. Read on to learn more.


  • Your Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform starter kit

    In this e-book, discover everything you need to get started with Ansible Automation Platform, including key automation concepts, product features and capabilities, use cases for gaining value quickly, and strategies for implementing organization-wide automation.


  • Unlock the power of IT automation for your business

    Automation is now mission-critical for modern IT. This e-book from Red Hat explores how enterprises can leverage Ansible Automation Platform to fill skill gaps, maximize IT investments, and achieve substantial business value. Read the full report to learn more.


  • Invoice Management Solution Case Study

    When one of the largest agriculture suppliers in the UK needed to overhaul their manual processes, they started with finance because of their existing manual data capturing and constant printing was hurting productivity. With a lack of invoice status visibility, queries were taking too long to remedy. Read on to see how they remedied these issues.


  • The Ultimate Guide to Enterprise Content Management

    Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has rapidly evolved as different forms of content have been introduced to the work environment. In this guide, find out how ECM works, why it is so important, the key components and benefits, and what to look for when choosing ECM software.


  • Paper free – are we there yet?

    In this comprehensive report, AIIM Market Intelligence takes an in-depth look at the amount of paper in the office, the impediments to removing it, the take up of digital mailrooms and multi-channel capture, and the increasing exploitation of mobile and cloud.


  • Why migrate to AWS?

    This eBook explores how your organization can migrate and modernize on AWS to achieve critical business advantages. It also covers key benefits of cloud migration, why now is the best time to migrate, and how your organization can realize the associated benefits of migrating to AWS with solutions from AWS Partner AllCloud. Get started now.


  • AI governance for the enterprise

    This eBook describes the key benefits gained with automated AI governance for both today’s generative AI and traditional machine learning (ML) models. Plus learn how you can get started with AI governance, the building blocks and best practices to help your teams accelerate responsible AI. Read the eBook now.


  • Strategies to build apps faster with low-code solutions

    Accelerate digital transformation with low-code solutions that empower citizen developers and streamline app development. Learn how ServiceNow's Creator Workflows can help your organization build apps faster, scale without sprawl, and modernize legacy systems. Read the White Paper to learn more.


  • A network automation roadmap to reap tech's best benefits

    A network automation roadmap can help guide organizations through the Wild West of modern networking in order to reap benefits that automation can bring to employees, customers and partners. Reducing labor-intensive tasks does entail changing a network engineer's work, though.


  • Why Automate Google Cloud with Ansible Automation Platform?

    Explore how to automate Google Cloud with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. Learn about integrated billing, enterprise support, and cloud automation use cases like health checks and VPC management. Read on to see how Ansible can accelerate your organization's cloud automation and the benefits of hybrid cloud automation in general.


  • Exploring the benefits of modernizing with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

    Modernizing to the cloud-based SAP S/4HANA suite can deliver resilience, agility, and productivity benefits. Learn about the process, data migration considerations, and innovations that can help your organization through this white paper.


  • Your guide to modern accounting tech: Cloud, analytics, security, & more

    For accounting firms that are looking to grow, choosing the right technology and having an ongoing marketing program is imperative. However, most do not do it because of the fear of complexity and costs. But that is not the case anymore. This guide is intended to help you make the right tech decisions for your firm. Read on to learn more.


  • Reducing MTTR from 2 hours to 30 minutes

    In this case study, learn about how the IT teams at CorCystems Managed IT Services standardized the workflows of the approximately 700 escalation tickets that they encounter each month.


  • Guide to Implementing Professional IT Documentation

    This white paper outlines best practices for implementing professional IT documentation, including defining goals, performing inventory and gap analysis, assessing data quality, and managing ongoing documentation. Download the full guide to learn how to ensure a smooth migration to a comprehensive IT documentation solution.


  • Unlock the power of a modern CMDB for digital transformation

    An advanced configuration management database(CMDB) can help organizations gain visibility into their complex, hybrid IT infrastructure and manage digital transformation. Learn how a CMDB can provide transparency, security, and process optimization. Read the full white paper to discover the benefits.


  • Empowering developers to build secure integrations faster

    In this product overview, discover how Digibee's extensive list of features can help you eliminate development barriers and support seamless integrations.


  • Fact vs. fiction: How GenAI is transforming system integration

    In this white paper, sort out the fact and fiction of how generative AI can transform system integration for enterprises, and find out the opportunities (and pitfalls) you can’t afford to overlook.


  • 9 use cases for Intermedia Contact Center Integration

    This product sheet explains how Intermedia Contact Center can improve your agents’ call effectiveness by integrating disparate data sources to foster faster, more personalized customer interactions. View it here to get started with 9 use cases.


  • Improve your IT documentation: 10 key criteria for success

    This white paper discusses the 10 most important criteria for choosing a professional IT documentation tool. It explains how such a tool provides valuable support for IT infrastructure management and digital transformation. Download the white paper now to learn more.


  • Maximizing efficiency: 6 best practices for manufacturing customer portals

    Increasingly, the old methods for dealing with customer needs are not good enough for the modern customer—or your own service teams. Customers expect to be able to self-service effectively, while your internal teams struggle with efficiency when customer requests mount. The solution? Access this white paper to learn more.


  • Unlock the Power of Cloud Migration with AWS and CloudHesive

    Discover how to streamline your AWS migration with CloudHesive's proven methodology. Explore the benefits of cloud adoption, common migration patterns, and a step-by-step approach to ensure a smooth transition. Read the full e-book to unlock the power of your cloud migration.


  • CW APAC, Sep 2021: Buyer's guide to robotic process automation

    In this handbook, Computer Weekly looks at the adoption of robotic process automation in APAC and where the technology fits in the wider automation landscape


  • 4 best practices to unlock the value of gen AI for analytics

    This e-book explores 4 ways to kickstart your enterprise's use of generative AI, from summarizing analytics insights to automating documentation and aligning analytics to business objectives. Read on to learn how to get started and deliver value with AI technology.


  • The financial impact of pre-authorization in healthcare

    For patients, the pre-authorization process for a procedure can be confusing. For providers, not having it can lead to serious financial risks. So, how does one navigate the complex situation of Prior Authorizations (PA) to ensure a cost-effective, seamless experience? Read on to learn more about ways providers can improve their PA process today.


  • Report: A new horizon for financial services powered by generative AI

    As generative AI's potential for financial services crystallizes, this framework aims to distinguish hype from reality and help guide your successful implementation. Download this analyst report now to learn more.


  • Accelerate growth and improve competitiveness with artificial intelligence

    It’s time to achieve your own AI success. Grab a copy of this e-book to browse a compendium of case studies in which 10 leading companies are successfully using AI with AWS to drive innovation, improve the customer experience, boost application performance, and automate business operations.


  • Optimising content management workflows with AI

    This e-handbook explores how a pantheon of AI technologies -- from machine learning and natural language processing to image recognition and video search -- promises to revolutionise content management workflows and personalise customer experiences. Some words of caution, however. These are early days for AI-infused content management.


  • 3 signs you may need to automate account reconciliation

    While enterprises commonly reconcile thousands of accounts during the quarter-end or month-end close, it’s reported that 65% still rely on manual methods to determine whether adjustments are required. Browse this white paper to learn more.


  • Discover 3 strategies for employee retention and growth

    The price of dissatisfied workers is high; Gartner estimates a company of 10,000 employees stands to pay $16 million per year replacing workers who leave in search of something better. This white paper by ServiceNow outlines three steps your organization can take to strengthen your workforce and drive growth. Explore the white paper now.


  • Security leader’s guide to the state of SOC

    As organizations accrue more data, the role of security operations centers (SOCs) becomes increasingly difficult. In this 22-page guide to the state of SOC, a team of 5 experts from Google and Deloitte & Touche LLP come together to explore strategies for how organizations can take their SOC to the next level. Read on to learn more.


  • Achieve continuous compliance in your DevOps workflows

    Achieve continuous compliance and security in DevOps by adopting a Policy-as-Code approach. Discover how to mitigate compliance risks, streamline audits, and enhance your security posture. Read this buyer's guide to learn the key selection criteria for choosing the right continuous compliance solution.


  • Third party analysis of access governance: One Identity, IBM, & other providers

    The Access Governance (AG) market continues to evolve. Produced by KuppingerCole Analysts, this Leadership Compass will give an overview and insights into the Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) market, providing you with a compass to help you find the products that can meet your needs. Read on to learn more.


  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Streamlining Vulnerability Remediation

    Learn a step-by-step approach to streamlining vulnerability remediation across your organization. Discover how to consolidate findings, prioritize fixes, and automate workflows for faster, more efficient risk reduction. Read the full e-book to improve your remediation operations.


  • Quantified benefits of an AI-driven UM platform

    There is a black hole of administrative spending and waste in utilization management (UM) that should be improved, but for which traditional solutions have not proven to be effective. It’s time for healthcare organizations to try a new strategy. Read on to learn about the quantified benefits of an AI-driven UM platform.


  • Managing lifecycles of network devices: 8-page guide

    To find out how you can improve your lifecycle management of network devices, take a look through this 8-page white paper.