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Ease Retail Supply Chain Uncertainty with Better Integration

How can you proactively mitigate your supply chain risk — diminishing vulnerabilities that can negatively impact your revenue and brand?

The right integration platform can help you transform your supply chain into a resilient, digitally connected ecosystem. Integration enables real-time, end-to-end visibility, flexibility, and scalability that:

  • Manages inventory levels in real time
  • Handles variability
  • Increases efficiency
  • And more

Read on to learn how Digibee’s integration solution may be able to help you solve your complex integration challenges quickly, at scale, and with confidence.

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  • Social media giant completes egocentric data collection for a future MR headset

    This case study details a partnership between a top social media firm and Qualitest to collect egocentric data for new MR headsets, involving 1,020 participants, 35 environments, and 6,783 captures.

    Case study highlights:

    • Qualitest's project management achieved a ~9% over-capture for quality data.
    • Scripting focused on realistic narratives for true-to-life scenarios.
    • AR devices' operational time and storage capacity increased for data collection.

    The study sheds light on data collection for next-gen MR experiences. Discover more in the full case study.

  • How automation helped a media giant integrate HCM data

    A media and entertainment giant was looking to transfer its HR data to its SAP instance and integrate it with relevant business processes, but the strict SAP data type verification process proved to be costly and difficult, leading the firm to look for assistance.

    By partnering with Qualitest, they were able to leverage an automated payroll validation solution that enabled massive cost savings and quickly verify the accuracy of data transfers. Read the full case study now to learn how automated integration testing can save time and money for your business.

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    There are several obstacles that IT teams must overcome in order to make IoT data usable for the organization. Access this blog post to learn why industrial DataOps is key for organizations that are looking to maximize the ROI of their digital investments and deliver contextualized data where it matters.


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  • Your quick start to modeling industrial data

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  • Deliver Data Products with Data Intelligence

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  • TDWI Maximizing Business Value with Data

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  • InterSystems TotalView: Game-changers for asset management

    Harris Associates boosts performance using InterSystems data platform. Its smart data fabric architecture leverages internal and external data for reporting, trade analysis, and more. Discover how they enhanced portfolio returns, minimized risk, and heightened efficiency with InterSystems TotalView for Asset Management.


  • 7 business drivers of AI-powered data integration

    Real-time data today is in demand by everyone - and everywhere - throughout an enterprise. Now more than ever, it’s important for independent software vendors (ISVs), data providers, and digital businesses to be able to navigate their complex collections of customer data and turn that data into actionable insights. Read on to learn how.


  • Schneider Electric Enhances Data Integration with Qlik

    Schneider Electric enhanced data integration and insight speed with Qlik Data Integration. Utilizing Qlik's change data capture tech, Schneider hit higher data accuracy and cut extraction times from days to hours. Discover how Qlik Data Integration sped up Schneider's DataOps in the full story.