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CyberArk Blueprint for Identity Security Success

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CW APAC October 2023 – Buyer’s guide to IAM

Identity access management tools are proving pivotal in the race to outwit cyber criminals. In this handbook, focused on IAM in the Asia-Pacific region, Computer Weekly takes a closer look at their capabilities, CyberArk’s growth, the uses of automation and how ForgeRock enhances user experience.

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  • Securing Access to Critical IT Resources

    Download this report and learn an overview of the market for Privilege Access Management (PAM) platforms and provides a compass to help buyers find the product that best meets their needs.

    KuppingerCole examines the market segment, vendor capabilities, relative market share, and innovative approaches to providing PAM solutions. These platforms fall under the KuppingerCole Privileged Access Management PAM classification and add improved security and value to business.

    Such products will include those that offer basic PAM capabilities such as password vaulting and management, full-service platforms that offer most capabilities right through to some CIEM capabilities and vendors that offer a mix of various capabilities for specific applications. The Leadership Compass is designed to address the fullest picture of the PAM market by assessing as many vendors as possible in the space, including those vendors to watch.

    Download now to access this free report and learn more.

  • Leadership Report: 2023 Access Management Products and Services Compared

    In today’s threat landscape, identity security requires a leader.

    One Identity has achieved a distinguished leadership position in the 2023 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Access Management, securing honors in the following categories: Overall, Product, Innovation, and Market.

    KuppingerCole Analysts highlight One Identity’s strengths in proven scalability, robust modern authentication methods, use of analytics and access intelligence, ability to support remote access and BYOD scenarios for the way organizations work today and a strong partner ecosystem.

    Want to learn more? Get your free copy of the 2023 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass and join One Identity on the path to cybersecurity excellence.

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  • The importance of privileged access management (PAM)

    No matter how good your security operation is, stolen credentials still pose a dire threat to your organization. In this webcast, experts from CyberArk explore why you need a need a battle-tested privileged access management (PAM) program. Watch now to learn more.


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    As the technology matures and improves, expect to see the following beneficial ChatGPT cybersecurity use cases emerge in the enterprise.


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    The rise of digital transformation, cloud adoption and remote work has spurred an evolution of identity in the workplace. In this e-guide, read more about the convergence of identity management and security, how to identify the main access management risks, and how cloud adoption is shaping digital identity trends.


  • DevSecOps delivers better business

    Firms need to consider the move from DevOps to DevSecOps. This e-guide focuses on the benefits of DevSecOps, paints a picture of the rise of this approach, and explains why using the right DevSecOps tools leads to more secure development. DevSecOps delivers better business, and it's time for you to find out how and why.


  • Kaspersky XDR Expert: Total business visibility & protection

    Kaspersky's XDR Expert offers complete visibility, correlation, and automation across endpoints, networks, and cloud against complex cyberthreats. The on-premises solution guarantees data sovereignty and provides open architecture for easy integration. Discover more in Kaspersky's full overview.


  • Getting Cloud Security Right

    In this e-guide, we will consider how to do cloud security right. Regular Computer Weekly contributor Peter Ray Allison explores this issue, weighing up the questions organisations should be asking of their cloud service providers, and whose responsibility cloud security should be.


  • MicroScope - May 2019: Packaged services – the global shift towards virtual distribution

    In this month's issue, we cover changes in distribution and the challenges being faced by those aiming to add value.


  • Third party analysis of access governance: One Identity, IBM, & other providers

    The Access Governance (AG) market continues to evolve. Produced by KuppingerCole Analysts, this Leadership Compass will give an overview and insights into the Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) market, providing you with a compass to help you find the products that can meet your needs. Read on to learn more.


  • Large Enterprises: Consider Your MSSP Options

    Take a look through this “ISG Provider Lens Quadrant” report to learn about 27 MSSPs that can support the needs of large enterprises.


  • MSSP landscape: The leaders, their capabilities & more

    Review this “ISG Provider Lens Quadrant” report to compare the strengths, challenges and capabilities of 20 top MSSPs for midsize enterprises.


  • Computer Weekly – 24 September 2019: Climate change – the challenge for datacentres

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine the impact of climate change on datacentres as potential victims and contributors to the problem. We look at the rise of voice channels and how IT leaders can use the technology for better customer experience. And we ask what lessons must be learned from Ecuador's citizens' data breach. Read the issue now.


  • Identity security buyer’s guide

    Leaders across industries are recognizing that digital identities and their access across the organization today are essential to securing the business. This guide is designed as a blueprint for your journey to a future-proof and successful identity security program. Read on to learn more.


  • CIO Trends India

    CIOs in India have been put to the test as their organisations implement remote work arrangements amid the Covid-19 pandemic. We look at the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on India's IT industry, why a pandemic specific BCP matters and how CIOs can harden up their datacentre equipment supply chains post-Covid-19.


  • The great IAM - time to modernise?

    In this e-guide, we offer a refresher in Identity and Access Management and highlight some of the trends that have an impact on it. Take a look at why IAM is a core building block for GDPR compliance and at the same time, a vital business concern. Is IAM really the way forward? And if so, is it time to modernise your strategy?


  • Essential Guide: How APAC firms can ride out the pandemic

    In this Essential Guide, we examine the impact of Covid-19 on Asia-Pacific businesses, and how they have responded from a technology perspective by driving initiatives spanning digital transformation, business continuity, cloud, cyber security and remote working.


  • Analyst report: Leading vendor in ZTNA landscape

    To unlock advice for evaluating the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) market, and to learn about a leading vendor in the landscape, dig into this 2023 IDC MarketScape report.


  • Discover the benefits of Zero Trust Privilege for your organization

    Discover how Zero Trust Privilege can secure remote access, enable cloud migration, ensure compliance, and accelerate digital transformation. This in-depth e-book explores the benefits and implementation strategies. Read it now.


  • Roadmap for raising & strengthening security through Identity

    Identity security was once simply a means of managing passwords and login credentials, but today, with identity at the heart of digital business, identity security is critical for protecting your organization. Download this white paper to unlock a comprehensive guide for your workforce identity maturity journey.


  • A comprehensive guide to composable customer data platforms

    Want to find out how composable customer data platforms (CDPs) can help your enterprise unlock the full value of customer data? This in-depth guide explores the advantages, required capabilities, and blueprint for building a composable CDP. Read the full e-book now to learn how you can maximize your investment in customer data.


  • Why application hardening is essential in DevSecOps

    Discover in this IDC analyst report why application hardening must be integrated with DevSecOps security gates to ensure only hardened apps are released.


  • 3 key concepts of a prevention-first security strategy

    With cloud threats evolving, organizations find themselves exposed and at risk. In response, they need a new more proactive approach to cloud security. This whitepaper outlines Check Point’s new Cloud Security paradigm, which emphasizes a unique technology stack. Read on to learn more.


  • 38-page report on the zero-trust landscape

    In partnership with Qualtrics, Okta conducted a global study with the help of 860 information security decisionmakers across a range of industry verticals. In the 38 pages of this report, Okta has condensed the findings of this research so that you can extract the most valuable and relevant information. Read on to learn more.


  • How identity protection fortifies the top entry point for adversaries

    Adversaries target identity and credentials because humans are easy to trick, credentials are like a master key, and identities are easy to monetize and span the entire enterprise. Download the eBook to learn how to combat these types of attacks with a combination of identity protection and threat intelligence.


  • Identity Governance & Administration Solution Buyer’s Guide

    Over the last few years, cloud acceleration, security threats, and constant technology transformation have bombarded enterprises. IGA is fundamental to modern enterprise security. Importantly, IGA builds a foundation for Zero Trust across cloud, hybrid, and on-prem environments. Read on to learn more.


  • CW APAC: Expert advice on zero-trust security

    Zero trust is a security model that eliminates the traditional perimeter and assumes that no user or device can be trusted until proven otherwise. In this handbook, Computer Weekly looks at how enterprises can take a zero-trust approach to securing their network, devices and workforce.


  • How Workforce Identity Can Power Security

    Identity is the only technology integrated across your entire IT and security stack, from devices and on-prem applications to cloud apps and workloads. Download this eGuide and learn how an Identity-powered approach to security protects your workers, resources, and their innovation and productivity.


  • Making the Move to Modern IGA

    This guide shares expert advice on preparing for, executing, and measuring a modernization campaign’s success. Insights surround building consensus, evaluating platforms, managing migration, and measuring success. Importantly, it also features real-world examples from practitioners on the other side of successful transitions. Read the guide today!


  • Computer Weekly – 6 December 2022: Is Twitter still safe, and should you stop using the platform?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, with a litany of security and compliance issues caused by Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter, we ask if it's still safe for enterprises. Our latest buyer's guide examines the technologies and best practices behind data visualisation. And we look at the emerging devices for accessing the metaverse. Read the issue now.


  • Today's attacks target people, not just technology

    Today's threat landscape requires a fresh mindset and new strategy, one that focuses on protecting people. In this white paper, explore the factors that play into end-user risk and how to mitigate these factors. Also, find concrete steps that your organization can take to build a people-centric defense.


  • Mobilizing a Zero Trust Security Model: SMBs Charting a New Course

    As organizations move towards a distributed workforce, a Zero Trust security model is critical. Learn how SMBs are advancing their identity and access management maturity to secure remote access and build user trust. Read the full white paper to discover the key steps in your Zero Trust journey.


  • Computer Weekly – 5 July 2022: How to get the right level of cyber insurance

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we look at how the market for cyber insurance is evolving and how to avoid buying the wrong level of cover. We find out what role hydrogen technologies could play in reducing datacentre carbon emissions. And we hear how a 125-year old bicycle maker is embracing digital innovation. Read the issue now.


  • Close the gap between privileged and standard-user identities

    Explore how to unify identity management and provisioning processes, eliminate silos, and simplify compliance with One Identity's Privileged Account Governance. Read the full white paper to learn more.


  • Unveiling the True Potential of Identity: Strengthening Security through Complementary Practices

    Download this report and learn why, in today's evolving threat landscape, a complimentary approach to identity governance and Privileged Access Management is vital for organizations seeking to maintain a secure and compliant environment.


  • 6 steps to secure your organization with continuous governance

    Identities and access need to be managed in order to meet compliance standards and endure the long-term security of your organization. This e-book describes how your organization can achieve secure, continuous compliance through an identity governance framework. Read on to learn more.


  • Just-In-Time Privilege: Secure your Active Directory access

    As the de facto authentication method for many enterprises, Active Directory (AD) is a consistent target for cybercriminals. Just-In-Time Privilege from One Identity is designed to protect within AD by removing access to those not currently using the privilege. Download this white paper to learn more about Just-In-Time Privilege.


  • Strategies for successfully managing privileged accounts

    One of the most important aspects of an identity security program is the management and governance of the accounts belonging to superusers — privileged accounts.


  • Controlling and Managing Privileged Access

    Download this report and learn the risks associated with privileged access, and explains how solutions from One Identity mitigate those risks with granular access control and accountability.


  • Cybersecurity resilience in an era of identity sprawl

    As a CISO, your concerns expressed to the board of directors about cybersecurity have been largely drowned out by macroeconomic challenges, pipeline complexity and a need to enable a drastic increase in remote access.


  • Accelerating Zero Trust Capabilities eBook

    The rapid growth of adversarial cyber threats emphasizes the need for the Department of Defense (DoD) to adapt and improve our deterrence strategies and cybersecurity implementations. In this whitepaper, Saviynt will hone in on the three specific pillars that require agencies to protect users, systems, and data at the identity layer.


  • Modernizing Security: Proactive PAM Solutions for Today

    In every enterprise IT environment, privileged accounts are instrumental in empowering administrators to manage the system effectively. However, the inherent risks associated with granting privileged access, as underscored in many of today's headlines, raise significant concerns for any organization, regardless of size or industry.


  • CISSP Exam Guide Chapter 1 sample download

    In this 174-page chapter download from McGraw Hill, learn everything you need to know about the first domain, security and risk management, to help you excel at your CISSP exam.


  • A needed shift in remote access solutions

    Remote access has transformed the digital landscape, most clearly seen in the widespread adoption of remote and hybrid work models. But remote access tools have become one of the most commonly used attack vectors. Read this e-book to learn more about remote access security.


  • Cybersecurity leader's guide for industrial zero-trust strategies

    The zero-trust model for operational technology (OT) has moved beyond its initial phase and is now cautiously gaining momentum. Download this Takepoint Research report to learn how and why industrial cybersecurity professionals are focusing on integrating the Zero Trust model.


  • Cloud PAM Buyer’s Guide

    Well-run PAM programs add enterprise-wide visibility and leverage identity intelligence and analytics to help leaders make better access decisions. You’re likely hunting for the right list of questions to ask and concerns to raise en route to this more secure reality. Read this guide to learn more.


  • A Computer Weekly e-Guide to IAM

    We dive straight into the importance of Identity and Access Management and its importance in modern day IT. We also take a close look into how it can bolster companies' compliance and will be running you through the do's and don'ts of taking interviews about IAM.