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How One E-Commerce Platform Went From Data Mistrust to Data Confidence

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From Data Warehouse to Data Mesh: Usable Data Is Still Key

According to a recent study by TDWI Research, of 244 companies using a cloud data warehouse or lake, 76% experience most if not all of the same challenges as their on-premise environments. Regardless of your organization’s data management strategy, the ability to link, integrate and make sense of information from across the business is critical.

So how can your organization maximize data usability to effectively drive value from data at scale?

Access this blog post to learn about data usability layers and how you can leverage one alongside your data environment to monetize as much data as possible.

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  • Make the most of your data

    To stay competitive, you need a way to connect to and simplify data management and application development across environments, from creation to storage and pilot to production, all while keeping costs under control. In this paper you’ll learn:

    • The challenges with creating value from your data
    • How HPE GreenLake can help you turn raw data into actionable insights with unprecedented speed and agility
    • How to harness the value of all your data, no matter where it lives, to open opportunities and gain competitive advantage

  • How to prevent your data lake from becoming a data swamp

    When data is being dumped into your data lake without suitable oversight and documentation, it becomes difficult for data management and governance teams to keep track of what's in the data lake.

    How can you prevent your data lake from turning into a data swamp?

    The value of a data lake can be enhanced significantly by including strong data governance combined with metadata management, data quality and data security processes in the design, loading and maintenance of the environment.

    Access this e-guide to learn about 5 common data governance challenges encountered in a data lake implementation and how you can overcome them to maximize the value of your data lake.

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    An organization's data is one of its most valuable assets and must be protected accordingly. Because there are so many ways data can potentially be compromised, organizations must take a multifaceted approach to ensure the well-being of their data. This means focusing on three key areas: data protection, data security and data privacy.


  • Data protection: Not just about personal data and compliance

    Despite the focus on data protection, many organisations are still leaving their data wide open for attack through the digital equivalent of leaving the front door open and the windows unlocked from a hacker perspective.


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    This expert e-guide explores the need for new thinking around data integration in a big data world, and highlights key tools that can deliver the value you're looking for.


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    Although data classification tools are probably best known for preventing data leakage, organizations also apply them to backup, primarily for maintaining regulatory compliance. Read on to learn how data classification can enable your organization to better identify, handle & protect sensitive data as well as reduce backup storage costs.


  • Get Data Quality Right: A Guide for CDOs and Data Executives

    Data quality and accuracy is an objective not only for businesses leading the way in machine learning and AI, but for anyone who deals with customer information or any kind of data. Studies show that poor data quality can cost companies upwards of 20% of their revenue according to Gartner. Read more about data quality and how you can achieve it.


  • Trustworthy data governance

    Organizations rely on data governance to ensure their data is consistent, trustworthy and not misused. Read this data sheet to discover PK Protect, which aims to help you establish confidence within governance processes that all valuable data has been identified and is continuously protected according to organizational policy.


  • Big data analytics: Data warehouse vs Hadoop

    When looking at the big picture, Hadoop isn't an effective replacement for your enterprise data warehouse. So how can you get the best of both worlds? This expert e-guide explores how Hadoop and the data warehouse can complement each other on business intelligence projects to help you gain strategic insights


  • How P&C insurers can protect data with data discovery and classification

    Property & Casualty (P&C) insurers face stringent security requirements established by state and federal legislation. Highly accurate sensitive data and classification is imperative to keeping member data safe.


  • Data governance more important now than ever

    As organisations generate and store ever-increasing volumes of data, governance of that data has never been more important. In this e-guide, we discuss why good data governance is good business, why it's essential to data security and examine the state of GDPR after its first year being in effect.


  • Data protection fights ransomware with healthcare data

    Tokenization can help you encrypt and safeguard sensitive healthcare data, shoring up your defenses against ransomware. Read on to discover how Protegrity’s Data Protection Platform helps you monitor sensitive data and automatically build regulatory compliance reports, allowing you to better secure you data without impacting business operations.


  • Strong data privacy starts with the right data protection

    Access this white paper to cover what data privacy means in the current day, how it breeds success, and why the increasing volume of data (and breaches) makes it more important than ever before.


  • Improve your data visibility

    Today’s organizations possess more data than ever before and want to derive value from it. Comforte Data Discovery and Classification is a solution designed to help organizations attain continuous visibility over their data, allowing for rapid discovery so that valuable data is always secure. Read the overview now to learn more.


  • How to restore confidence in your data

    Read this case study to learn how a financial services firm restored confidence in its data by leveraging capabilities from KX, which allowed them to democratize massive amounts of data, regardless of format/location.


  • Do you have a holistic data strategy?

    As a data leader, you navigate through an ever-growing pool of internal and external data sources to shape strategy and direction in an increasingly competitive, data-rich marketplace.


  • Capitalizing on Big Data

    This expert e-guide from explores the need for data-driven decision-making skills in the age of big data, and reveals Gartner's basic business rules for driving big data success. Read on to learn more.


  • Understanding Intent Data

    Intent data can help you prioritize accounts by capturing prospect activities and gauging the level of purchase interest. In this e-book, “Understanding Intent Data,” we detail the basics of intent data and show how to incorporate it into your marketing strategy.


  • The Cloud is the New Center of Data

    Some enterprises have closed down their data centers, but it doesn’t seem likely that another 7 out of 10 enterprise data centers will go offline in just five years. In this brief, learn why a new paradigm is needed to extend the WAN beyond the data center to the multi- and hybrid cloud environment in which the modern enterprise operates.


  • Using LTE to send IoT data to the cloud or data center

    Open this solution brief to learn how to use LTE to send IoT data to the cloud or data center.


  • Building With Financial Data

    Building a fintech app is a complicated process. You can make it easier. Download this primer on everything from the basics of financial data to how to create rules and act on data in motion.


  • Business analytics needs underpinnings of sound data and data-skilled humans

    Data analytics for the solution of first-order business problems is probably more important than ever. It is not new. Companies and organisations have been analysing computerised data for many decades. But all sorts of companies now pronounce themselves "data driven". Read more about business analytics trends in this exclusive e-guide.


  • What is composable data analytics?

    Composable data analytics is the process where you combine and consume analytic capabilities across various applications. Combined with a decision intelligence tool, you will enable more effective and faster decision-making across your enterprise. Access this white paper to learn more about composable data analytics and decision intelligence.


  • Linking Master Data Management to Big Data

    How does Master Data Management (MDM) impact big data, and vice versa? In this e-guide, Gartner Research vice presidents Andrew White and John Radcliffe, and founder and chief research officer with the MDM Institute, Aaron Zornes, share their insights and advice on leveraging MDM tools and strategies to combat big data and other trends.


  • It's complicated: how data integration lies at the heart of evermorecomplex data architectures

    Data integration and preparation remains the knotty problem at the heart of many data management and business intelligence programmes.Demands on IT leaders in user organisations – especially large, complex ones – are and will continue to be equally complex and pressing as boards look to get business value from data. Read more in this e-guide.


  • Big Data Analytics: How to work smarter with data-driven insights

    In this e-guide, learn about the state of adoption of data analytics in Australia, how Commonwealth Bank is making analytics tools more accessible to small companies and how SAS is prepping its marketers for the data flood.


  • How to Manage & Protect Your Unstructured Data

    Reliable unstructured data protection requires that organizations have both thorough knowledge of the information contained in unstructured data files and a plan for retrieval and security. Access this custom e-guide to gain a deeper understanding of unstructured data protection.


  • Applications of Retrospective Longitudinal Data

    This panel of data experts shares the immense value of longitudinal data – when fully leveraged. Learn the evolution of data usage and sharing in healthcare and understand how this foundation is launching us into a data-driven future.


  • Defending your data center with Fortinet

    For CIOs, data security means protecting not only data in the cloud but also data in data centers. And data center security consists of unique challenges. This overview delves into those challenges and explores how Fortinet can help your business overcome them. Continue on to learn more.


  • Contextualized Data Where It Matters

    There are several obstacles that IT teams must overcome in order to make IoT data usable for the organization. Access this blog post to learn why industrial DataOps is key for organizations that are looking to maximize the ROI of their digital investments and deliver contextualized data where it matters.


  • Security Big Data: Preparing for a Big Data Collection Implementation

    This expert e-guide from offers realistic advice to help your enterprise information security team understand what technology and processes must be in place in order to properly and securely take advantage of big data.


  • Data classification tools: What they do and who makes them

    Data classification is an essential pre-requisite to data protection, security and compliance. Firms need to know where their data is and the types of data they hold. In this article, learn more about how these tools can help keep your data tidy and which suppliers offer the best options in the market.


  • Data protection for the modern enterprise

    Data usage and dependence has evolved rapidly in recent years – which has led to a rise in the necessity for effective data loss prevention (DLP), especially as organization migrate their data to the cloud. Access this exclusive e-book for a closer look at modern data protection challenges and requirements and an intro to cloud-based DLP.


  • A blueprint for data-centric security

    Data-centric security is a fundamentally different approach for protecting sensitive data from theft or misuse – but how should organizations go about embracing this new approach? Read this white paper to discover the key principles of data-centric security, along with best practices for designing and building an effective program.


  • Data monitoring in the cloud

    Database activity monitoring (DAM) solutions, while effective, have been limited in their adoption outside of regulated industries and have struggled to transition to the cloud. Symmetry Systems’ Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) aims to provide a high level of data monitoring within their cloud environments. Read on to learn more.


  • Who is protecting your data in Microsoft 365?

    Every organization needs to ensure an ability to recover in the event of a disaster. You need proper backups, retention policies, and a long-term data protection strategy. Many think that moving to the cloud will mitigate risks, but even when your data is in the cloud, having a data protection plan is a necessity. Read on to learn more.


  • The ultimate guide to data preparation

    Poor data equates to wrong decisions, bias in the AI algorithm and flawed decision-making. What's more, data that personally identifies an individual can only be used in very specific ways, as stipulated by GDPR. Read about data preparation in this e-guide.


  • 5 types of data security

    Because no single form of data exists, no single magic-bullet technique can secure all data. A defense-in-depth data security strategy is made up of a combination of tools, techniques and policies. This infographic gives an overview of the must-have data security technologies.


  • The many methods of data classification, explained

    Check it out here to learn the many methods of data protection, key data classification and security policies to know, and a comprehensive data-centric security solution checklist, and much more.


  • How to unlock the potential of your Salesforce data

    While many businesses are considering moving to Salesforce to get more value out of their data, those efforts will be fruitless unless they start by improving data quality. Read on to understand what defines high-quality data and 3 reasons why it can be useful for your organization, including steps you can take to boost data quality in Salesforce.


  • Data Management Strategies for the CIO

    CIOs are turning to emerging forms of data management, including predictive business intelligence and information architectures, to harness the power of their data. Inside this expert e-book, gain insight on data management topics such as storage and retention policies, data protection and lifecycle management.


  • The 4 Roadblocks of Data Preparation

    Recent research shows that most data analysts spend 40-60% of their time preparing data. Most of the time is spent on accessing, cleansing, normalizing, and blending different data sets. Then, when it’s time to actually analyze the data, you run the risk of it being outdated. There are ways to overcome these roadblocks. Read on to learn more.


  • Providing data security for healthcare

    For healthcare organizations, data is crucial to their sustainability. Healthcare organizations look to accelerate their data management and improve security, all while needing to fully comply with GDPR and maintain health data integrity. Download this case study to see how SSH heled this healthcare organization improve their data security.


  • How data analytics is transforming healthcare

    Find out the latest trends, benefits, and challenges of using big data in healthcare with this guide.


  • Data governance for all seasons and reasons

    To promote business buy-in and avoid resistance to governance policies, programs should be business-driven, with data owners involved and the data governance committee making the decisions on standards, policies and rules. This infographic highlights some of the best practices for implementing and managing data governance programs.


  • How to start with data-centric security

    Given the alarming frequency of data breaches reported worldwide, it is evident that classic perimeter defenses and intrusion detection are becoming less and less effective. Step in data-centric security. Download this e-book dive into the notions of data-centric security, protection methods, and more.


  • How to make your industrial data fit for purpose

    A modern industrial facility can easily produce a terabyte of data each day; unfortunately, not all of this data is usable or useful in its original form. This 7-step guide will help you process your industrial data and transform it into a useable, valuable source of insight. Read on to learn more about Industrial IoT data and its proper use.


  • Data Integration on Snowflake with Spectra

    Data integration is the process of bringing the raw data from different sources into Spectra and performing suitable transformation on them before pushing the processed data into Snowflake. This demo shows this process in motion. Watch it here.