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Data Modernization with MongoDB and Google Cloud

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2023 NoSQL DBaaS Performance Analysis

Using the Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark across four business scenarios and four different cluster configurations, Altoros compared the throughput and latency of four popular DBaaS offerings: Couchbase Capella™, MongoDB™ Atlas, Amazon DynamoDB, and Redis Enterprise Cloud.

This report’s detailed analysis walks you through:

  • The different cluster configurations for each DBaaS
  • Comparative performance results for update-heavy, read-only, scanning short range, and filter with OFFSET and LIMIT workloads
  • Operating cost comparisons broken down by workload and by average monthly billing based on number of nodes

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  • Couchbase Capella vs. MongoDB Atlas: Comparing NoSQL databases as a service

    NoSQL encompasses a wide variety of database technologies that were developed in response to a rise in the volume of data and the frequency with which information is stored, accessed, and updated.

    But picking the perfect solution for your organization can be difficult, as your team should avoid having to invest increasing amounts of time and money on cluster support, deployment, and maintenance.

    Dive into this 21-page analyst report, which reveals the results of using the Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark to compare the throughput and latency of Couchbase Capella and MongoDB Atlas across four business scenarios and three cluster configurations.

  • How to protect your sensitive data everywhere it’s hosted

    These days, your sensitive data likely exists in multiple places, both outside of and within your company.

    How can you ensure that your data is safe in all its locations? This overview explains how a data security posture management solution can help by:

    • Boosting visibility into user data activity
    • Enabling IT flexibility
    • And more

    Check out the overview to learn about one such solution: IBM Security Guardium Insights.

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  • 2023 NoSQL DBaaS Performance Analysis

    Using the Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark across four business scenarios and four different cluster configurations, Altoros compared the throughput and latency of four popular DBaaS offerings: Couchbase Capella™, MongoDB™ Atlas, Amazon DynamoDB, and Redis Enterprise Cloud. Read on to learn their findings.


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