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Data analytics trends and how to stay on top of them

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19 BI and analytics vendors go head to head

The leading BI and analytics platforms are no longer differentiated by data visualization capabilities; as these capabilities have become ubiquitous, vendors are now distinguished by the way that they integrate with wider data architectures, how well they support AI and ML powered augmented analytics, and their automation capabilities.

Download this Gartner Magic Quadrant for analytics and BI platforms to learn how vendors like Tableau, Domo, Google, and more compare when it comes to key BI platform features including:

  • Data storytelling abilities
  • Automated insights
  • Cataloging features
  • And data integration success

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  • Cloud data platform: Support better data analytics

    Traditional data architectures are not able to support effective data analytics in the modern era.

    How can you unlock greater analytical capability for faster decision-making?

    Cloud-enabled data platforms can be the key to efficient analytics that will drive market opportunities.

    Read this custom TechTarget white paper to understand how a digital-native mobile bank was able to reduce costs while securely scaling its business in the cloud with AWS’ cloud data platform and analytics tools.

  • Introduction to DataOps

    DataOps refers to a development model that takes the best practices found in agile engineering and DevOps. The goal is to accelerate the collection and implementation of data-driven insights so organizations can unlock otherwise untapped business value.

    Considering 71% of organizations said they believe data will become more important to their decision-making over the next 24 months – according to a 451 Research survey – leveraging a DataOps model will only become more integral as time goes on.

    Access this white paper to explore how DataOps works, examples of real cases, and how you can achieve success.

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  • Data quality: Cloud framework for effective data analytics

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  • Powering Data-Driven Innovation in Fintech

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  • Build truly intelligent enterprise search capabilities

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  • Overcome monitoring tool sprawl with monitoring tool consolidation

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  • The single database solution for your workloads

    Organizations often look to plug the holes in their database with multiple systems or solutions. In this report, learn about single database solutions that could be a fit for your company, including benefits, challenges, and more.


  • BigQuery is named a leader by an analyst firm for Cloud Data Warehousing

    Google is honored to have been named a Leader in the Forrester Wave™ Cloud Data Warehouse, Q1 2021 report. Forrester gave BigQuery a 5 out of 5 score across 19 different criteria. Download a copy of this report to explore BigQuery.


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    Exploring open problems facing cloud infrastructure, this article in our Royal Holloway security series describes the implementation, feasibility and benefits of cloud-native honeypots.


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  • Use a modern data catalog to drive value for your business

    Enterprise data landscapes have grown more sophisticated in recent years, and compliant data usage continues to become more complex with more people accessing and using data in new ways. Read on to learn about the different types of modern data catalogs and how you can implement one to drive value for your company.


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    Augmented analytics tools are designed to simplify the BI and analytics process for business users and citizen data scientists. They've become featured elements in new software releases from BI vendors. This e-guide offers insights into the technology's potential uses and critical issues.


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    Since the pandemic, many organizations have invested significantly in technology to support a remote or hybrid workforce. Download this eBook to learn how to successfully navigate the changing tech requirements of hybrid work.


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    Incorporating Delinea's experience with thousands of PAM customers (including half of Fortune 100) worldwide, this e-book supports a business-first approach that balances securing access to privileged credentials and endpoints, enhancing productivity, and minimizing overall costs. Read the full e-book to learn more.


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    CPaaS is a cloud-based platform that allows businesses and customers to connect in real-time through handpicked channels without having to re-engineer back-end systems. To learn more about CPaaS and the best ways to choose a provider and approach, download this buyer’s guide.


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