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Cyber threat report: How to get a step ahead of adversaries

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Ransomware & extortion report

While much attention has been paid to ransomware in recent years, modern threat actors increasingly use additional extortion techniques to coerce targets into paying—or dispense with ransomware altogether and practice extortion on its own.

And as bolder ransomware attacks target more than just vital infrastructure and corporate data, incident response plans today need to involve not only technical considerations but also safeguards for an organization’s reputation and considerations for how to protect employees or customers who may become targets for some of extortionists’ more aggressive tactics.

Download this e-book to access executive recommendations from Unit42 to address the concerns of rising extortion and prepare yourself for the worst.

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    Through custom research and customer interviews, Enterprise Strategy Group validated that by deploying Infoblox networking and security products into these diverse environments, organizations can:

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