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Compare Open Source Orchestration Tools for DevOps

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Why your Kubernetes applications will face unique security concerns

An ever-growing number of applications, including data-intensive applications, are being rearchitected for and being built on container architectures. Thus, they need to be protected, just like their physical and virtual counterparts.

However, throwing legacy security solutions at new architecture is a recipe for disaster. Containers have a number of unique considerations beyond traditional data protection requirements that need to be factored in.

Download this white paper for a close look at the unique challenges encountered when protecting Kubernetes environments… and find out how Dell PowerProtect Data Manager can help.

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  • automates CI/CD without "rip and replace"

    Managing the CI/CD pipeline with manual steps often results in:

    • Lack of visibility throughout the release process life-cycle
    • Manual test intervention risks that extend time to deploy
    • Stressful releases when excessive intervention introduces the risk of human error.

    To achieve the true potential of CI/CD is extremely challenging if significant manual intervention remains part of the process. So, what’s the alternative?

    Read this product overview to evaluate the top 3 benefits of another option: CI/CD pipeline automation with’s Composer Solution.

  • 7 reasons to consider Rancher for container management

    Container adoption is surging, and Kubernetes has become the go-to for managing container workloads. Yet, Kubernetes' complexity at scale is daunting.

    This white paper delves into how Rancher simplifies Kubernetes deployment and management. Read the white paper for 7 reasons why you should consider Rancher as your enterprise container management platform of choice.

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