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Accelerate Time to Value in Manufacturing

Manufacturers have seen major innovation in their production environments. Industry 4.0 advancements created new opportunities to improve performance, quality, safety, and more

This e-book looks at smart manufacturing, presenting a series of smart manufacturing offerings from ServiceNow partners, including organizations such as:

  • Fujitsu Smart Factory OT Digital Transformation
  • EY OT Security and Service Management
  • Deloitte Managed Shopfloor Services OTSM
  • And more

Download the e-book more to learn about smart manufacturing and see how you can revolutionize your organization’s manufacturing operation.

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  • Market Guide for Identity Governance And Administration

    Due to the typical five-to-eight-year life span of identity governance and administration (IGA) tools, security and risk management (SRM) leaders must constantly prepare for the future.

    Gartner has published the Market Guide for Identity Governance and Administration as a resource to aid SRM leaders in anticipating future trends, features, and integration capabilities in the IGA market.

    Access the analyst report to learn the 5 IGA market recommendations for SRM leaders, which include:

    • Working with stakeholders to define requirements and build use cases early in the process,
    • Identifying the type and depth of IGA functionality required,
    • And building for 2030, not just for today.

  • Answers to your cloud questions

    True: Cloud use has become ubiquitous.

    Also true: Your business, like all businesses, still has questions about the cloud.

    This e-book is here to provide answers.

    Along with answering 5 key questions that you’re probably afraid to ask about the cloud, this e-book presents a lesson in Cloud 101 and examples of the cloud’s real-world impact.

    Check it out to learn more.

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  • Special Edition: Low-Code Apps for Dummies

    To keep up with change, digitizing processes across your enterprise is a growing priority. Get this e-book to learn how low-code empowers everyone to build automated workflows, fast—and with less complexity. Inside, you’ll explore what type of apps you can build, best practices from low-code experts, and a proven development plan you should follow.


  • Book of knowledge: How to deliver improved CX

    Every customer interaction matters. But how can you deliver effortless experiences that build long-term loyalty? Learn why top brands are connecting people and processes to drive growth, in ServiceNow’s 2022 Book of Knowledge.


  • How you can enable GBS to accelerate innovation

    Digital transformation has become critical for the success of businesses. However, as organizations seek to optimize their technology and investments, many have run into challenges. That’s where enterprise shared services and Global Business Services (GBS) come in. Access this white paper to learn more.


  • Power of the Platform

    How can you empower your customers, employees, and partners with modern, consumer-grade experiences? Read on to learn how the Now Platform can help you break down silos, seamlessly connecting your people, systems and processes with enterprise-wide digital workflows while increasing speed to value.


  • Creating Organizational Agility

    It is increasingly difficult to predict what will happen in even the next quarter, so the idea of planning a full year several months before that year began is obsolete. This white paper looks at organizational agility, an operating model that borrows from Agile in order to develop an ideology that can fuel a higher level of optimization.


  • Creating organizational agility with ServiceNow

    Download this ServiceNow e-book to explore how to respond to external threats and opportunities in such a way that your organization can consistently deliver optimal performance and achieve true organizational agility.


  • Agile at Scale 101

    Dive into this e-book to explore what Agile project management is and the payoffs your organization can achieve through adoption.


  • Using HAM to automate the process

    IT environments have never been so dynamic, with business models, operating models and workforce paradigms changing fast. But you can stay in control with ServiceNow® Hardware Asset Management (HAM), creating visibility over your hardware, software and cloud resources.


  • Fuel innovation with smarter application development

    There is a significant gap between the need for enterprise-grade apps to be developed and the availability of traditional developers. This e-book serves as a guide to better application development, allowing you to better focus your development through the following 3 strategic outlooks. Continue on to learn more.


  • Implementing automation & low code for improved employee experience

    Gartner predicts that 65% of all app development activity will take place on low-code platforms by 2024. That’s because a feature-rich, low-code platform that’s built to scale can enable your department to double production without additional hires. Explore this e-book to learn about the full business case for low code.


  • How to deliver fast, frictionless customer service

    Inefficient manual processes and siloed departments lead to wasted time and effort, leaving both customers and employees frustrated. In this e-book, explore the benefits of a unified service platform like ServiceNow, which offers predictive services, automation tools and a centralized network to deliver fast, frictionless service.


  • The PMO that delivers

    In this exclusive guide, ServiceNow considers the role that the PMO plays within the business, asking a challenging question: Are traditional PMOs delivering success as promised? Find the answer and explore what the modern, business-aligned PMO looks like for 2021 here.


  • Customer service management solutions: Should your company invest?

    Organizations are looking for solutions that can help them improve employee and customer satisfaction while also retaining business and realizing new opportunities. However, when searching for systems, many struggle to understand the benefits, costs, and risks, as well as the financial impact of the investment. Access this report to learn more.


  • 5 Ways To Reduce Software, Hardware, And Cloud Spend For More Innovation Budget

    Unmonitored applications can easily lead to bloated spending while leaving your business vulnerable to cyberattacks. This white paper offers 5 ways you can reduce software, hardware, and cloud spending to help secure your organization. Check it out here.


  • 5 Ways to Reduce IT Asset Costs

    Enabling flexible, resilient IT doesn’t necessarily mean spending more money. In fact, it can mean cutting costs. Explore this white paper to discover 5 ways that you can reduce your IT asset costs and optimize your IT operations.


  • Automation Antidotes for the Top Poisons in Cybersecurity Management

    Almost half of all CIOs believe their cybersecurity may not be on par with their digital transformation efforts, but 80% of organizations that use automation say they can respond to vulnerabilities in a shorter timeframe. Download this white paper to help


  • The Critical Connection for HR: How Strategic Automation Drives Crucial Employee Empowerment

    Due to the widespread talent shortage, workers have more options, and so organizations need to do all they can to retain their workforce. This e-book looks at how using automation to streamline workflow can help organizations maximize employee experience and retain more of their workforce. Continue reading to learn more.


  • Meeting compliance with integrated risk platforms

    In our age of digital innovation as threats and risks continue to advance, it can be difficult for legacy systems to keep up. Along with this, rapid shifts in regulations have forced companies to adapt faster than their systems allow them to. Read this white paper to learn more about the potential benefits of an integrated risk platform.


  • Improved visibility, swifter resolution: Automation for service operations

    Download this e-book to see why it’s time to go beyond technology service operations.


  • The power of space management

    How can you give your employees the flexibility and freedom to perform at their best? By building a workspace that works for everyone—improving experiences while lowering costs. Read this e-book to learn more.


  • 3 steps to drive strategic outcomes across the enterprise

    With strategic portfolio management (SPM), customers have completed the annual planning cycle 40% faster, recorded 30% time-to-market improvements, and made an estimated €2.5M in efficiency gains. This operational guide to SPM highlights3 key steps for driving SPM along with a real-world case study exemplifying each. Read on to learn more.


  • 3 essential steps for driving strategic outcomes with SPM

    Dive into this white paper for your 3-step roadmap for driving critical outcomes across your organization by adopting SPM as a strategic fulcrum.


  • The Top 3 IT Pains Of The New Reality And How To Solve Them

    The massive shifts in workforce and processes have revealed acute shortfalls in IT systems and approaches. Download this eBook to see how integrating operations management (ITOM) at the same time as ITSM can help mitigate key IT pain points in your organization.


  • How digital business drives operational excellence

    Customers and employees now demand that enterprises make their operations more responsible, effective and transparent. You can achieve this by running your operations more efficiently and enhancing organisational alignment at scale, all while reducing costs. See how organisations are achieving operating excellence—and how you can too.


  • Take control of diverse and rapidly evolving enterprise risks

    Read this e-book to explore the three pillars for proactively and consistently tackling new risks that come your way: creating a unified system for operationalising risk and compliance; making your frontline employees equal partners; and automatically fuelling internal audits with high-quality data.


  • Citizen Development with ServiceNow App Engine

    Enabling end users—citizen developers—puts your organization on a path to reach full-scale digital transformation. Check out this e-book to see how you can foster citizen development to benefit your organization.


  • Project portfolio management deep dive: Issues, tools & more

    As your business adopts new technologies and processes to stand out in the evolving marketplace, ensuring strong project portfolio management (PPM) becomes crucial. Check out this white paper for a PPM deep dive.


  • Why 90% of project strategies fail, & how to fix it

    A frequently cited statistic indicates that as many as 90% of project strategies do not succeed. Download this e-book to discover how sophisticated roadmap planning features offered by today’s strategic portfolio management (SPM) solutions can help close the gap between strategy and delivery.


  • Delivering AI-powered experiences across any system with Automation Engine

    Discover in this e-book how, by connecting ServiceNow Virtual Agent and Service Catalog to Automation Engine, you can automate actions and integrate data in any system — eliminating manual IT work while slashing operating expenses.


  • Strategic Portfolio Management: The Thing You’ve Been Missing

    According to a recent Gartner study, by 2025 70% of digital investments will fail to deliver the expected business outcomes in the absence of a strategic portfolio management (SPM) approach. Download this eBook to take a deep dive into the importance of SPM, and how to get started implement it in your organization.


  • Fixing issues before customers even know there’s a problem

    Delivering great customer experience—and fixing issues before customers even know there’s a problem—goes far beyond just your contact centre. Your whole organisation needs to be involved. Read this e-book to discover five best practices for building more resilient and connected service operations.


  • Silo busting in IT services and operations is good for business

    Read this e-book to learn how you can unify IT services and operations to increase productivity by 30%, resolve IT issues 75% faster, and save your organisation an average of $4.5M a year. You’ll see why connecting people and processes can drive transformation and innovation while giving your teams more job satisfaction than ever.


  • Silo Busting in IT Services and Operations is Good for the Business – and Team Satisfaction

    Step in the shoes of Katherine, a senior IT operator at a large international sports manufacturer, as she works on a cloud migration project under a unified service management platform by accessing this e-book.


  • Best Practices in Cloud Spend Management

    Enterprises without cloud cost monitoring in place overspend by an average of 40% according to Gartner. Rampant overspending doesn’t have to be the reality of your organization as optimizing budgets is easier than you think. Access this eBook to learn how to reign in cloud overspending.


  • Roadmap planning: the key to enterprise-wide visibility and strategic alignment

    Roughly 40% of executive leaders say their enterprise accountability and leadership are not aligned on strategy execution, according to Gartner. Check out this eBook to learn all you need to know about roadmap planning to finally bring your business plans to execution.


  • A roadmap to effective planning

    Organizations can no longer afford to rely on rigid, annual planning processes. Roadmaps enable organizations to plan iteratively and collaboratively, driving enterprise agility. Read this e-book to learn more about the benefits of roadmap planning and additional capabilities unique to ServiceNow.


  • Business Imperative Guide 4.2: 4 Steps to Manage Risk and Resilience in Real Time

    Companies that began automating risk assessments received a 137% return on investment within 5 years. Better risk management systems are not simply effective ways of managing security but can also yield enterprise-wide benefits. Read this e-book for a succinct guide for implementing better risk management across an enterprise.


  • The Business Case for Low Code: Automate Any Process Faster and Easier

    Access this white paper to explore why you should consider low-code solutions to keep up with the competition.


  • Uniting service order management and assurance

    To stay competitive, the telecom industry needs to transform its business model —starting with a scalable approach to order management. Read this solution brief to learn how ServiceNow and IBM’s single platform approach is enabling organizations to unite service order management and assurance.


  • How building a global business services platform can drive greater collaboration

    Global business services (GBS) must work across all functions, enabling the delivery of services to employees, customers, and partners. And to scale, GBS organizations need flexible, easy-to operate, low-code platforms that deliver speed to value. Access this report to learn more about these processes.


  • Prepare for New Risks Ahead

    Businesses today face the constant threat of disruptions like severe weather, IT and utility outages, and more. Access this e-book to learn how, by pairing risk-informed human action with AI and automation, organizations can engage in continuous improvement and protective measures—able to rise to challenges in an unpredictable future.


  • Creating The Ultimate Spend-Smart IT Asset Management System

    According to a recent Insight survey, 66% of organizations reported having a large amount of duplicate hardware and software, leading to unexpected costs piling up. Access this handbook to explore the top ITAM challenges and solutions for an effective workflow.


  • Goals: How strategy gets delivered

    While there is no right way to set and manage goals for every organization, there are key principles that make any goals framework more effective and key questions that can help determine which is a fit for you. Explore those today in this ServiceNow e-book.


  • How ServiceNow App Engine performs according to real users

    Democratizing app development and embracing low-code may be a top-down strategy, but it’s executed in the trenches. Hear how the people who use ServiceNow’s low-code tools everyday feel about App Engine in this white paper.


  • What real users are saying about the ServiceNow App Engine

    Get this e-book to cut through the noise and see what real users think of App Engine. You’ll also learn how they’re using App Engine for good, boosting agility while creating workspaces fit for a more flexible future.


  • Transform risk into resilience within your business

    Much of today’s risk management is outdated, with organizations relying on approaches that don’t accurately reflect the complex reality of risk. This white paper attempts to evaluate the business outcomes of ServiceNow’s integrated risk management products, by citing cases studies from a range of high-profile clients. Read on to learn more.


  • 3 pillars for transforming IT risk management

    Digital transformation has led organizations to many benefits, but with these advantages come greater risks, with data breaches and security incidents more detrimental than ever. Dig into this white paper to uncover the 3 pillars for transforming IT management to meet the risks of the digital transformation.